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Corporate Design

PowerPoint templates

January 21, 2011  | Category:PowerPoint Templates  | Author: Template-help.com Team
 Sample PowerPoint template preview

Template ID: 24224

PowerPoint templates are designs for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that will help you to create a stunning presentations to imporess any audience. Highly customizable and could be used for any kind of presentation.


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How to edit background and logo

November 15, 2010  | Category:PowerPoint Template Tutorials, PowerPoint Templates  | Author: Template-help.com Team
This tutorial will show you how to edit background and logo. Read More

Corporate Identity

November 15, 2010  | Category:Corporate Identity  | Author: Template-help.com Team

Template ID: 17082

A Corporate Identity package includes logo, letterhead, and business card design templates. Every Corporate Identity package is supplied in three ways - in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw format. We offer you both the Unique and Non-Unique Corporate Identity templates. Unique Corporate Identity Templates are designs that have never been purchased before. If a Corporate Identity Template is purchased at the "Unique" price it is immediately removed from our database. If it is purchased at the Non-Unique price you may see how many times it has been downloaded (to a maximum of 5 non-unique downloads). We offer Unique Corporate Identity Templates at a very affordable price.


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Icon Set

November 15, 2010  | Category:Icon Set  | Author: Template-help.com Team
Sample Iconset

The sample template is not offered for sale

A Logo Set is a set of 10 exceptional quality logos. Each is available to web developers with an unlimited time use license. Each logo is a high quality 300 dpi graphic. Although, the direct reselling of any logo is strictly prohibited, virtually you can do anything with it - from creating your own personal website, memos or stationery, to making an overhead boardroom presentation.

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