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100% Fully Responsive

Completely responsive design is made to provide premier experience on all devices, no matter what resolutions they support. The users can enjoy a trendy look of your website at any display size they have at hand. To produce optimal UX for different environments, slider and other site components are created to be absolutely responsive.

Well Documented

Documentation included into the template download package is absolutely exhaustive. A quick manual will help you install the OpenCart platfrom and the template, and then customize your website. Due to expert instructions you will finish the job in a blink of an eye.

Mobile Sidebar Menu

An utterly handy functionality for browsing a website on mobile devices. With the help of a mobile menu that appears on swiping from left to right, you get a quick access to the main links and site sections.

Vqmod Integrated

The principle of Vqmod operation is as follows: instead of changing the main core files, the given mod allows to save all changes in the external file. This file is processed while the page is loading and the amendments are inserted into the code during this process.

Lazy Load

Lazy load is a delay in loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls to them. Using Lazy Load on long web pages will make the page load faster.

OpenCart Templates

With the rise of OpenCart eCommerce software, TemplateMonster starts delivering OpenCart templates of unsurpassable quality. These cutting-edge designs have got a varied list of capabilities. Among the distinctive features of our OpenCart themes you can find semantic code with progressive CSS3 enhancements, cross-browser compatibility and SEO-friendliness, awesome installation documentation, dropdown menu with multi levels, and many more. With such outstanding functionality, these eCommerce designs have got much simplified modification opportunities – you can install them pretty quickly and tweak to your liking. In this storage you can find OpenCart templates created for varied eCommerce spheres. Choose your OpenCart theme to be fully satisfied with your store and have every your customer prove that was the best choice of yours.

TemplateMonster provides a Free Responsive Bootstrap vQmod OpenCart Template that you can download and work with for free. This sample can help familiarize you with how the website template of this type is installed and edited.

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Lightning Store OpenCart Template #54954
Lightning Store OpenCart Template #54954


Very good templates.

Hi Team, We are a web designing company. Recently we have purchased this theme. It is very nice & has elegant features Thanks

Medical Equipment Store OpenCart Template #52261
Medical Equipment Store OpenCart Template #52261


Great template and customer service!

I bought this template to build a website for a client who sells medical equipment to doctors. During our brief, he explained that doctors are usually busy people who just want a clear image of what they are getting, so the template should be clear, easy to navigate and straightforward, but still have spaces for advertising, for example banners from companies logos. I have built some websites on WordPress Opencart seems to be much better in showcasing the products, despite the fact that I'm a lot more competent in WP installation and setup, plus the templates, plugins and modules etc. seem to be easier to install (from within the WP platform, with Opencart you must use FTP etc). I have some standard procedures during choosing design for my client which is basically that I usually find among 3 and 5 templates from TemplateMonster and show printscreens to clients to choose the best one by client self. I instealled the template and played with the variety of options, but at some point I needed clarifications on how to change something. Without hesitation I contacted customer support at various times with various questions and have been very impressed with the service provided. They answer questions promptly and assist when I do not fully understand the answers they provided me, and even sent me an email with the chat transcript so I can have their instructions for future reference. I would recommend template monster to anyone who was thinking of starting a website although some experience might be required to set it up. If you lack the experience you can always use their support, but you should at least have the ability to follow instructions provided which however is very straightforward so I doubt anyone will stumble into problems. If thats not enough, they offer an installation and customization service at a very reasonable cost, so they got you covered. I have bought templates from various sources, but after this experience there's no way I would ever choose anything from someone else. All I all I would definitely recommend Template Monster not only because because their templates are great looking AND bug free, but also because the support really works wonders. Thank you TemplateMonster for making my work so much easier!

Fire Department Responsive OpenCart Template #49328
Fire Department Responsive OpenCart Template #49328


Very nice template!

Very nice and useful template. Good colors and easy to use.

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Stick-to-Top Menu

The theme is supplied with a menu that sticks to the top of the page as you scroll down. This keeps main navigation menu right before the users’ eyes all the time, so they don’t need to go back all the way to get to another page.

Parallax Scrolling

Applying parallax scrolling can really help engage your visitors. People will automatically feel more interested when scrolling, because this effect alters the depth and content of their view. It’s a psychological trick that will surely pull your visitor deeper into the website and will ignite their desire to explore.

Custom Block

Custom block is an area where you can insert information of different kinds, from contacts to sale terms and payment details. Each time a new product is added, this data automatically remains in place.


You can showcase a great number of products with this gallery right on the home page. The presentation will look really organized and smart, which is important as lots of customers are reluctant to dig deeper than the home page of your store, especially when it looks confusing.

Background Video

Stunning video in the background makes people stop and stare. It’s a perfect opportunity to show off your best products in some interactive way.

Social & Google Map

Facebook Widget

Facebook widget helps your provide the simplest and most attractive way to display your Facebook feed posts or likes in the sidebar. Being very easy to configure, you just need add URL of your facebook page.

Google Map

Placing the Google map into your site’s page gives a clue to your visitors about your business’ location. Such approach helps user to know about your business location and your working hours. This deprives the necessary to search this info on some other pages.

Twitter Widget

Using Twitter feed widget you can display your own Twitter feed or Twitter posts that are hashtagged with a certain keyword on your website. To get started, you need to connect your Twitter account or specify the hashtag. For sure this will help increase activity on your Twitter profile.

Pinterest Widget

With the help of Pinterest widget you can display your feed on your site’s pages. This is really effective for fashion related websites, or the ones where female audience prevails, since Pinterest audience is mostly women.

Product Presentation

Quick View

Neat ‘Quick view’ button appears when hovering product image. Clicking it, there opens a pop-up with product preview where buyer can immediately get detailed information about the listing (including description, video, photo, rating, buttons and whatnot).

Cloud Zoom

With this smooth, touch-enabled jQuery image zoom plugin, visitors will be able to enlarge products and view them to minor details.

Product Image Pop-Up

With this extension your customers won’t have to go to the product page every time they want to see a larger item image. All they need to do is to click the product photo and it will appear at the popup window.


Use badges on your eCommerce website to indicate the status and value of products. Being small yet attention-grabbing in their nature, these UI elements provide more effective promotion of e-store merchandise.

YouTube Video

Share YouTube videos on the homepage of your online store to provide richer multimedia experience for its visitors.

Upselling Cross Selling Etc.


This functionality helps customers sort products by their manufacturers. Once your shoppers click on the name of a certain brand, they will proceed to the page with all of its items that belong to the same brand.