TemplateMonster Google Toolbar Button

From now on TemplateMonster provides a Google Toolbar button that would allow you to get a maximum of what TemplateMonster can give you.
With this button you will be able to search our products by packages, templates keywords or IDs. Besides you will be able to see of the latest TemplateMonster news and search our website by the highlighted text.
Click Here to Add Templatemonster Google Button Now!

Note: TemplateMonster Google Toolbar button can only work with Google Toolbar already installed. In case you do not have Google Toolbar installed you may download it here.

How to use Template Monster Toolbar Button?

New Templates Reports

After you have integrated Template Monster’s Google Toolbar Button you will see our small logo. If you press the “Down” arrow next to the logo you will be able to choose any report by date of publication from the drop-down menu (see the illustration on the left)

Search Templatemonster.com

You can search Template Monster by keywords and product ID numbers. You merely type in your request on the search field and then choose “TemplateMonster” in the Search drop-down menu (see the illustration on the right).

You can also search Template Monster without using the search form by highlighting the text at any website (the button slightly changes after you do that) and then pressing the Toolbar button. This will allow you to search our website by different keywords (see illustration below).