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Top 10 Chrome Web Store Apps for Designers and Developers

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Surprise, surprise! Yes, Google the mighty wizard keeps amazing the honorable web audience with some magic tricks. Along with the long-awaited forthcoming release Chrome OS, recent 8th update of Chromuim and Google eBooks Store launch we are glad to meet the new family member - Chrome Web Apps Store where you can find tons of useful web extensions and apps. Even though this project is in a startup mode we can't underestimate its huge importance and potential.

There's a lot of apps there so as usual we've gathered some useful things to assist you. All those web developer tools can be found at the Chrome Web Store and we're not afraid to show them now! Before starting we should tell you more about all these applications that are featured in our post. Frankly speaking from now on you can use excellent tools right in your browser window. Moreover, some of these apps can also work offline, others allow group collaboration etc. Here you'll see apps for designers, web developers and even productivity-related software. We've installed and tried all of these and must tell you that it was really great, we've enjoyed the new experience! Alright, enough of talking now, let's start off!

HTML5 Photo Editor by Aviary

New and simple HTML5 Photo Editor from Aviary is a real time saver for users. This web developer extension is revolutionarily fast, effective and insanely simple. Excellent interface and a set of brilliant tools will help you make your photos look professionally edited just with the help of a few clicks.


Sketchpad Chrome extension allows you to enjoy the best drawing tools together with MugTug Sketchpad - an awesome web app that has paintbrush, texture stamp, spiral brush, and of course you'll be amazed with the wide range of various settings including: flow, opacity, diameter jitter, color and gradient swatches.

Vector Editor by Aviary

Vector Editor extension for Chrome features everything you need for creating vector art is available here at your Chrome browser. This extension for Google Chrome opens huge opportunities in working with such projects as creating superior logos, designing t-shirts, impressing with beautiful vector animations and many more.

Advanced Image Editor by Aviary

Aviary's software delivers a bunch of essential key features that were available only in the powerful desktop editors previously. You can try your skills starting with simple image editing to applying complex photo effects and manipulations right in your browser's tab or window. All this is made possible with the great Chrome extension Aviary.

Picnik Photo Editor

Picnik is a handy Chrome extension that offers dazzling toolkit containing professional quality effects, original fonts, fun shapes and stickers. Using this extension, you can also be connected with Flickr, Picasa Web, Facebook, Photobucket accounts, and more.

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr editor web application can be of the great use to web designers and developers alike. This is one of the most useful Chrome extensions with a set of 27 various tools, magnificent color adjustments and a bunch of filters. Save your time and efforts due to this excellent and mighty online tool.

Ajax Animator

Ajax Animator is an HTMl5 powered application that is presented to become a usable Flash IDE alternative. Frankly speaking this is one of the most popular cross-platform/cross-format animation extensions for webmasters. The best thing about this tool is that you can work offline with Ajax Animator.


Absolutely brilliant application that simplifies your work by many times due its clean user interface, efficient tools and other important features. From now on you don't need any browser plugins to collaboratively create flow charts, org charts, wireframes, site maps and so on. Unlike other extensions for web designers, it lets you invite users, save docs and even publish them on Twitter or Facebook.


This is a very helpful and user-friendly application that will be useful for freelancers. According to the developers of this product "you can easily save, organize and act on anything you want to remember - on the web and your phone" - pretty impressive, huh?

20 Things I Learned About Browsers & the Web

This excellent web book was written by the Google Chrome team and here you'll know more about the evolution of browsers and other related stuff. It is worth being read and we mean that not only for rookies but for experienced users as well - it is always useful to know some interesting facts about what you do.

That's our selection of the top Chrome web store apps that web designers and developers can use to be more productive. And what's on your own list of the best Google Chrome extensions for developers? What extension for developers is the must-have for the popular content management systems? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section. 

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  1. I like “HTML5 Photo Editor by Aviary” and “Pixlr Editor”

  2. Good and amazing aplications from Aviary . Thanks.

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