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Mobile Layout

This type of temlates can boast of an excellent design that looks good on smartphones or any other mobile devices.

Compatible across Web Browsers

Our templates are always properly rendered in all latest versions of popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Lightweight Design

Mobile templates are extremely lightweight which means they can be displayed faster on mobile devices. Although the templates are reasonably lightened, the design is still beautiful. Your web audience will surely like that.

Mobile Templates

TemplateMonster proudly presents its collection of Mobile Templates that are optimized for being displayed on handheld devices. They are just as beautiful as ordinary templates from us, it’s just that their layout is vertically-oriented and the templates are very light-weight – all of that is a standard for a good Mobile website. And since the Mobile templates from us bring you more than just that consider this new product a new standard.

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Business Mobile Template #25265
Business Mobile Template #25265


All was OK

The purchase process was satisfactory. Every was ok. Yes please, send to me the Bonus of 10% discount for my next purchase Regards Jose

Business Mobile Template #29669
Business Mobile Template #29669


Always! The Best Templates on the market~

Nice design! Simple to use and edit.

Mobile Web Usage Figures:

  • Half of the Earth population has an access to mobile devices and cell phones. That’s 4 billion users!
  • During the year of 2009 the mobile Web grew 148% worldwide as measured in pageviews (110% in the U.S. alone)
  • Total number of iPhone devices of all three generations currently in use is just over 51 million units.
  • During the year of 2009 alone a total of 172 million Internet-ready smartphones were sold worldwide.

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Mobile Templates from TemplateMonster

The designs of Mobile Mobile Templates presented here are made by the professional designers that TemplateMonster is proud to work with for years. The professional level can also be seen in the way our guys design mobile templates – after all showing your creativity on the space of 300 pixels wide is one hell of a design challenge! Nevertheless as you can see the mobile templates are just as beautiful as the ordinary ones.

Besides, all of these templates have an appropriate full website design version so you could have both mobile and full version of your website (this one must be purchased separately and will be offered to you on checkout process).