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10 Typography Trends to Stick to in 2019

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Trends are those guides that will keep you within the bounds of common sense. They are commercially-oriented and mainstream – just what the market needs. Whether you are designing a t-shirt, a website template or a logotype, a harmonious combination of all the elements is always of a higher priority than sheer creativity.

This review of the most important typography trends of 2019 will allow you to improve your design workflow, expand your expertise and find new clients. Fasten up!


Hand-drawn fonts have never been so popular

Hundreds of them are being released every month. Brush fonts with bold lines and grungy edges are especially demanded, as they can be easily overlaid with foil and watercolor textures, and are irreplaceable for feminine designs, which are extremely popular on Fiverr, Etsy, and online design marketplaces.

Seren script font by TypeFaithFonts

Although you don’t need to be as precise comparing to classic sans and sans serif typefaces, it’s not easy at all to create a font from your own handwriting. You will need to take care of all the connecting strokes and provide a perfect handwritten text flow, which is much more difficult than simply adjusting kerning pairs.

Color Fonts start their glorious march

Color/chromatic fonts are basically SVG data stored in OpenType fonts. Thanks to the extensive OpenType features, raster and vector images can be included. They lack flexibility comparing to regular monochromatic fonts (as the latter can be recolored) but allow to store pre-bundled with gradients, textures, and other complex graphic effects.

Batik India Color OTF Font by ilonitta

As stated above, color fonts can be a vector (scalable) and raster (non-scalable) depending on the type of SVG data they are based on.

Currently, the most commonly used tool for creation of color fonts is FontSelf for Photoshop, whose creators actively promote the new trend.

Variable is the new responsive

The big four – Adobe, Google, Apple and Microsoft have partnered to create a brand new type technology introduced in the version 1.8 of the OpenType font format. It is called “variable fonts” and it will blow your mind (if you care at all about design or courseJ). Unlike regular fonts where each weight is static, variable fonts provide smooth, non-discrete transition between weights, continuous variation along width axis and other transformations.

That’s how it works in the example by Erik van Blockland:

You will be able to receive exactly the appearance you need without installing additional font files or adding an outline to your type.

Customizing the Buffalo Gal font

Variable fonts are not yet supported by most graphic software, but it has a bright future and is totally worthy of your close attention.

Cool fonts always come with alternative characters and ligatures

It is not enough for a good typeface to contain only one set of characters anymore. Typefaces with alternative character shapes and ligatures become more and more common. Stylistic alternatives allow you to make your designs more diverse and add a feel of a custom-drawn artwork to them.

typography trends ligatures

Ligatures and alternatives as presented in the Nautilus Pompilius font.


Vintage Fonts are popular as always

Vintage is among the most popular design styles nowadays, so no wonder that retro fonts are on the top of their popularity.

Cast Iron Family Font by FontHustle Supply Co.

Such fonts such as Gutenberg and Nexa Rust Slab Black Shadow are also used mainly because they are textured out of the box – you don’t have to spend extra time and efforts to add a printed look to your typography.

Everybody loves extra glyphs

Some typefaces are supplied with extra symbols and other non-alphanumeric characters such as icons, dividers, dingbats and flourishes, and even entire icon collections. For example, the premium edition of Nexa Rust comes with 5 icon fonts with over a hundred glyphs.

Thanks to the OpenType standard, it is easy to add virtually any number of extra characters to a font.

Font pairings become a trend

If you are familiar with the basics of logo design you know that one will need to combine two or more completely different types of fonts in order to create a professional typography basis for your logo: slab serif + sans, sans + script, condensed sans + serif, etc. But there are so many possible combinations, and not all of them are apposite.

By exploring some of the most popular designs from TemplateMonster you can define the most widely used pairings, and build your designs based on the experience of more proficient colleagues.

Organa Font by TypeFaithFonts

You can also find cool, web-friendly font combinations on

Really large and really small types match perfectly

Contrasting things look great when put together.

Out next trend is about creating typographic combinations using REALLY LARGE and pretty small text. It is inspired by expensive glossy magazines and gives your designs a bold poster-like appearance.

REALLY LARGE elements are commonly done with bold, heavy sans serif fonts such as Futura Black and Bebas Neue Bold, while for smaller ones narrow fonts are used.

Extraordinary type layouts will unleash your creativity

Your type doesn’t have to be strictly horizontal. Use numerous text warp effectsto the design and make it look outstanding.

You can also use the free transform tool to shape your type more precisely.

The result can be really stunning, as shown in this tutorial by Chris Spooner:

Minimalism is OK, but photos are more expressive

There are two major ways of combining text and photography in one design. Let’s call them “text-over-image” and “image-over-text”.

The “text-over-image” way is simple: you just put your type on the photo. In this case, it is extremely important to choose the palette properly.

Have a look at the example:

The Restless Youth Bundle Font by Hustle Supply Co.

The “image-over-text” is mostly about using clipping masks in Photoshop. You also add extra charm to your design by creating a double exposure effect as explained in this video tutorial.

As a result, you will get something like this:

Cufel Font by Fontshpere

Geometric Typefaces

Geometric typefaces have been in great demand during the last couple of years. Such typefaces are created using straight lines and perfectly round forms. The geometric letterforms are completely without serifs or filigrees. As a rule, these are being used for science, tech, and engineering projects. These are the perfect choice to bring a futuristic vibe to your content yet keeping it impressively readable and quick-to-scan. Their clarity makes them well-suited for branding and logo design creation.

Watercolor Fonts

The popularity of watercolor designs moves hand in hand with handwritten fonts. The two complement one another ideally. The typeface gained the wide popularity in 2018. 2019 is expected to make it even more popular. A watercolor typeface looks as if it was created with a brush using watercolors. Such fonts can add a feminine and refined style to the works where they are being used.

Experimental Display of Typography

One more trend that’s expected to get a boost in 2019 is creative experimental display of typography. Some fonts are not supposed to be used in long paragraphs of text. They are better suited for custom designs, posters, advertising data, etc. So, using letters as part of images or design projects can entice any passerby to stop and take a closer look.

Wrapping Up

Originality is overrated for graphic design. You have to create what the people want – and people often want something trendy. Unless you are going to set your own trend you will have to stick to existing ones.

Some of these typography trends are yet to demonstrate their full potential, so it’s high time for you to at least research them and get ready to implement them in your designs when they become popular.

If you don’t have time to create your favorite fonts you can always get some in the Fonts section of the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Seren Script - Font

Seren Script - Font


Amsterdam Font

Amsterdam Font


Incognito Font Pack Font

Incognito Font Pack Font


Scarletto Signature Duo Font

Scarletto Signature Duo Font


Abermad - Brush Font


Moustache Font

Moustache Font


Dry Brush Font

Dry Brush Font


Bakersville - Font

Bakersville - Font


Pontifice Font

Pontifice Font


Megapolis Font

Megapolis Font


TOP Fonts 2019

Template NameTheme ProviderTemplate CategoryPrice
Seren Script - FontTypeFaithFontsArt & Culture$17
Amsterdam FontNREYArt & Culture$20
Incognito Font Pack FontZaremBladefordArt Templates$17
Scarletto Signature Duo FontBloomxxviWeb Design Templates$17
Abermad - Brush FontastartejuliaWriter/Author$17
Moustache FontNREYArt & Culture$22
Dry Brush FontNREYArt & Culture$20
Bakersville - FontTypeFaithFontsArt & Culture$17
Pontifice FontNREYArt & Culture$22
Megapolis FontNREYArt & Culture$20

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