50 Smoky Quartz Background Textures

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Smoky Quartz background textures are presented in all popular angles and arrangements of stones on different surfaces: dark stone, brown wood, light wood, black and white backgrounds. All backgrounds are in horizontal and vertical orientations. You can choose any interesting angle. Smoky Quartz mineral stones are randomly scattered and evenly laid out, poured all together and divided into half of the image for easy text addition so that the artwork looks more professional. To compose your own picture of stones, a special file has been created, which contains stones in the form of a mosaic on isolated white background in * .psd (Adobe Photoshop) format.

About Smoky Quartz Mineral

It is believed that Smoky Quartz is able to renew the body, build the work of all systems and organs. It not only energizes but also strengthens the immune system. It is also able to have a strong influence on the habits and character of the wearer. In addition, this stone has a whole list of properties: it improves mood, contributes to the fight against bad habits and self-doubt, gives energy, increases attentiveness to the feelings of others, develops creative inclinations, and helps to quickly acquire skills and knowledge. Smoky Quartz can bestow the power of foresight on its owner. It is recommended to be worn by people whose work is associated with serious mental and psychological stress.

Crystals of the stone absorb energy quickly and in huge quantities, and it is also easy to part with it if necessary. Jewelry and talismans with a green mineral are suitable for regulating the work of human organs and systems, chakras. Many people believe that quartz is able to cleanse the soul and mental body, and influence pathological processes. Smoky Quartz is often used in spiritual practices, choosing it as an object for concentration. Over time, the owners of quartz learn to look at the world more broadly, to feel its edges more subtly, and bring up the ability to vivid dreams and dreams.


  • High Quality
  • High Resolution: 6000 x 4000 Px, 83 x 55 Inches, 72 Dpi
  • Files Extension: Jpg
  • Quantity: 50 Pcs
  • Orientation: Horizontal and vertical.
  • 12000 x 4000 Px *.psd Photoshop file with stones on white isolated background

What You Get: Zip Archive with 50 Ready to Use Smoky Quartz Backgrounds. Fresh & Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 4000 px.

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