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10 WordPress Plugins to Add Facebook to Your Site

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With over 1.65 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. If you are an entrepreneur, creating a Facebook page is totally worth your time and effort.

Facebook access allows both large and small businesses benefit from interacting with their audience, attract more clients and brand followers. If you have a WordPress website, your visitors will easily connect with you via Facebook social media plugins.

Facebook for WordPress

With all the smartphones and tablets, Facebook will follow you anywhere you go. So, investing in a public Facebook page is a great opportunity for your business to spread.

There are numerous ways to integrate your Facebook account into your site. We will discuss the easiest one: if you add a plugin for WordPress to your page, people will be able to access your Facebook profile in one click.

Let’s take a closer look at the best Facebook plugins for WordPress.

The Simple Plugin


You can add this social plugin to your WordPress site and promote your Facebook page with ease. Your visitors will like and share your content on Facebook and Twitter without leaving the site. Facebook likebox can be integrated using shortcodes or a WordPress widget. Your guests will read your recent Facebook posts and see how many likes your page has.

The Custom Feed


This one is rather popular, with over 200,000 active installs. The plugin allows you show the Facebook feed from public pages or groups on your site and easily customise the box to match your page design. Moreover, the box is search engine crawlable, which is great for your site’s SEO.



With this plugin, it’s easier to setup, manage, and customise Facebook Comments box on your WordPress site. It also allows you encourage communication between users by adding a Facebook Comment form with shortcodes to any page or post.



This plugin is perfect for adding Facebook Likebox to your site. It enables page owners to gain more followers and boost their sales via social media. The box shows how many likes and followers their Facebook accounts already have. Also, the plugin has a Recommendations Bar which allows Facebook friends to like and share your content.

Follow Us Badges


Follow Us Badges tool enables you to add social media badges for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. The badges allow your visitors to like or follow your accounts in different social networks without leaving your page. These badges can be customized and placed on the bottom, top, or the sidebar of your site.

BestWebSoft Button


This simple tool allows you to display the Facebook Follow button anywhere on your site. It has minimum settings, you will set the plugin up in a few clicks. You can add Follow, Like, or Share buttons also. The button itself comes in blue (just like Facebook's original design), but you can change the color scheme around it.

The Promoter Lightbox


With this plugin, you can let all your visitors know that you have a page and encourage them to follow your updates.

Recent Posts


This plugin developed for Facebook users is also SEO-friendly, it comes with detailed instructions and screenshots. The tool allows you display most recent posts and customize your Facebook box. It works with both public pages and personal profiles.

Easy Like Box - Custom Feed - Auto PopUp


Over 90,000 active installs show that this one is quite popular. It lets you display Facebook fan page posts, a Like button, and your site connections with a widget, shortcode, and Auto PopUp. The tool has an almost completely customizable Facebook box, so you can match it with your site’s design and color scheme.

WS Like Box Widget


Here is one more plugin for WordPress that adds a social media box to your site. It also has customizable features, like displaying latest posts and events, changing the size of the Like box, displaying your Facebook friends’ faces. With a shortcode, you can add  the box anywhere you want.

Over to You

Running online business is quite challenging, especially if you do everything on your own. Social media sites can help you significantly grow your business, so you shouldn't lose this opportunity. In this post, we have listed many plugins for Facebook that will come in handy for owners of all kinds of sites. But there is always a chance that we have missed out some cool ones! If so, please, let us know in the comment field below.

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