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20 Useful CSS3 Tutorials and Resources

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CSS evolves every month and it means that we have more opportunities to display web content in a more professional and spectacular way.

From tons of CSS tutorials we've learned that the smart use of CSS effects and techniques can give you great results due to the indubitable influence on your visitors (namespaces, values, backgrounds, borders, fonts, colors, lines, shapes and shades are very important elements of any website and you can easily make these elements more user-friendly with the help of CSS).

CSS3 - which is the latest version - keeps surprising us with its awesome features that push modern web technoliogies beyond the limits giving us more than we could ever imagine. Despite all problems with browsers compatibility, CSS3 tutorials create constant media buzz on the web brining more and more awesome effects, technqiues and thicks into the masses. Of course we as CSS3 fans all secretly hope that soon will come the day when IE6, 7 and 8 will die, burn in hell and never come back. CSS3 is about some stunning effects and beatiful colors, its goal is to make your website much faster and attractive while saving your time and money.

Today’s round-up contains recent CSS3 tutorials and resources concerning different aspects of this technology and we hope that you’ll find these resources really useful and they will help you in creating more beautiful websites. By the way you might be interested in checking out our another collection of 20 Essential CSS3 Tutorials.

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Web Design with CSS3's Multiple Backgrounds

The main conclusion that will occur after watching this video is that IE really stops the development of modern web technologies including CSS3 because Multiple Background feature enlightens process of creating layout but compatibility issues ruin all positive influence of this CSS3 feature.

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Understanding CSS3 Gradients

Thanks to Firefox, Safari and Chrome we can now create powerful gradients with minimum efforts. In this quick video tip from net.tutsplus.com, you'll examine some of the differences in syntax when working with the -moz and -webkit vendor prefixes.

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Colors in CSS3

Excellent presentation provided by Lea Verou gives full information about different colour aspects (formats, file types, backgrounds and so on). We think that everyone who wants to start using CSS3 should watch this great CSS3 tutorial slideshow.

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CSS3 Best Practices

Using CSS3 is great but we all have to remember that not all browsers support all CSS3 features. So Louis Lazaris gives a bunch of great examples that will be really handy for all who like using CSS3. The main idea is to set CSS3 standards right now instead of waiting for them becoming a norm.

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CSS3 Good Times

This is a general review of CSS3 features so it will be useful for the begininers. Also author provides us with few interesting sources that might help you know more about software issues connected with CSS3 implementation.

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CSS3 Multi-Columns

Multi-Column layout is now avaliable thanks to CSS3 but there are still many problems with browser behavior, so it is hard to tell will this technique become popular among developers and designers or not. Anyway this CSS3 tutorial will help you to clear some things and decide whether it is really worth try them out in your work.

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Optimizing Design with CSS3

CSS3 is not just a set of new effects that will make your design more attractive it is also a powerful web tool that will make your website more SEO- and user-friendly.

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CSS3 Transitions

This is a general review of current situation with CSS3 transitions and browser behaviour. There is no doubt that there are many problems that need to be solved in the nearest future and Samuli Hakoniemi gives possible answers.


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CSS3 Link Checking

Helpful CSS3 solution that allows to find all links where the "href" is not provided in HTML code. Now CSS3 saves your time, nerves and makes developer’s life a little bit easier.

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CSS3, please!

This is a CSS3 rules generator and tester. It will enrich your CSS3 experience and help to avoid many issues in the future.

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When can I use...

This resource is tables compatibility for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies.

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CSS3 Framework

With CSS3 you can save time designing and slicing fancy layouts. CSS3 has features like text/box shadow, rounded corners,and animations. These just a few of the many CSS3 features has to offer you.

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What's new in CSS3?

This post will be useful for the rookies that only start their way with learning CSS3. There is a list of new CSS3 features that will help you to understand all pros and cons of this technology.

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CSS3 Gradients

Using CSS3 gradients will help you to speed up your website - One less HTTP Request = all the faster your site will load. You'll find detailed instructions about syntax for different rendering engines in this CSS3 tutorial.

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Target Pseudo-class and CSS Animations

CSS3 has pseudo-class that can be applied together with simple animation for making your project more user-friendly. Of course we must not forget about software limitations that (d'oh!) are essential part of CSS3 for now.

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CSS3 text-shadow, box-shadow, and border-radius

This is a really interesting article that opens secrets of creating superb effects only with the help CSS3 features not using Flash, Java script or any images. It is obvious that knowing this techniques will save a lot of time and resources.

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CSS3 Tables

Awesome CSS3 tutorial that describres the process of creating neat tables with the help of CSS3. You can download any of three tables that are shown in the tutorial.

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CSS3 Typography

Thanks to excelelnt CSS3 styling options you can esily create beautiful web typography that will spice up your layout.

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CSS3 Border Radius Hover

We are sure that won't stop admiring all CSS3 advantages and this tutorial perfectly demonstrates how you can create image-like effects without the use of images.

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CSS3 Realism

This is pretty neat tutorial aimed to show the readers all benefits from using CSS3 by creating original effect that will enhance website design and saves a lot of efforts and time.

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