For Girls Only: 14 Feminine WordPress Themes That Look Fragile and Nice

feminine WordPress templates
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What if templates belonged to 2 sexes? I know, it may sound weird, but before you chuckle or start grousing, think about this: when we are looking at a template, we immediately establish some associations in our mind. Some templates look brutal and fierce, oozing with strength and aggression.

Some templates look as if they are wearing a scent, being light, sophisticated and tender. There are also templates which you wouldn’t relate to any of the previously mentioned groups because they suit both of them (sport templates, for example). This happens for a reason.

Depending on the target audience, the future website incorporates its features based on its anticipated audience. For men, the websites are created strong and powerful, while for women's’ blogs they are created, quite frankly, from a feminine point of view  (most times, in a good way). So, there are 3 groups of templates: male, female and unisex.  As this blog post is dedicated to female templates, we’ll try to figure out what makes feminine templates actually feminine.

What is femininity anyway? Webster's dictionary defines it as “the quality or nature of the female sex”. Well… This doesn’t explain it well. If you ask a man, what a femininity is, he will probably find it incredibly difficult to answer. Men tend to take the whole image of an object, not dividing it into separate features. This is probably why they also find it so difficult answering their woman’s question as to whether he noticed any difference in her appearance (like changing a haircut or a new nail polish color).  Not surprisingly, female designers often tackle female web design tasks better than male designers.

For what are feminine WordPress themes best suited? Many projects. Mothers’ blogs, female photographers, wedding websites, yoga clubs, embroidery or knitting lessons, natural supplements stores and so on.  Now, a very important question. Which femininity features can we identify in WordPress themes for women?

  • Slowness. No hustle.

If there is a video on a website, it usually contains some relaxed and moderate speech and actions. You won’t find there a torrent of quick words flow or quick movements.

  • Colors.

Imagine 2 websites: a typical mother’s blog with pieces of advice for toddlers and an online clothing store for teenage girls. The first website is very likely to have calm colors in the design, and the second one is likely to have bright and cheerful ones. Frankly-feminine websites tend to have a more pastel color palette, while web design for youngsters has more daring and bright colors.

  • Fonts.

Again, for the pastel-color group they are mostly sophisticated and curly, while web designs for young girls prefer minimalistic fonts.

  • Particular Imagery.

On WordPress themes for women you’ll see either a woman, or something which is associated with a woman. For example, bouquets of flowers, cosmetics, sunbeams on the image and some food images, which normally mainly women prefer.

  • Round Shape Prevailing in Design

Compared to masculine web designs, girly WordPress themes have round shapes prevailing in the design. Squares and angles are mostly used in the templates where they don’t need to emphasize a fragile nature of the template mood.

  • Grid Layout

If you know the story of the social network Pinterest, you may know that it was initially created for women. That explains the design which is not too structured and which men find hard to grasp, because images are asymmetrically moved towards each other. You rarely see this feature in masculine or unisex web design.

Here’s a tip on how to choose a feminine template.  Show it to a little girl. Little girls often copycat grownup women and their tastes, and they may easily detect if something that you have shown them is worth copying or not. If she finds a design nice, most likely, the design is feminine. Also, you might consider looking through some fashion and beauty WordPress themes on the Web in order to get an idea of what you are expected to create when your client says that he or she needs a feminine website.

In order to sum up the features, they are all driven by one principle. If it’s about colors – then the selection reflects calm and tenderness, if it’s about shape - the shape is mild and angles are avoided, if it’s about the imagery - the images are picked so that they are able to create an impression of something fragile and nice.



Watch Demo See the Template

Fancy fonts, calm pastel colors; these features make this spa WordPress theme a perfect candidate for a website which will attract a female audience with its magnetic power. Pay attention to the round CTA-buttons, they make this template as feminine as possible.



Demo See the Template

This is a bright example of a feminine WordPress template which could become a great basis for a news blog. The great thing about it is that you can use it for a “unisex” project as well. It has a modern responsive design and may serve as a great inspiration for a client’s news-related website.

