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Free SWISH Animated Template offered by Template Monster enables you to test your skills before you purchase a SWISH Animated Template for your future website. Our FREE Swish Templates allow you to change the “yourcompanyname” text, titles, content texts, images, etc. Just download the free sample and play around with it.

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Buyout License: $2410
Single Site License: $55
Buyout License: $2710

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Free SWiSH Animated Templates  1

Free SWiSH Animated Templates  2
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Template Information

Package: SWiSH Animated
What is a swish animated template?
SWiSH Animated Templates are perfect solutions for those who require sensational websites which grab visitors’ attention! SWiSH technology is very similar to Flash but SWiSH is easier to work with even though the results are of the same quality.
  • A SWiSH Animated Template is usually a 2-page web template that comes with a SWISH animated header. This makes an attractive multimedia presentation with a live action and an interesting sound accompaniment
  • SWiSH Animated Templates can be edited with a SWiSH Editor
  • To make changes to SWiSH Templates you need a .SWI file which is provided with all SWiSH Templates. And with the .SWI file you also get the .SWF, the .PSD and the .HTML files to make your work with SWiSH Templates extremely easy

If you are still hesitant about our SWISH Animated Templates, download FREE Swish Template offered on this page and practice editing it. You can use this FREE Swish Animated Template as an educational tool before you purchase any Swish Animated Template from our collection. Enjoy the usability!
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