Best WordPress Blog Themes 2020

Choosing among the best WordPress blog themes will be easy if you know exactly what functions your site will have. Whatever your aims are, we are happy to offer a stunning collection of well-structured templates. Compare different styles and designs to pick your ideal one.

Amazing WordPress Blog Templates for Different Aims

Blogs vary depending on the topic they are devoted to, on people or organizations that are writing it, and on the target audience. At TemplateMonster, we have taken care of the needs of different customers. We have created a vast collection of WordPress blog themes to satisfy everyone. Specifically, using a Template Monster template, you can launch various niche blogs, including:

  • travel;
  • lifestyle;
  • food;
  • fashion;
  • DIY blogs, etc.

Browsing our assortment of WordPress themes, you will find a suitable design to create the best site that illustrates your chosen topic. Moreover, you can personalize each template to demonstrate your identity.

Run Personal and Community Blogs Easily

With TemplateMonster blog WordPress themes, you can effortlessly create sites either for individuals or for organizations:

  • cultural centers, 
  • religious communities, 
  • NGO and charity institutions, etc. 

You will be able to post the latest updates and news to inform your target audience or community effectively.

Create Various Types of Posts with WordPress Blog Templates

The functionality of blog WordPress themes by TemplateMonster is very rich. It allows you to add and manage the content of different types easily. Consequently, you can create not only text articles but also numerous other kinds of posts. Particularly, it is possible to create:

  1. photo galleries;
  2. video galleries and presentations;
  3. audio posts, such as podcasts;
  4. quotations;
  5. link pages, etc.

You can always choose the most appropriate kind of posts that illustrates your information best. Thus, no matter what you need to display, WordPress blog templates will suit your requirements.

Why Use WordPress Blog Themes

Numerous valuable functions of WordPress blog templates will bring benefits for individuals, organizations, and businesses. Here, we’ll have a look at the main ways to use blog functionality to get the most of it.

Share Your Stories via WordPress Blogs

If you are a blogger, the blog will be your primary tool for communication with the audience. Updating your website regularly, you will ensure that your followers will stay with you. The blog WordPress themes let you organize numerous posts effectively. Not to let visitors get lost on your page, you can create different categories of your posts. Moreover, it is possible to display the latest or recent content. Thus, people will easily find the materials that they haven’t seen yet.

One of the most popular blog types is the one connected with traveling. Using a travel WordPress theme, you can not only write stories about your trips but also illustrate them with photos and videos. Moreover, you can organize your travel stories according to adventure types or places/countries that you have visited.

Promote Lifestyle and Motivate Others with Blog WordPress Themes

The blog is an essential instrument for those who are ready to encourage others to join a certain lifestyle. In particular, blogs will be helpful for:

  • life coaches and psychologists;
  • nutritionists and wellbeing supporters;
  • motivational speakers or writers;
  • sports instructors and trainers, etc.

For life coaches, the blog is a tool to help people by instructing or educating them. For instance, life coaches can give advice on how to find love or build strong relationships. Also, life coaches can show website visitors the ways to change habits and make life happier. Similarly, it is possible to promote wellbeing and share healthy lifestyle advice with WordPress. 

Moreover, you can motivate and inspire people via the blog. To be specific, you can provide inspirational quotes devoted to different topics. Reading your blog on a regular basis, your followers will find it easier to live through difficult life periods or find strength for achieving success.

Use WordPress Blog Templates to Describe Events

Organizations can benefit from the blog by showing their past and upcoming events. For instance, you can provide details on the following occasions:

  • organization’s anniversary celebration;
  • regular meetings, such as book club discussions;
  • conferences, seminars, webinars;
  • corporate parties and team-building activities, etc.

The comment system of the blog WordPress themes will let people actively participate in the discussions of the events. Thus, your organization will make people more united.

Create Personal Pages with WordPress Blog Themes

Blogs are also useful for enhancing portfolios and personal pages. To be precise, blogs provide a chance to:

  • present viewpoints;
  • explain your position;
  • describe your style, etc.

For instance, charity organizations can write different articles in their blogs to describe their beliefs and explain their campaigns. Providing various reasons in posts will help them to persuade website visitors. In a similar way, photographers or videographers can use the blog functionality to give details about the styles they prefer working in. Definitely, such posts will contribute to a better understanding by customers and lead to beneficial cooperation.

Illustrate Current Trends and Tendencies

No matter what your website is devoted to, its blog can show the latest changes and developments. Staying up-to-date is important not only for those who follow fashion trends. Precisely, if your company deals with construction and architecture, you can demonstrate the novelties of the building. Likewise, medical organizations can show the news of treatment and equipment. Also, educational organizations can emphasize new methods of teaching. Whatever your purposes are, a blog template WordPress is here to help you. In short, informing people about innovative approaches and the latest trends will benefit your website.

How to Create Websites with WordPress Blog Themes

Our company aims to ensure the best user experience for everyone. Thus, we are constantly creating video tutorials to facilitate the work with our templates. Here, you can have a look at an example of a blog WordPress. Watch the video below to find out how to make a travel blog in 3 steps.

How to Use WordPress Blog for Business

Business blog themes aim to attract traffic and increase sales. Very often, people come to your business blog via the search engine results. In this case, customers are looking for some specific information. If your post meets their requests and convinces them, people will continue browsing your site. Here, you can find several tips on how to utilize the blog functionality for businesses.

Explain the Process in the Blog

For enterprises, the blog functionality is the possibility to tell clients as many details about your business as possible. Explaining how you provide services or create certain items, you will inform people and win their trust. To give examples, you can illustrate:

  • stages of production;
  • main steps in creating something;
  • principles of choosing, etc.

