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Madmin is a robust, minimal, responsive, clean Bootstrap 4 dashboard template. It has been built using HTML5, CSS3, Sass and jQuery plugins. It contains a bunch of helper classes which can be used to make any kind design and layout without writing much of extra CSS. The template can be used to make products ranging from hospital management applications, analytics, crypto or any other kinds of web applications.

It contains a lot of helper JS codes and functions pre-built which will make development very convenient with this template. The Calendar app, Kanban application, email applications are almost front-end ready with a lot of the functionalities pre-baked with JS and jQuery in particular.


- Vertical Layout

- Horizontal Layout

- Dark Versions for Both

- Ultra Responsive

- Super Clean UI

- Lots of Widgets

- Well Coded

- Frontend-Ready Calendar, Email Applications

- Helper Classes for Easy Development

- Gulp Supported

- SASS Supported

- Responsive

- Copy-paste Code Samples

- Detailed Documentation

- Lots of Plugins

- Authentication Pages

- 7 Icons Sets

- 140+ Unique Pages

- Easy Customization

- Clean Design

- Well Commented & Quality Code

- W3C Validated

- All Browser Support

Credits and Sources

00. Unsplash | all the photos are licensed by unsplash.com to be used or distributed in any form

01. Animate CSS

02. Apexcharts

03. Bootstrap

04. C3 chart

05. Chartist

06. Chartjs

07. Clipboard

08. Datatable

09. jQueryUI

10. Dragula

11. Dropify

12. Dropzone

13. Elevatezoom

14. Feathericons

15. Fullcalendar

16. Ionicons

17. Ion Rangeslider

18. Jkanban

19. jQuery

20. jConveyor

21. jQueryKnob

22. MDI

23. jQuery Barrating

24. jQuery Repeater

25. SlimScroll

26. jQuery Sparkline

27. jQuery Steps

28. jQueryUI

29. jQuery Validation

30. JSGrid

31. JSTree

32. Fontawesome

33. jVectorMap

34. Magnific Popup

35. Morris Chart

26. Progressbar

37. Owl Carousel

38. Peity Chart

39. Perfect Scrollbar

40. Quill Editor

41. Raphael

42. Select2

43. Summernote

44. SweetAlert

45. Switchery

46. Tagify

47. Editable Table

48. Toaster

File Included

- HTML Files

- CSS Files

- SASS Files

- JS Files

- Documentation in HTML


  • V 1.0.1
  • Color version released
  • Documentation updated
  • Small bug-fixes on sidebar

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Linto Puthur

super easy bootstrap themes, candy to the eyes and user friendly

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Requirements for software and hosting

  • Code editing tool

    Code editing tool

  • ZIP archivator

    ZIP archivator

  • Supported by the current versions of popular browsers

    Supported by the current versions of popular browsers

This product has met mammoths.
Please have a look at the new ones.

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