Best WordPress Themes for Business and Personal Sites

If you wish to create a stunning website with numerous features, pay attention to these best WordPress themes by TemplateMonster. Adhering to the latest web development and design trends, our professional team creates niche-specific templates for various purposes. Whether you wish to create a company page or a personal portfolio, we are ready to offer you an incredible website theme to launch your project quickly. You can be sure that your site’s functionality will meet your needs. Explore the collection of top WordPress templates and find a design that will suit your requirements.

Best WordPress Templates for Various Projects

Having been producing website themes for many years, the TemplateMonster team has extensive experience in fulfilling various projects. Our specialists take into consideration the needs of different clients while creating our products. Thus, in our collection of WordPress themes, you can find versatile templates. Particularly, there are various website themes for launching:

  • personal pages;
  • company profiles;
  • eCommerce websites;
  • blogging webpages, 
  • charity organization sites, etc.

What’s more, we have several multipurpose themes that include different templates. Thus, you can create several projects, using a single theme.

Unlimited Possibilities for Website Creation with Top WordPress Themes

The main peculiarity of our best WordPress templates is numerous customization options. When you are choosing a template for your projects, you can see the demo content. After you install the theme, you will be able to edit your template as much as you prefer. Mainly, our top WordPress themes can boast of:

  • layout options;
  • color scheme adjustments;
  • background choice;
  • widgets integration, etc.

In other words, you are limited only by your imagination and own principles when you are creating your website. You can add, remove, or change different elements of your theme to make your website look perfect.

Learn to Create a Website with the Best WordPress Theme

If you are a beginner in creating websites, it is advisable to watch some tutorials and see what you need to do to launch a website of your dreams. Here, you can find a tutorial that guides you through the vital initial steps of website creation. What’s more, the video guide tells you how to create a WordPress website for free. So, you can watch the instructions, follow the steps, and build your free website easily with TemplateMonster.

Build Phenomenal Websites with the Best WordPress Themes

If you want to get a stylish website that follows the latest web design and development trends, you’ve found the right place. Our specialists can help you choose the most appropriate variant from an astonishing collection of the best WordPress templates. Even if you are a novice in building websites, with the tips below and the professional assistance of our support team, you will be able to design your project.

Identify Your Aims to Choose the Best WordPress Templates

Start creating your project by specifying your purposes. Depending on the features that your website will need, you will be able to narrow your searches of the best WordPress themes. Basically, you may require:

  1. a landing page template, 
  2. a multi-page website theme, 
  3. a multipurpose theme.

For instance, if you need a website that advertises an event, such as a wedding, a landing page is enough to present all the necessary information. At the same time, if you are creating a site for a medical center, you’d better choose one of the best WordPress templates that have multiple pages for a compelling presentation of your services and team.

After that, think of the content that you need to present. According to it, you will be able to choose a template that fits the purposes of your project best. Mainly, you can select top WordPress themes for:

  • companies providing services;
  • online stores;
  • educational establishments;
  • professional profiles for project presentations, etc.

Similarly, think of any extra features that you require. For instance, if you wish to run an online magazine, you can need a theme that supports different languages. Thus, you may opt for WPML-ready templates to translate your website into various languages easily. Then, when you have defined your basic requirements for a WordPress theme, you can find the best solution more easily.

Adjust Your Website Look with Top WordPress Themes

Our best theme WordPress customization options let you alter the tiniest details of your theme to make your site match your expectations. You can experiment with the website layout, choosing from different rows and columns. Moreover, you can change the color schemes to make your site more appealing. A lot of themes also include a dark mode switcher that lets you change the look of your website in one click. Additionally, it is possible to alter headers and footers to make your webpage more personal. Similarly, you can customize the fonts of your pages to make your website match your brand style.

Whatever you need to display on your website, you can show it with the help of content modules included in our top WordPress themes. These blocks let you add data of various formats. Moreover, they allow you to adjust buttons, icons, lists, and so on. It is up to you to decide what your pages will display. You’ll be able to edit the sample pages and display the elements that are necessary for your project.

Create Essential Pages Easily with the Best WordPress Templates

Every website pursues certain aims and can have specific elements. Still, there are some essential pages that a site may need. Our professionals create these pages regarding the needs of different companies and customers. In our WordPress themes, you will find such pages as:

  • Home;
  • About;
  • Services;
  • Shop or Projects;
  • Our Team;
  • Contacts, etc.

