New Designs for Word Press

Template Monster has released five themes for Word Press Blogging Software.

Brooklyn, N.Y., February 17, 2006 – Template Monster, the largest website templates provider on the Web, has released five themes for Word Press – arguably one of the most popular blogging platforms available today. These new themes are for free use only.

Template Monster decided to design these five themes and enter the blogosphere after having recently launched its own official blog using Word Press. Simply put, the Template Monster team liked the platform so much that it decided to support the Word Press team and community by throwing out five themes for free use. The themes were designed by the leading designers of Template Monster.

“We really like the Word Press team and the work they are doing. We think that such quality activity should be supported in every possible way. That’s why we’ve decided to design for them,” says David Braun, CEO of Template Monster. “Unfortunately, we are not a community of volunteers but a commercial company and cannot put all of our potential into supporting and developing the blogosphere. But we like the idea so much that we will surely provide some free designs for different blogging platforms from time to time.”

The crux of Mr. Braun’s argument is that while Template Monster does not sell templates for blogs, it does now and will in the future offer blog templates for free, supporting and bringing the main idea of the blogosphere to a new level, enabling more people to almost effortlessly dress up their log entries in top-notch designs before publishing them on the Web.

Template Monster plans to release more free templates for different types of blogging software in the future. Among those on the list are LiveJournal, Blogger, and MoveableType.

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