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Данный шаблон имеет прекрасный визуал. Универсальный и подходит под разные темы бизнеса. В целом его можно использовать не только под тематику клиринга, а и другие направления. Адаптивен и хорошо оптимизирован, имеет документацию, мне как разработчику отлично подошёл. Соответсвует всем показателям поисковых систем. Чистый валидный код. Советую данный шаблон для всех у кого есть подобная задача.. В целом уже 5 шаблон покупаю. Пока были вопросы только по готовому шаблону вордпресс. А чистые html шаблоны радуют.

Белинский Александр Николаевич
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This is a great template. Its clean and functions are expected. Its also simple to update and customer support is top-notch. Highly recommend this or any template from this author.

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Once installed, the Parish Template was very easy to use and modify with various assets to implement.

Tony Reese
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Tiene muchas opciones que te ayuda a realizar un trabajo rápido, para el manejo del panel de control

José Viteri Villota
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Fattbean | Coffee Shop & Barista HTML5 Website Template its great template

Vitcha Yamprippree
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Slidesigma Themes

Slide Sigma is a web design agency based in Brooklyn, New York, offering digital services that highlight your online presence, with an emphasis on web design and web development, app development marketing, branding, and Search Engine Optimization.

The world of businesses is in a state of constant evolution, and we believe that a great idea deserves an even better online representation. That’s the foundation of Slide Sigma’s purpose. With over a half million new businesses established annually in the United States alone, there should be a way for a small business to stand out, for a new concept to grow to a reality, and for the next big idea to sweep the world. Our themes and products are developed using a process that combines the conceptualization of future design and the best possible digital representation for new and existing businesses across the globe. Through the development of stimulating graphics and designs that are charged with life, our services and our attitude reflect our mindset. We’re headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and are available 24/7 for support, questions, coffee or feedback from our valued clients. At Slide Sigma, we don’t shy away from change – we thrive on it.

Our Principles

We read these everyday, reminding ourselves that we're here for something bigger.

  • 1. Our clients are our priority; everything else is secondary
  • 2. We strive to give more value than what’s expected
  • 3. We treat your business like it’s our business
  • 4. Exceeding expectations is a given, not an option
  • 5. We listen.
  • 6. Faithfulness, Integrity and Honesty shape our mindset
  • 7. We’re passionate about making a difference
  • 8. If the result is not measurable, it doesn’t count
  • 9. We work smart. We work hard. We work to make a positive change
  • 10. Commitment is a demeanor, not a behavior