Magento Responsive Theme. Think Beyond the Desktop


Living actually in the post-PC era, we totally understand that having a mobile-friendly website should be the priority. Using our Responsive Magento themes, you will be able to reach customers across multiple devices and give them quality pleasant shopping experience no matter what their screen resolution is. The responsive technology detects the type of device (PC, iPad, iPhones, Tablets, Android or Windows phones) and changes the site's behavior accordingly.

Each Magento Responsive theme is a collection of techniques and ideas. They have diversified color scheme and layouts relevant for the product types they were intended for. The benefits of our Magento Responsive themes are obvious: you buy a template once, build a website, and it works seamlessly across a great number of different screens:

  • Desktop layout - 980px;
  • Tablet layout - 768px;
  • Smartphone layout (landscape) - 480px;
  • Smartphone layout (portrait) - 320px.
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