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Top 15 Online Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business 2019

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These days, the Internet offers endless possibilities for business owners. If you have a business idea and take the time to read this selection of online marketing tips 2019, it can help you boost revenues or expand your reach.

Online Marketing Tips for your small business

Target the right audience for your product

This is one of the fundamental online marketing tips for small business. Making it easy for customers to find you won't help until you have a clear enough idea about who your target market is. Do your homework and draft out the personas of potential customers, or the advertising money will sip through your fingers. I’m not suggesting that you should hire a research professional or buy a comprehensive industry analysis. Every business owner can determine their target audience based on the characteristics of their product (for guidelines, look here).

To whom (in terms of social position, gender, age, financial conditions) would you offer your product or service? Who would be interested in the benefits it offers?

Define your business goals

Once you have sketched out the personas of your future buyers, get specific about how you define a successful small business. As an entrepreneur, you must be already measuring sales, profits, expenses, cash revenues and some kind of KPI for your activities. If not, read a brief overview of them. Now add digital advertising milestones to your working set of metrics. For example, you expect that promoting your commercial blog will affect the revenues up to a certain point in several months. But how can you make sure that you are moving towards your goal every time you write a blog post? We recommend considering such metrics as total visits, new sessions, channel-specific traffic, bounce rate, and customer retention rate. It's natural to have multiple objectives, given that you can track the results and follow Internet marketing tips for websites.

Create a business budget

Small business Internet marketing can help you grow the visibility of your brand provided that you follow the proven digital marketing ideas. You know your target market and key metrics, now it's time to set your budget. We have several suggestions on how to do it like a pro.

  • One of the best ways to be thrifty is choose activities that complement and enhance each other (like content marketing and SEO).
  • Abandon what's not working (remember, we talked about measurements first). Even a small budget can be distributed wisely if you constantly monitor your rthe actual results of performance.
  • Make multipurpose materials. Social media and blog posts can be distributed across different platorms with minimal alterations. Such recycling is a cost-effective way to improve your site's SEO ranking.

Build a smart brand for your business

Today's consumers are used to companies fighting for their dollars and inventing comprehensive and meaningful user experiences for them. For instance, your lifeless social media accounts or the poor design of your blog can negatively impact the overall impression your brand leaves with its audience (you can check out awesome web templates here). Today's customers find it equally annoying when an offline shop does not accept credit cards or an online retailer does not respond to Twitter or Instagram comments. You want your digital presence to be seamlessly integrated into people's everyday lives, so personalize and improve your communication, offer free resources and services that are relevant to the product you are selling. Smart branding always pays off. That's one of the most proven digital marketing tips for small businesses in 2018.

Use the major SEO hacks

Of course, our checklist cannot go without a mention about SEO as one of the essential online marketing tips 2018. For your web address to be displayed in the top ten results of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), can optimize the URL, include target keywords in the content, and write blog posts on popular resources as a guest contributor (more SEO hacks here ).

Start a blog

Blogging is a win-win strategy.

Provide useful or entertaining (or both) content to your readers and they, in turn, will get to know you and your product better. You can promote your business brand even more effortlessly after your blogging establishes you as an expert in your sector.

Get more local customers

In order to target local consumers, make sure that your company details are available and updated in Google maps. It would be nice to have several customer reviews with high ratings there. Also think about publishing more local information on your blog (e.g. news and gossips, hotel or restaurant reviews) or just include geo-specific content everywhere, so that people in a certain geographic area could see it first. That's one of the top Internet marketing tips for beginners. Go local in order to make your online marketing for small businesses to deliver fruitful results. 

Use the power of social media

You already know your target market, now it's time to start conversations and build relationships with them. Connect with your targeted community in a personal and mutually enriching way, be open and pay attention to their feedback - these simple attitudes will result in more sales.

Leverage your email marketing to increase website traffic

Even social media promotion will not do all the work by itself. Offer subscriptions to those of your readers who want to stay informed about updates, sales, special offers or discounts.

Use PPC advertising

PPC is a good option, especially for the newbies who cannot earn their visits organically. Choose specific keywords that are most closely associated with your product and have your ads displayed in the search engine's sponsored links.

Use benefits of online customer reviews

Online reviews rank in search engines, thus helping your business to rank higher as well. Online customers tend to choose those products and services that were reviewed by other buyers, which grows the reliability of your brand automatically. Reviews can also encourage the web users to take a specific action, like placing an order or checking out details about your offerings.

