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Perumnas Vol-2 Update New For Bootstrap 4

Perumnas is a template that is suitable for designing admin templates or even for your website frontend, in the admin template there are more than 100 basic components available for you to use on your website display needs.

Perumnas also has a variety of admin themes and by default is a very clean and clear theme to look at.

The use of the admin template has provided an index for PHP, with a neater structure. All installations can use the _blank.html demo.

You should try the demo to see how there are updates from the Perumnas V1 template. We guarantee your satisfaction

total html file that you will get as much as 195 HTML. certainly very much different than the previous admin template. You can also directly create a blog display using this template and some components for an online store template

Using Multiple Vendors Among them

  • bootstrap
  • bootstrap-colorpicker
  • bootstrap-daterangepicker
  • bootstrap-social
  • bootstrap-tagsinput
  • bootstrap-timepicker
  • chocolat
  • cleave-js
  • codemirror
  • datatables
  • dropzonejs
  • flag-icon-css
  • fontawesome
  • fullcalendar
  • ionicons
  • izitoast
  • jquery-pwstrength
  • jquery-selectric
  • jquery-ui
  • jqvmap
  • nicescroll
  • owlcarousel2
  • perfect-scrollbar
  • prism
  • select2
  • simple-weather
  • summernote
  • sweetalert
  • upload-preview
  • weather-icon

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hayri yilmaz

Very nice, professionally designed template easy to use with a lot of examples and everything else! Thank you

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Requirements for software and hosting

  • PHP 5.2.14+

    PHP 5.2.14+

  • PHP 4.3.2+

    PHP 4.3.2+

  • SUPPORT .php, .inc,  .zip, .css, .js - files

    SUPPORT .php, .inc, .zip, .css, .js - files

  • PHP 5.0+

    PHP 5.0+

  • PHP 5.2.14 or higher

  • Hosting with PHP5x and MySQL5x

    Hosting with PHP5x and MySQL5x

  • Notepad++ or any php-editor

  • PHP 7.2.x

    PHP 7.2.x

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