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Joomla. How to create cross-articles links

This tutorial shows how to create cross-articles links. In other words you’ll see how to insert link to some article and connect the link with the other article.

Please, follow these instructions to assign links to the articles in your Joomla site.

  • Open your Joomla administration panel
  • Go to Content section -> Click Article manager

  • Open the article that will have this link and click button "Article" to select the article that will be assigned to this link.

  • Save changes and refresh your Joomla site. You will see the link to the new article.
  • You can also set the image as a link. To do this you can put your image code between the opening tag <a href="…"> and closing tag </a>.

  • Save the changes and refresh the page. You will see that the image is clickable.

Joomla. How to create cross-articles links

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