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Magento. How to manage layered navigation block

This tutorial shows how to manage layered navigation block in Magento.

1.Layered navigation block you can see on the screenshot below. Set of price values appear automatically. It is based on prices of your products. In our template you can see Manufacturer and color filters. Those items are product attributes.

2. Let’s check attributes in Catalog-Attributes-Manage attributes section. For example we have size attribute. Dropdown input type should be selected in attribute in order to be able to show up this attribute in layered navigation module Use in Layered Navigation option should be set. You can select with results or without results option.

3. Lets create new attribute and product with this attribute. Screenshots of attribute settings you can check below.


4. Add product and set appropriate attribute.

5. Open category with the product you have created. We can see that design filter appears in Layered navigation block. Please note that filter shows results of available products that have appropriate attributes. Price range was adjusted automatically in this category.

In this tutorial we have found out how to manage layered navigation block in Magento

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to manage layered navigation block

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