Colak- Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

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Colak - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Colak template is a professional product, which we will get acquainted with some of the features of this unique and innovative template:

Functional Design: We found while web programming that most templates are just visual in appearance, and some HTML designers may not be proficient enough in programming languages, which will make it difficult to work with when programming. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to beauty, Colak has been designed in a practical way that is useful in practice when programmed or used.

Keyboard shortcuts: If time is of the essence for you, you will notice the impact of keyboard shortcuts in the long run. Give time to yourself or your customers with Colak. Because this template uses some shortcut keys by default. You can also add more shortcuts.

Drag and Drop: You can move the icon of any panel by dragging and dropping it. In Colak format, the panels are your ROM. Close them, open them, hide them, change their width, scroll to them, arrange them to your liking and manage them in a word.

Infinite coloring without css: Colak has no color restrictions! You can have any item with one color without adding a single line to the css code.

Appearance, layout and color scheme in this template has more than 10 different modes and the user can change the desired colors and layout as desired. Selected will be inserted in the browser and of course can be removed and rearranged. Colak template is fully responsive and can be beautifully displayed and used on all laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Also, its coding is completely professional. One of the best front-end frameworks is used. ‌ This admin panel template is made with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and the best JavaScript plugins available. Changes and coding of this template is easily possible and the developer can open the desired files with text editing software and apply the desired changes. Dynamizing this template is easy for programmers because all sections have standard naming and comments.

Note: Each demo has its own pages. Demo 1 is completely separate from Demo 2.

Some unique template features:

  • Bootstrap used 4
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Dark and light designs
  • Has RTL , Arabic version
  • Types of customizable charts and maps
  • Easy editable tables
  • Multi-purpose
  • Has separate pages
  • Modern and new design
  • Used the latest technology
  • Ready and usable software ((Email software, Chat and chat software, Contacts software, Customer billing software, Calendar software, Tasks software, Taskboard software etc.))
  • Pre-designed sections and pages ((Frequently Asked Questions Page, Help Center page, Dedicated login page, Dedicated registration page, Dedicated page error and ....))
  • Permanent access to template files
  • Free update for template buyers
  • More than 14 different demos
  • World quality product
  • and more...

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