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Night Pearls - Hybrid Ambient Classical - Stock Music
You're looking for an emotional, unique track with an ambient, calm, and hypnotic, but with a reflective and passionate touch to it? Night Pearls is just the thing. It brings out the best in your film or video project with a track that takes it to another level. This royalty free music track is full of emotion, passion and energy.
Time For A New Start - Ambient Underscore - Stock Music
Time for a New Start is a reflective, passionate, and serene track that would make an excellent musical backdrop for an introspective film. The track has a dreamy, magical atmosphere that will take the listener on a calm and soothing journey. Main instruments in this royalty free track are guitar and piano.
Floating on Clouds - Ambient Piano - Stock Music
Floating on Clouds is an ethereal, ambient, reflective, and hypnotic royalty free music track that will give your visuals a tune to float on. Dreamy and serene, this music will take your viewers on a journey of beauty and magic. It’s a perfect track for nature, documentaries, aerials and underscore footage.
That Twinkle in your Eyes - Ambient Romantic - Stock Music
With this royalty free music track, you can be sure to create a more immersive and persuasive mood with your audience. It's perfect for romance films and documentaries about love, marriage, and relationships. Keep your viewers on the edge of their seats with suspenseful music that's both hypnotizing and beautiful!
Picking up the pieces - Ambient Underscore - Stock Music
You're looking for music to accompany the introspective moments of your life. Picking up the Pieces is an atmospheric and reflective ambient track with a beautiful and melancholic soundscape. It's ideal for films, documentaries, fashion shows, romantic stories, time lapse videos, underscore and any other footage that needs a comforting and romantic vibe.
Different Similarities - Indie Ambient - Stock Music
Different Similarities is a royalty free music track that provides a reflective, calm, and ambient musical soundscape. The music is lush and subtly hypnotic/hypnotizing, with a touch of magic & romance. The song has an ethereal and beautiful quality that would work well in films and romantic scenes of all types or as background music for a television show or podcast.
A Warm Embrace - Ambient Piano - Stock Music
A Warm Embrace is a grand, reflective and romantic track with a beautiful cinematic feel. The gentle mood of this track invites the listener not only to take a reflective moment but also to touch the deepest part of their heart. This is perfect for relaxation, meditation, yoga, underscore or any footage that needs a hypnotizing and atmospheric vibe.
Dystronomy - Ambient Electronic - Stock Music
This music track is perfect for any type of project that needs that beautiful, meditative feeling. It's a tranquil and reflective journey which will bring your project to life with a sense of mysticism, beauty, and serenity. It's perfect for films, videos, podcasts, commercials & advertisements, YouTube videos and other footage that needs to evoke a mystical and sensual vibe.
Dreamy Guitar Ambient - Stock Music
- Reflective ambient guitar soundscape with melancholic and emotional mood and deep atmospheric sounding. Beautiful and sentimental melodies will evoke feelings of nostalgia and hope.- Best for a documentary about life and tv project, city or architectural monuments, landscape, dramatic aerials, social media, movie background, meditative project, slow motion video, film, space, time, nature projects, and other background purposes.- Features guitar, piano, strings, flute, pad, plucks, and bellsIt comes in two main versions:- the full mix - a bed without the main melodyThere are also edits: 60 sec, 30 sec, and a loop.Additional track lengths: 3:24, 1:00, 0:30, 2:44
Triki Traki (cheerful acoustic pop)
A cheerful acoustic track with a naive childlike feel.Live instrumentation used features gently fingerpicked acoustic guitar and hand percussion instruments, later joined by ukulele and mandolin.Suggested use: children related content, family, comedy, educational, nature, healthy lifestyle.
Folk Background (mellow acoustic tune)
A heartwarming laid back acoustic track in folk style providing a mellow and serene background for your project.Relaxing, gentle, natural, suitable to sonorize projects related to concepts such as family, home, nature, wellbeing.Organic sound, all live instrumentation (acoustic guitars, light shaker)
Independent Ukulele (cheerful acoustic pop)
A lighthearted instrumental pop track lead by a gentle ukulele.Cheerful, lively, upbeat, with a candid fresh vibe, perfect for commercial, advertising and corporate purpose.The recording features all live instrumentation: ukulele, clapping hands, kalimba, glockenspiel, electric bass, acoustic drums, strings.
