Get the latest and amazing Ionic 4 Full App. It is loaded with a large number of options, layouts, and functionalities. This is a complete app to get started with Ionic 4. The app contains variety of basic layouts and a number of advanced layouts such as Instagram, Tinder, Uber etc. All pages and components are made in a way so you can readily pick up the component and use it in your app. This makes app development a breeze. This Full App is guaranteed to cut down hundreds of you development hours.


This Ionic 4 Full app contains following features

  • Firebase Integration
  • Chat screens - Variety of layouts
  • Chat lists - Variety of layouts
  • Uber map flow
  • Instagram Layout
  • Walkthrough Sliders
  • Listings - Variety of layouts
  • Side Menu - Variety of layouts
  • Tabs, Segments and Sidemenu Navigation
  • Cards - Variety of layouts
  • Categories
  • Feeds
  • Login / Signup pages - Variety of layouts
  • Profile Layout
  • Video Playlist - Variety of layouts
  • Toasts and other visual elements
  • Usage of Services, Guards etc.
  • Netflix Layout, Tinder Cards
  • Wordpress Integration
  • Multi-language translations
  • Multi-fonts and Google fonts
  • API Content loaders
  • Ripple effect, alerts, Date pickers, filters
  • Pull to refresh, infinite scroll, list reordering
  • Woo-commerce integration for products, product detail etc
  • GAME integration with Phaser
  • Social Logins – Twitter, Facebook & more
  • Image cropping
  • Barcode scanner
  • Sweet alerts
  • AdMob
  • In-app browser
  • More layouts

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