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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

ZeroAdmin is a full responsive bootstrap 4.3+ admin template.

This theme contains 96 full-responsive views:

- 4 top level pages

- 23 components

- 36 plugins

- 31 application pages

- 2 snippets

The top level views are just demo pages.

The component views represent bootstrap 4 components.

The plugin views contain third-party javascript/jquery plugins that I used in the application pages.

The application pages are concrete application pages.

The snippet views contain some useful snippets that we can re-use in any bootstrap 4 project.

All the views were created using the latest version of Bootstrap framework (4.3.1), FontAwesome, jQuery,


The admin was written using mainly bootstrap native css classes, and so it's easy to extend.

I have added applications such as e-mail, messages, projects, boards, e-commerce, forums, landpages, and several other page examples.

I am very supportive of my client base. Please, Feel free to contact me in case of any query.

Credits & Sources:

- jquery

- bootstrap

- fontawesome

- sass

- animate css

- aos

- bootstrap duallistbox

- bootstrap responsive tabs

- bootstrap social

- bootstrap touchspin

- bootstrap tour

- cleave

- clockpicker

- cropper

- datatables

- dropzone

- full calendar

- google map

- ion range slider

- jquery countdown

- jquery ui sortable

- js cookie

- js tree

- knob

- ladda

- light box ekko

- light pick

- magnify

- nestable2

- owl carousel

- plotly

- pretty checkbox

- prism

- select2

- slick

- spectrum

- spinkit

- starrr

- summernote

- switchery

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which server side scripting is used? is the database designs included? this html css template? pls tell about this . I m interested to buy this one Thanks.
We have submitted the request regarding such specific questions. You will get the reply in the support ticket FLM-266-37867