These pages will vary depending on the requirements of clients. Still, they will be vital for creating a functional website quickly. After installing your theme, you will be able to personalize each page, adjusting the content and adding the necessary details. Undoubtedly, this will be much faster than creating a website from scratch.

Manage Media Library of the Best WordPress Themes

Using the Media Library of WordPress templates, you will be able to add different images to your website. Then, it will be possible to manage the photos and add them to your pages. Precisely, you can use pictures for backgrounds and blog posts. Also, images are indispensable for demonstrating projects and creating team profiles. Moreover, our best selling WordPress themes include multiple Retina-ready templates. They will be especially beneficial for those who need to add images of the highest resolution to their websites.

Arrange Information Effectively

Your website should be understandable for its visitors. Thus, each best WordPress theme by TemplateMonster features intuitive navigation. People attending your site will be able to find the necessary pages easily.

What’s more, you can improve the navigation through your website yourself. To do this, take advantage of our menus included in WordPress templates. By organizing your data into appropriate categories, you will save space on your site and help visitors reach the required information with ease.

Additionally, if you run a blog on your site, you will be able to assign group posts into categories and assign tags to each post. Consequently, readers will be able to find articles on the information that interests them in one click. Browsing the blog will be beneficial for visitors when they can find useful advice on your website. It will also be helpful for your site as user engagement increases your position in search engine results.

Alternate Your Design with Widgets of the Best WordPress Themes

Your website will look more attractive and well-organized due to different widgets included in the best WordPress templates. Particularly, you can add dynamic sliders to make effective image presentations. Also, you can utilize tabs and accordions to save space and demonstrate information concisely. Similarly, it is possible to showcase information in numbers with the help of animated counter bars that will engage website visitors.

Expand Your Online Presence

Our top WordPress themes Social Options aim to help you improve your online presence. Due to the integration of social buttons, you will be able to connect your website with different social media. Thus, you will allow people to share your content instantly via the networks they prefer. Such sharing will improve your site’s ranking.

Essential Features of Best WordPress Themes


Responsive Design

Your website created with our themes will instantly adjust to different screens and browsers of users.


Drag-and-drop Builder

You don’t need any coding skills to edit your theme yourself with a visual drag-and-drop page builder.


Niche-Specific Themes

Our templates are designed regarding the peculiarities and requirements of various customers.


Business Templates

Our collection of WordPress themes comprises a variety of templates for different businesses.


E-commerce Support

If you want to create an online shop or accept payments with WordPress, you can choose an Ecwid-theme.


Portfolio Pages

Create outstanding personal and team profiles to present projects, skills, and experience effectively.


Blog Functionality

Numerous WordPress themes by TemplateMonster give you the possibility to create a powerful blog.


Helpful Support

You can contact our friendly team and get professional assistance with your website creation 24/7.

FAQ about the Best WordPress Themes

Are these WordPress themes suitable for uploading videos?

Yes, they are. The content modules of our WordPress themes allow you to upload data of various types. Thus, you can use the best WordPress templates to add your images, videos, audios, etc. What’s more, you can embed videos to your page, providing an appropriate link to other sites or platforms. This will keep your website from overloading.

How can I display my clients’ reviews on my website?

Showing people’s feedback is one of the key elements of success in business. Customers’ reviews make your products and services more trustworthy for others. Understanding this, our developers and designers create special sections in our templates. We produce the best WordPress themes by including Testimonials into them. Consequently, you will be able to add clients’ thoughts and reviews to your pages easily. Moreover, these testimonials will match the general style of your website and add to its impressive look.

Will my customers be able to contact me directly on my site created with this WordPress theme?

Yes, they will. Our best WordPress templates include an efficient Contact form. It allows your site visitors to write a message to you directly on your website. So, people will be able to leave their text and send it instantly to you. You will see the message and reply to it when you find it possible.

What are the ways for website visitors to find the necessary information?

Our top WordPress themes include an easy-to-use Search form that corresponds to the style of your website. Your site visitors will be able to use this form to find the data they need. When people type in their query, they will see relevant search results on your website. You can use the form for your blog posts. Moreover, if you have an eCommerce theme, you will be able to add sorting options to facilitate the product search for your users.

Do I need to upload fonts if I want to customize the typography of my WordPress theme?

No, you don’t. Our best WordPress templates feature the Google Fonts integration option. So, you will be able to choose from a variety of fonts created by Google. It also ensures that your fonts will be displayed appropriately in different browsers. Furthermore, our newest WordPress themes contain a font manager that will let you adjust your page typography easily. If you have any unique fonts designed for your brand, you can also upload and utilize them in page creation.