For instance, if your company provides construction services, you can explain the peculiarities of each building stage. Similarly, when your business is connected with baking, it is possible to describe the stages of cooking, and so on. You can also demonstrate how you decide on the materials for production. Thus, your customers will be aware of what you do and how you do it. Undoubtedly, this will increase your brand’s credibility and clients’ loyalty.

Describe Your Company

Blog pages are a platform for showing your company to the best advantage. Your blog will definitely complement such website pages as About Us, Projects, and Services. Constant blog updates will provide you with a fast way to show new information without changing the structure of the main pages.

For instance, medical organizations can give descriptions of their departments and new equipment. Likewise, educational establishments may indicate the peculiarities of their courses and activities, emphasizing their benefits. As for construction companies, they can explain the principles and new tendencies in sustainable building that they apply.

Use WordPress Blog Themes to Help Eliminate Problems

Search engines will lead people to your company’s website if you provide detailed articles that help people prevent or solve their problems. For instance, if you deal with flooring, you can describe the causes of flooring catastrophes and how to avoid them. Similarly, medical clinics can give reasons for the spread of diseases and help people prevent illnesses. 

A business blog is an excellent place to provide tips and advice, such as:

  • how to choose something;
  • how to plan and manage;
  • how to create or improve something, etc.

For instance, your blog can give answers to the questions about how to choose gifts for the family members, or how to pick building materials. Also, you can advise clients on how to plan a renovation process, choose interior colors, and decor elements. Travel companies may assist people in picking a travel destination with regard to family needs. Medical WordPress blogs can provide instructions on how to get ready for vaccinations. Educational institutions and tutors can recommend how to become more productive during the day, to make studying easier, or organize eye-catching presentations.

Applying WordPress Blogs for Businesses - Example

Let’s have a look at an example of using a blog for business. Let’s imagine that your company deals with selling cosmetics. When you create a website for selling your goods online, it is advisable to choose a template with the blog functionality. You will benefit a lot by writing posts that answer any queries connected with your goods and target audience.

Firstly, it is possible to create posts that explain how to choose cosmetics depending on age, skin types, etc. Secondly, you can satisfy clients’ requests and needs writing about separate items. Particularly, you can write about your cosmetic goods as presents for women or men for a certain holiday. Thus, people will find your post in the search engine results when they type in a query connected with choosing gifts. Then, they will visit your store after reading the post. Furthermore, a well-thought commercial blog will also prompt clients by showing related queries. With WordPress blog themes by TemplateMonster, you will add and manage your blog posts with ease.

WordPress Blog Templates - Main Features


Numerous Post Formats

Add images, videos, audios, etc. to create different posts with TemplateMonster blog templates.


Different Layout Types

It’s up to you to choose from various blog layout options to decide on the look of your blog.


Various Color Options

With WordPress blog themes, you can adjust the blog colors to match your needs and brand style.


Background Selection

You can personalize your blog by choosing from different background options of blog themes.


Custom Typography

Due to a huge collection of fonts, you can emphasize your corporate or personal style in the blog.


Social Media Integration

You and your site visitors can share information on different social platforms, promoting your blog.


Multiple Languages Support

To run the blog in several languages, you can choose a translation-ready WordPress blog template.


WooCommerce Compatibility

You can integrate online payments to your blog due to WooCommerce support of a blog WordPress theme.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Blog Themes

Can I add blog users if I apply a blog WordPress template?

Yes, you can. WordPress is an extremely flexible system that has multiple functions. When you create a blog with WordPress themes, you will be able to create different users and assign roles to them. To be specific, you can add contributors and authors and allow people to write articles on your blog. This means that you can delegate responsibilities for creating various posts to different people, thus making your blog more informative and updated regularly.

How can I promote my blog in the search engine results?

Our WordPress blog templates are SEO-optimized. In other words, your blog website will be visible for the search engines. If you want to improve search engine ranking, you can change metadata yourself. Particularly, blog WordPress themes will let you edit meta titles and meta descriptions. So, you will be able to add the necessary information that contains essential keywords for your target audience. Such data input will make it easier for search engines to understand your site information. Consequently, the search engines will show relevant results to people.

Is it possible to add high-resolution photos to the blog created with WordPress blog templates?

Yes, it is. You can add photos of the highest quality to your blog run by WordPress blog themes. To do this, you have to choose a Retina-ready WordPress template. Such website themes aim to display high-resolution images on sites without any distortion. Retina-ready blog themes will be especially beneficial to photographers who need to showcase their projects to the best advantage. To make sure that the WordPress blog theme that you have chosen supports images of high resolution, check its features, and read the description of the template.

Will my blog be displayed appropriately on mobile devices?

Yes, it will. TemplateMonster blog WordPress themes have responsive design. Consequently, your website will adjust to different screens automatically. If your blog followers prefer using mobile devices for reading your posts, your information will look adequate for them. No matter how users find your posts, they will get the best user experience. Thus, you save your time and money choosing WordPress blog templates. You don’t have to create various pages for different devices due to the responsive design of themes.

Can I create a news blog with TemplateMonster WordPress themes?

Yes, you can. With a wide variety of blog WordPress templates, you can create a blog for any purpose, and a news blog is one of them. Taking care of clients, our professionals have built a well-structured template that takes into consideration the needs of news agencies and magazines. You can be sure that your news blog will look professional and well-organized if you use WordPress news blog themes, such as Satellex, by TemplateMonster.