As a rule, local businesses have a number of happy and satisfied customers. For some reason, they forget to remind happy clients to give their honest reviews about the offers they purchased. As a rule, those are the angriest customers that leave reviews about their experience in dealing with a brand. In order to chive a balance of positive and negative reviews about your business, push for the customers to leave their honest feedback. This will help your brand to rank higher in the popular search engines. This is one of the best digital marketing ideas that really work.

Set and meet your clients' expectations

There are so many sites available on the web. Some of them look identical, some other aren't even worth a mention. Wonder why? That's always a good idea to learn from the example of the most impressive and successful web designs. There must be something in their designs that attract the target audiences and makes their websites stand out from the competition.
There is no need to waste your time on the conceptualization of what kind of a web design your business site should feature. Take a look at the examples of some of the most successful businesses in your niche. What tricks and hacks do those use on their web platforms? Learn from their example and create your own design (but don't copy your competitors!).

If you are looking for the most beneficial online marketing tips to appeal to your target audience, that's always a good idea to start your website with Weblium. 

Weblium is the ultimate AI website builder that frees you from the necessity to rack your brain choosing the most optimal web design for your site, as well as the functionality that it will feature. That's one of the most impressive TemplateMonster projects that allows you to launch a fully-fledged web resource in a matter of days. Just try Weblium in order to get a professional team of designers and developers create a ready-to-launch business site that will become the ideal reflection of your brand. Simply specify what kind of a website you'd like to launch, what goals you pursue, and what kind of the major components it should include. The rest of the job will be done for you.

The team at will deliver a ready-made website to you in 2 days only. You will be provided with a web resource featuring one of the highest domain ratings, impressive SEO performance, and fast loading speeds.

Find your best time to post content on the website

What's the reason to share posts if nobody sees them? It's logical that you need to share your publications at the time when your audience will see them.

The best time for posting is individual for every brand. So, if you want to create a successful online marketing strategy, you will need to refer to your social media insights. Luckily, the majority of social media platforms provide businesses with the information regarding their post views, user engagement, customers geographic, their age, as well as the time when people are the most active. Also, use Google Analytics in order to see when your content is the most popular and share publications around these times for better results. That's #13 on the list of the most effective digital marketing tips for small businesses.

Integrate social media into your marketing strategy

That's one of the coolest digital marketing ideas to use social media in your online strategy. Gone are the days when social media was used just for fun. Social media platforms have become the indispensable elements of the online marketing strategies of the majority of the modern-day brands. By means of social media channels, you can connect, chat, and stream your daily activities right from your smartphones. Using social media channels, you can keep in touch with your customer 24/7, which provide you with the endless opportunities for your own business.

There are a number of online marketing tips to benefit your business while connecting your digital strategy with your daily practices. These include:

  • Using private groups for employees will encourage all members of your team to join in and discuss work events, schedules, and other things that are going on in your business. By doing so, you can build strong work relationships within your team, which will help your business grow much better than you think.
  • Posting content on your social media profile and encouraging the employees to respond on your pages will help you grow the visibility of your business profiles.
  • Creating an open Facebook group for customer questions will help you to build a better bond with your clients. This is the place where you can post about novelties that you sell, share product videos, and other kinds of information that people may be interested in.

Optimize your Google My Business page for local SEO

This is the last yet not the least effective online marketing tip on this list. Using Google maps you can grow your business visibility to a great degree. In the digital age, businesses are being found straight from the screens of smartphones. Simply type in the name of your brand in Google search, and you will be provided with a map that reveals how to find the best route to the necessary location

In order to make your business more findable, use Google My Business. With its help, you will get better rankings in the local search, as well as manage to connect your YouTube account, keep the audience updated on your working hours, and share images to brand your business. Additionally, you can respond to the user reviews via Google My Business, communicate with your customers, handle bad reviews, etc.

Online marketing can be risky yet it's worth your time and investments in order to make your business a success. Whether you own a small business or a large corporate project, you shouldn't ignore using online digital marketing. Creating a perfect mix of offline and online marketing techniques will multiply the chances that your brand becomes more noticeable and profitable. Are there any other online marketing tips that are worth a mention? Spease speak up in comments.


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