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If you are here than you already know what Bootstrap is. Still, let's repeat some basics: Bootstrap is a framework developed by Twitter and at its core it is a toolkit with CSS and HTML conventions. We decided to unite Bootstrap with our themes, what came out of it you can see below - a set of perfectly styled Bootstrap Themes that are really easy to modify. They include native Bootstrap functionality and a great amount of fully-optimized add-ons developed specifically for this product line by TemplateMonster dev team. And what's more, our Bootstrap themes complement the so-popular flow of responsive designs. Each Bootstrap template goes with several layout options to fit all popular screen resolutions. Since its release, Bootstrap as a framework has grown significantly. Now, our Bootstrap templates encompass not only basic styles, but more elegant and durable front-end design patterns developed by our team. To get deeper into the subject-matter, check out the presentation page of this new product! You might as well try out the available Free Magento 1.8 Bootstrap 3.0 Template. Our clients can get it for free to hone their template installation/customization skills, before buying the similar premium template of this kind.
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