Massage WordPress Template

Massage Salon

Demo See the Template

Looking for a massage WordPress template? You may enjoy the peach color palette of this one. A “relaxing” effect is attained because of the colors, round buttons and sophisticatedly curly fonts. See the logical pattern? These features repeat from template to template. By the way, this template has a GPL license, if you know what I mean. Enjoy!

Fashion Spot WordPress Theme

Fashion Sport

Demo See the Template

This template may possibly be a partial exception to the general rule. The feminine image is created mostly by the photos. In case you are looking for a template which has a Parallax effect and a dramatic look, this template could be a great option.

Fairy Style

Fairy Style WooCommerce

Demo See the Template

Are you about to create a feminine online store? This template may be a perfect base on which to build a shop which is aimed at a female audience. Apart from a great look, it has all the technical features which you may need when creating a store. Products carousel widget, product categories tabs, SEO friendliness, product sorting, this is not even close to the full list of features which you will find most useful.

Body Fuel

Body Fuel Theme

Demo See the Template

An airy design which is created specifically for a fitness WordPress website, may serve you well. Be confident that you’ll reach your audience from all devices, thanks to the responsivity of the theme.Thanks to social media integration, your website content will spread all over the Web organically.

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Template

Cafe and Restaurant

Demo See the Template

Speaking of dramatic-looking templates, this may apply to this feminine WordPress theme as well. The full-screen image is always a great choice for a restaurant business, because this way you can present the business in a most advantageous light.

Hair Shop WooCommerce Theme

Hair Shop

Demo See the Template

The playful design of this hair shop WordPress theme is achieved both by the imagery and the layout. This template has everything that is needed for an eCommerce website. Apart from that, you’ll be able to create depth to the design of this online store through its Parallax effect.

Catering Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo See the Template

Imagine how your future website should look. Is it image-oriented? Do you want to channel a viewer’s attention specifically to the pictures with a view to converting a visitor? Then you may like this design, which is primarily dedicated to beautiful and appealing images. Please, check our catering WordPress themes to grab more web design inspiration.

Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme

Flower Shop

Demo See the Template

Hardly any other type of business needs more images than a flower shop website. This is why a design like this could be one of the greatest options for an online store which will be pleasant to look at and, most importantly, from whom to make purchases.

Food Store WordPress Theme

Food store

Demo See the Template

Does a nature-related website look feminine? It surely does. Mother Nature has often been associated with the female sex, so why not use this already established association in your project?

Cosmetics WooCommerce Theme


Demo See the Template

Normally, the femininity of beauty WordPress themes is undeniable, and this WordPress theme is no exception. The grid layout and soft colors make it incredibly appealing. Here you’ll see advanced theme options, back-to-top button, social media widgets, drop down cart, Google map, favicon and so on.

Hair Extensions WordPress theme

hair extensions

Demo See the Template

Although this eCommerce WordPress template is created for a hair extensions online store, it may also be used for other women-oriented projects, like a cosmetics shop or a clothing store. Pay attention to the Parallax effect incorporated into this template and the impact it has on the viewer.

Lingerie WooCommerce Theme

Lingerie WooCommerce theme

Demo See the Template

Clearly, a lingerie store attracts its visitors by the quality of the product and the images of the product. Just as for a gem, there should be a great setting to hold it all together. This lingerie WooCommerce theme would be a great setting for this “gem” of a WooCommerce website.

Wedding Store WooCommerce Theme

Wedding store

Demo See the Template

Almost all of wedding WordPress themes may be referred to as feminine templates. Looking at this one, we realize that the “laws” of a feminine template work in it, too. See the colors, the layout, the imagery and a Parallax effect which is so perfectly placed as to create the appearance of depth. This is a template which women would love. And, considering the subject matter of the website… hopefully, the men would, too.


Together, we have discovered the main features that create a feminine look in templates, we have learned a way to tell if a template is feminine or not and we have found out that there are 2 types of feminine templates - “frankly-feminine” for an older female audience, and “modernly feminine” for female teenagers. Don’t forget about the tip to check if a template is feminine, by asking little girls if they like it. In my case, it worked.

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