Free HTML5 Templates

Feel free to browse the free HTML5 templates TemplateMonster has produced for you. These templates utilize the newest awesome features made available with this new coding standard and therefore are one step closer to perfection than the rest of free templates you may find somewhere.

Our collection of free HTML5 templates is rather big now even though this technology is quite fresh for the Internet. You may either download one of these free HTML5 templates individually or in case you’re a developer and want to have all of these free templates you’re welcome to download them as a single pack.

  • Free HTML5 Template - Industrial Services

    • HTML5 validated;
    • Useful CSS3 features (border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow, css gradient and more);
    • Layout based on grid system (978px). Optimized for the 1024x768 display and above.
    • jQuery image slider and datepicker;
  • Free HTML5 Template - Online Portfolio

    • This template is HTML5 validated;
    • The list of galleries in the header is done using the “tabs.js” script;
    • The gallery with faded effect is created using the “jquery.faded.js” script;
    • Browser Compatibility: FF 3.6 +, Opera 10.5 +, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, IE6+.
  • Free HTML5 Template - Music Beats

    One of our favorite free HTML5 templates, we’re are really proud to present it to you.

    You all know about the advantages of HTML5 markup language and with this template we really did our best to demonstrate how easy HTML5 is for customization and editing.

    Please feel free to download a free HTML5 template for music project!

  • Free HTML5 Template - Design Company

    • HTML5 and CSS3 validated;
    • Query gallery in the header and a separate gallery page with a slider;
    • Browser Compatibility: FF 3.6 +, Opera 10.5 +, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, IE6+
    • Custom fonts;
  • Free HTML5 Template - Brewery

    HTML5 freebie made by to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first Oktoberfest that was held in Germany.

    This template also has all PSD sources included for you to be able to customize it easily.

  • Free HTML5 Template - Charity Center

    This Free Charity HTML5 Website Template can really be a good start for your charity project. We live in a wonderful time when everyone can make a difference.

    You can make somebody’s life better and with this freebie we’ll try to help you with this noble mission of making the world a better place for living!

  • Free HTML5 Template - Biz Solutions

    Free Business HTML5 Website Template will without a doubt be very helpful for those whose businesses need the online presence.

    You are 100% free to use this freebie for your own business website and share your preceless business experience with others.

  • Free HTML5 Template - Healthy Building

    Nice color scheme and thought-out layout of this free Construction and Architecture HTML5 website template will bring the most important aspects of the project in the focus of attention.

    Bright elements in the header create the effective and vibrant tone that makes this freebie stand out among number of others.

  • Free HTML5 Template - Student’s Site

    We perfectly know how hard it is for sudents to start their own website. Which is why we’ve produced this Free HTML5 template for student’s website.

    It has all PSD sources included into a download package so customizing the free HTML5 template won’t be difficult.