Eastern Metal Edgy And Fast (powerful heavy metal)
An instrumental track in heavy metal style with eastern harmonies to make it more spicy.Perfect for action, adventure, sports, workout, fight and war scenarios.The recording features all live instrumentation: two electric guitars, electric bass and acoustic drums.
Kaleidoscope (upbeat vintage rock)
An upbeat and energetic track with a fun vintage vibeSurf rock sound in sixties style, lively and happy, exciting and fun.The recording features all live instrumentation: Hammond organ, electric guitars, electric bass, acoustic drums and hand percussion.
From 0 to 100 (epic cinematic rock crescendo)
A majestic crescendo performed by a pop rock band together with orchestral elements.Slowly building from a contemplative, ethereal dreamy state to a final powerful and epic glorious triumph.Instrumentation: piano, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, orchestral elements.
Gotta Get It ON (exciting classic rock tune)
An upbeat and energetic rock tune with some vintage feel and cool 60s and 70s vibes.Fun, lively, exciting, with a frantic rhythm section and a cheerful happy mood.The recording features all live instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums, electric organ, piano.
Classic Heavy Metal (powerful 80s hard rock)
An instrumental track in heavy metal/hard rock style.Tough and powerful, collecting a full series of tasty cliche's from the 80s.Perfect for action, adventure, sport, workout, competition.The recording features all live instruments: two electric guitars, electric bass and acoustic drums.
Supernova (tough and powerful hard rock)
An energetic instrumental rock tune.Powerful, exciting, intense mood, perfect for action or adventure scenarios, as well as extreme, competitive sports and hard workout.The recording features all live instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass and acoustic drums.
New Day (inspirational pop rock)
A positive sounding pop rock track, providing an elegant background for your next project.Played with echoing guitars, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano and subtle synths.Suitable for corporate presentations, commercials, advertising, podcast, tutorials. Enjoy.
Aint No Stopping (energetic pop punk)
A fast and exciting instrumental track in 90s pop punk style.Providing a positive mood with a powerful extra rock boost.All live Instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums.Excellent for sport, workout, action, game and adventure contexts... good for teen parties, too.
Give It A Boost (energetic vintage rock)
An upbeat and energetic rock tune lead by acoustic guitar.Catchy pop feel mixed with cool vintage rock vibes from the sixties and seventies.The recording features all live instrumentation: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums.
Too Little Words - Ambient Folk - Stock Music
Too little words is an ambient and relaxing folk track perfect for background music for commercials, infomercials, lifestyle, and marketing projects. This Royalty Free Track is a positive, uplifting and inspiring piece that includes elements of folk, country and piano. 
Americana (classic hard rock)
An instrumental classic hard rock track with a typical american sound.The recording features all live instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums, electric organ and piano.Cool guitar solo in the middle section, lots of 70s and 80s vibes.Good for action, adventure, roadtrip, alternative lifestyle.
Let's just do it - Inspirational Folk - Stock Music
Looking for a new, happy, commercial track that's perfect for your inspiring project?Let's just do it with this amazing music track! This uplifting and inspirational music is perfect for a feel good and happy advertising campaign, commercial, film, or any project which needs a positive and optimistic background music.
A positive goodbye - Ambient Piano - Stock Music
A Positive Goodbye is a contemporary, royalty free, ambient musical composition with a mesmerizing, hypnotizing, and calming atmosphere. This fine soft music track features a dreamy melody with soft, calm guitar chords and ethereal synths. It is perfect for soundtracks such as dreaming and reflective moments.
Innovate Yourself - Technology and Science Stock Music
"Innovate Yourself" is a futuristic and trendy royalty-free corporate track, with airy synths, pianos, and drums, best for presentations, technological and innovative videos, documentaries, vlogs, reviews, startups. Available in Main, Loop, 60, 30 and 15sec versions.
