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Prestashop 1.5.x. How to clear Smarty cache

In this tutorial we will show you how to clear Smarty cache in PrestaShop.

Prestashop 1.5.x. How to clear Smarty cache

PrestaShop uses Smarty language for its templating system. A lot of the theme file contents are kept in Smarty cache folder. Sometimes, when you are editing files or enabling or disabling modules, the content of your website does not show the latest changes. This is because PrestaShop is still showing the cached content and not the latest changes made by you.

Clear Cache in Prestashop admin panel

1. Open Prestashop admin panel and go to Advanced Parameters > Performance

2. Set Force compile to Yes and save changes.

3. Go to your front-office and refresh the store page.

Clear cache manually

For manual cache clear you need to access your Prestashop installation directory and delete the content of the following folders:

  1. cache/smarty/compile
  2. cache/smarty/cache
  3. img/tmp

Delete all the files in the folders, except of index.php.

Reload your website in browser to take a look at the changes you have made.

That’s it! You should see the changes you made after cache is cleared.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Prestashop 1.5.x. How to clear Smarty cache

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  • http://www.yprestashop.com/prestashop-web-development/ PrestaShop Development

    Clearing smarty cache, wow !! What a luck i have. I just want to clear it today and got in-depth knowledge from here. Thanks a tons..

  • http://www.shadesofadream.com/blog/ Heather

    I accidentally deleted the index.php files in the cache folders and now my site won’t display products in categories. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    • Alex Ross

      You can just get that file from the download PrestaShop engine package.

  • Dhani Oscablenet

    Than You Very Much, this is helpful
    my website working properly