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Compatibility Between the Major Browsers

Your website will look equally beautiful in all modern web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera) with a built-in Flash player.


ActionScript programming language that is being used by Flash enables impeccable animation on your website. It replies immediately to every your action or mouse click, and ensures awesome interactivity.

Perfect Sound

Every Flash Template is dubbed by professional musicians, which lets you enjoy the superior sound effects of your website.

Ultra Lightweight with High Graphic Quality

Flash uses the technology of vector graphics, which allows to achieve the prodigious image quality without any dependence on resolution.

Playing of video and music content.

Your Flash website will perfectly play any video or music content due to Flash player, built into the browser.

Simple Customization

Each Flash Intro Template is very easy to tune. You can replace slogans and logo via simple text file without involving Flash.

Flash Templates

We are extremely glad to offer some indispensable solutions for those who want to display their company or personal project in the most effective way online. Custom-made Flash Templates from TemplateMonster will definitely be of a great help for website owners in setting up Flash sites with visually attractive and interactive layouts that harness the power of Flash.

Feature-rich technology behind Flash Website Templates allows you to easily customize these themes and have the result that best suits your needs. As Flash platform is in a high demand these days, here at TemplateMonster we give a strong consideration to powerful Flash development and even initiated a Flash templates quality control program to ensure that Flash Templates you purchase are compliant with high-end web design standards. Additionally, there’s 24/7 customer support to constitute the wide range of great benefits you’ll have upon getting our professional Flash Templates. Choose Flash for the best performance of your ideas.

Download and test this Free Flash Web Site Templates (Flash). Practice the template installation and customization competence that you have and you see your skills improve.

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Night Club Flash Template #38317
Night Club Flash Template #38317


It's an awesome template...!

Am a web designer since last 7-8 years working professionally. Stated a small company now. I have chosen this flash template for one of my client, who is a event management company. This is the first time am using a template and b'lve me am 1000% satisfied with the features and support from the technical team who assisted me to solve few of my queries related to technical aspects... I have sent the demo link to my client and he was so much convinced with the theme that he insisted to use only this theme as his home page (other pages are in responsive html pages) The support team assisted me in such a manner and am so much convinced, that i would rather prefer to purchase themes instead of hiring more developers...! :)

Business Flash Template #39735
Business Flash Template #39735


Easy to handle

Easy to handle

Business Flash Template #41361
Business Flash Template #41361


Request for Promo Code for Discount on Next Purchase

The 3 things I chose the Template #41361 for purchase was: 1) FLASH content; 2) Interactive Screens/ Pages; and 3) Color Scheme. I am a developer since the 1990's, but a novice to these high-end FLASH websites these days. My skills have foundation of DOS and earlier Windows base, MS Front Page and editing with Adobe Dreamweaver. I am now a Pastor, and this website will be used for the CHURCH's new Praise and Worship website. This is a site for my own initiative, not a client. URL is with StartLogic Web Hosting Service. The backend need for end-user computer requirements of a current FLASH PLAYER software will limit viewing. The Template should be "portable" to ALL viewing audiences - regardless of their system requirements and/or access to FLASH for normal usage as template was sold in demo display...I have not yet "uploaded" Template #41361 to my Web Hosting Control Panel, so I do not know if technical issues exist with maximum usage of this product with current Web Hosting Plan. I have been a customer for over 15 years and have recommended Templates to several start-ups and existing businesses for their web presence needs. I rate the overall satisfaction of Template Monster products/ services as 5 stars out of 5 stars rating... Now, based on these factors, please send me a Promo Code for a 30% discount on my next purchase...I'm lo

Updates and Innovations

All Flash web templates from our collection are divided into groups according to the versions of software that they were produces with. This division will also assist you in finding the desired item in no time. The following list will help you choose the product based on software you’re comfortable with while editing and working with Flash website templates.

Flash Site

- compatible with all versions of Flash software.

Flash Site (flash mx only)

- is only compatible with Flash MX.

Flash Site MX2004

– compatible with Flash MX2004 and later.

Flash Site 8

– compatible with Flash 8 and later.

Flash Site MX2004 Only

– is only compatible with Flash MX2004.

What is Flash?

Starting from 1996, Flash technology has become a widely used means of bringing animation and dynamics into website designs. For today it is mostly used in web content such as Flash banner ads, animated website components and videos within websites. Either way, Flash is proved to be a very good tool of making a decent first impression.

As you see, this technology is extremely popular and a Flash website is a must-have point for starting a successful online business. Flash Templates from TemplateMonster will help you to create the desired online project in no time. All of our Flash website templates are being produced according to the latest standards of the industry.