Creation (epic cinematic crescendo)
Creation is a cinematic orchestral track.Mood: slow crescendo from dreamy/romantic/contemplative/mystical into powerful/glorious/epic/heroic.Instrumentation: piano, orchestra, percussion and choir. Electric guitar power chords at the very end and then a gentle slowing down piano.Use: inspirational, adventure, science, dramatic, success stories, heroic advertising and commercials. Whenever a lush, epic climax is required.
Bright Moving Echoes (energetic motivational pop rock)
An upbeat and energetic pop rock track with a positive motivational mood.Good for news, business, corporate use as well as sport or workout scenarios.The recording features all live instrumentation: echoing electric guitars, electric bass, acoustic drums.
Cancel Corporate Video Trailer Stock Music
Restrained catchy business video track. The main rhythm developes in catchy drums and synthesizers. The effects in the background add atmosphere. The track is gradually evolving and floating with top notch transitions.Muted Lead, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Bass, String, Bell, Calimba, Synth, FX. If you want more moods: please stay in my Portfolio or let me know for custom made music and sounds. I hope you enjoy this track and find it useful for your media. I love to see what you are doing with my music, so please email me a link of your finished product. Thank you for attention! Please help me, place a rating and comment. Sincerely, I Am Fowler
Cinematic Piece "Epic Inspiring"
An inspiring and motivational epic track, featuring cinematic strings and brass, staccato and legato strings, deep piano, epic drums, choir, synth bass, cymbals, pad, atmospheric synths,risers, sub drop and transitions effects. This track is perfect for soundtracks, video games, background music in films, youtube videos, documentary, corporate videos, inspiring and motivational video, tv, slideshows, web, sports videos and more.
Epic Cinematic Trailer "Escalade"
A dramatic, inspiring, powerful hybrid trailer with lots of action, featuring an incredible symphonic orchestra, grand piano, mixed choir, epic drums, synths, pads and different sound fx. This track was created for movie trailers, blockbusters, classic trailer inspire, movies, teasers, intros, youtube videos, discovery videos, commercials and other media projects.
Cinematic Trailer "Global Awakening"
An inspiring, cinematic epic track with sound of symphonic orchestra, big drums, cymbals, sub drops, synth plucks, cinematic piano and choir. Ideal for movie trailers, teasers, soundtracks, epic intros, video games, advertising, youtube videos, cartoons etc.
Action Trailer "Storm Of Adventure"
An inspiring, powerful and uplifting cinematic piece with awesome orchestra sound, epic drums, cinematic choirs, some synths and fx. You will be fantastically satisfied by this music! Ideal choice for movie trailers, cinematic openers, teasers, movie soundtracks, film scores, Youtube videos, battle and war scenes, fantasy video games etc.
Meditative Track "Valley Of Lhasa"
A calm, meditative inspiring track with eastern ethnic colors!The harmonious background and readable soft sounds of this music will help your mind get relax and rid of the stress. Instruments were used in this track: bells, piano, solo flute, atmospheric pad, pizzicato strings, spicatto strings violin solo, cello solo, percussion, wind chimes and vocal samples Ideal for relaxation,meditation video, yoga video, relaxing video, commercial projects, background music,beautiful nature video, TV etc
Cinematic Hero "Admiral Nakhimov"
An inspiring, heroic and epic cinemaitc theme with lots of motivation and power! You can feel a mighty will and unlimited energy in this inspiring music! Powerful cinematic brass and strings, epic drums, grand piano, choir, synths, pads, risers and subs makes your projects unique and expensive! Best choice for cinema, movie, trailers, teasers, intros, soundtracks, video games, advertising and presentations.
Cinematic Piano "Black Heart"
A royalty free cinematic track with deep piano sound and lively cello solo. Cinematic music with great sound and dramatic mood. Best choice for cinema trailers, movies, teasers, figure scating, movie soundtracks, theatre, cartoons, tv shows, youtube videos etc.