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  • We're uploading the app to your Google Play and iTunes account. You send us the installation files and screenshots, app icons as well as the text to be displayed in the shop too.

    Within 24 hours, we upload the files to the stores. Unlocking the app can take up to 7 days and can not be affected by us.

    If the application is rejected, you have to edit the app template again with our CMS and we will start another 2 attempts to upload the app.

    We can not give a guarantee for the inclusion in the App Stores.

    If you do not want to create the installation files yourself please book the product "Installation Files".
  • Building of the ( .apk and .ipa file ) You build the app with our CMS and we generate for you the installation files ( Source Code generation is included )
  • We are editing the existing app template. All modules contained in the App Template are adapted to your requirements. We change the texts, the logo, the pictures and adapt the colors to your wishes.

    All images and texts with instructions should be provided to start the project.

    We integrate in to the app all the features from the demo app with your content.

    Android and iOS installation file ( .apk and .ipa file ) for the upload to Google Play and the Apple store at iTunes included in the price.

    *E-Commerce modul or restaurant menu max. 10 products in the price included.
    *Appointment modul max. 3 employees and one locations
    *Catalog module max. 10 products

    Other features that are not included in the app can be booked at any time for an extra charge. You can always add additional products by yourself or we add them at a surcharge.
Under a Single Site License for the template you are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use the template on a single domain.
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  • With this app template you get a completely pre-built app with the integration of WooCommerce as well as the WordPress news articles of your website. This App is optimal for all WooCommerce Websites. You can customize this source code very easy with our CMS to suit your needs by editing the texts, images, colors, logo etc. After you've edited everything, you'll generate the iOS and Android installation files and upload them to the appropriate app stores.

    You only install our wp plugin and have to exchange the wp url, images, icons and texts as well as the app name and are ready to publish your app.

    Please note: The WooCommerce module reads the products from your shop, but if you use product variables so that only one variable is possible.

    Example one selection field:

    • Color 1, Color 2, Color 3 is possible

    Example two selection fields:

    • Color 1, Color 2, Color 3
    • Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 is not possibe

    This languages are possible Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese. If you need a different language, we will be pleased to send you a csv language file which you can translate independently.

    You can easily change all images, icons and text data with the CMS. Once you’re finish, we’ll create the new source code for your Android and iOS app. Now you can create the .apk and the .ipa file and upload it in to the App Stores.

    A re-upload to the app stores is only necessary if you want to change the start images of the app or the App icon etc. Any changes to the app itself do not require this.

    What is included in the package?

    You get the complete iOS & Android source code of the original demo App directly after the purchase. You can edit the source code by yourself with our CMS. After you’ve finished editing the app, we’ll create the updated source code.

    If you wish, our technical team can also create the .apk and .ipa files for the stand-alone upload to the App Stores. This service is available at a surcharge.

    The CMS access is free of charge for you as an Templatemonster customer. After registration you will be given access to the app content management system within the next 24 hours and can be edit to your app. Our team is avaiable on working days between 9 am and 6 pm (Central European time) and we will create your account to the CMS within a few hours.

    The complete access to the CMS is in the first year free. From the second year you have only access to the CMS to send Push notifications.

    Features of the app that are already included.

    • WooCommerce Module
    • WordPress Module
    • Facebook Integration
    • Contact Form
    • Image Gallery
    • Admin Login directly in the app
    • Push Notifications
    • Discount Code for your app users
    • Fan Wall so your users can generate content directly in the app

    Other modules that you can add to your app for free with the CMS

    • Images from Facebook or Instagram
    • Videos from Youtube or Vimeo
    • In App Messages
    • Menu Card
    • Reservation form
    • Twitter integration
    • RSS Feeds
    • Appointment for extra payment
    • and much more…..

    You have no programming skills? No problem!

    We would be pleased to set up the app in our Content Management System and provide you with an access so that you can easily edit your app with our CMS. The functions of the app CMS are as simple as with Wordpress itself.

    Please contact our support team so that we can provide you with the CMS access.

    This access is completely free of charge for you in the first year.

    What is the advantage of using the CMS?

    With the use of our CMS you have 2 strong advantages. On the one hand, it is really easy to edit your own app with the CMS and / or extend it with additional features, and on the other hand, we create the installation files for iOS and Android for you when using the CMS. Absolutely free! This service is available regardless of whether you want to use the CMS in the second year. Now you only need to upload your app to iTunes and Google Play. If you wish, we will gladly accept this service at an extra charge.

  • Properties

    Responsive Easy Installation

    Software and Hosting Requirements

    WordPress 4.1.x

    To run the template and manage the content on your site

    WooCommerce 2.3.x

    To run the template and manage the content on your site.

    WordPress 4.2.x

    To run the template and manage the content on your site

    WordPress 4.3.x

    To run the template and manage the content on your site

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