"MotoCMS HTML makes me look good!
Everyone in the office thinks I'm a geek. Little do they know!"

Meet John - a typical MotoCMS user.

  • John does not know how to code websites.
  • John never designed a website layout.
  • John knows nothing about databases and servers.

John has built 3 professional websites for his company and
now he manages them on his own.

Despite the desperate lack of skills he managed to do this with a very
special product he recently discovered: MotoCMS HTML Templates.

It takes John 3 simple steps to build a full-fledged website:

  • Pick a MotoCMS HTML template that fits his needs best
  • Upload it to his hosting account
  • Customize it the way he wants with an easy dragn’drop editor and hit “Publish”.

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Some of the website management tricks that John can easily
do with MotoCMS HTML, but can’t handle with programming:

  • change texts, images, colors, background, website logo;
  • create new pages and drop down menus;
  • add image galleries or video galleries and upload his own photos and videos;
  • create custom contact forms with any fields he may need;
  • showcase products and sell them with “buy now” button.

...& whenever he’s stuck or needs guidance - there’s a 24/7 Support Team,
always there to help him out.

John is of course an imaginary character, so let’s see
what real people have to say about MotoCMS:

  If you are a businessman and you feel like you wanna
successful business on the Web, I suggest you to contact
MotoCMS right now!
Dolo Pacino
  I'm CMS Web developer, I prefer to use MotoCMS for
my clients' needs. MotoCMS thank you for making my
job much easier.
Scott Lawrence

Still trying to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and XML?
Stop! We have a brilliant solution and you also can have it!

Do You have questions? We have the answers!

How do I setup a website with MotoCMS template?
Just upload the template to your hosting account, run our
easy step-by-step install and your powerful website is setup and ready to roll!
Do I need to buy a domain name?
Neither domain name, nor a hosting account is included
in MotoCMS package.
What additional software do I need to manage my 
 MotoCMS template?
You don't need anything extra! MotoCMS contains all the
tools you may need to edit and customize your website.
What browsers and operating systems are supported?
MotoCMS works perfectly in any browser and it's not
dependent on your operating system.

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