20 First-class Responsive Joomla Themes

Sep 07, 2016

If you are planning to build a professional website powered by great features and superb design, you should certainly have a look at our 20 First-class Responsive Joomla Themes. Tailored by the expert web developers, Responsive Joomla Templates provide you and your customers with the best user experience.

In the modern world of a rash tech development people invent and use more tech devices. Thinking about that, we made our Joomla themes fully responsive to ensure that your website will look great on any screen. No matter which device your customers will use, any of our Joomla Responsive Template renders beautifully on the displays of desktops, tablets, mobile phones etc. Highly functional user-friendly Joomla Responsive theme is just the thing for diverse resources of any type and thematics from huge corporate to personal page websites.

Responsive Joomla Templates are powered by diverse features to help you set and customize your content in an easy and user-friendly way. Convenient in use admin panel makes your text easy to grasp, focusing all of the users’ attention on your content. Stop thinking how your website will look. Incorporating all the major layouts, any Joomla Responsive Template will certainly fit all the devices people use.

Have a look at the Joomla Ecommerce Templates to find out about more great solutions for your website.

Jacob Joomla Responsive Template

Jacob Joomla Template is a perfect solution for the personal pages, CVs or online resumes. The breathtaking responsive design will certainly look interesting for the designers’ introduction. Stick-to-top menu will always remain on the page to let the users navigate easily through the clear and structured content. The integration with social networks will help to share your information with the business community and broaden your contacts.

Yrjö M.

Good Design!
It is responsive, also it is pretty easy to understand the design.


Wegy Business Joomla Theme

Wegy Business Joomla Theme can be recommended for any business website. A set of sample pages will help you build your online resource in a few clicks. Whether you want your website to become eCommerce later on, the Virtuemart integration will be very helpful, giving you an opportunity to add pricing tables, progress bars, counters etc. A great set of features such as Parallax, Mega menu and Bootstrap will give the intensity to your content. Wegy Joomla template is also included in the collection of 15 Premium Templates for Joomla.

Joe T.

Perfect Service... Impressive Source of exciting templates... I will recommend it to all my clients...


Corporate Joomla Responsive Theme

High-quality Corporate Joomla Responsive Theme can be used for business, communications or industrial websites etc. Advanced layouts utilize diverse images sizes from full-width to thumbnail which is perfect for advertising your products. Use pricing tables to bring more investors to your business. The mega menu will make it easy to navigate through your content.

Horizon K.

Fantastic template, easy to use, easy to modify! If you wanna have a good Joomla website, this template will be a good start!


Holderlin Business Joomla Template

Holderlin Joomla Template is just the thing for any business, law or corporate website. The template is going to provide the most convenient user experience on all screens and devices. Clearly outlined sections and a long scrolling homepage will help your users easily navigate and observe the most important parts of your content elements.

Andrii L.

Excellent Template

Very good responsive template. Full package quick installer (fullpackage.zip) which include lots of useful modules and components as TM Ajax forms, image slider, google map plugin, image gallery, testimonials module, FAQ accordion style module and much more. I like techniques used in this template very easy to change for any needs. Else was very useful for me included examples of responsive tables. I recommend you use full package quick installer (fullpackage.zip) you will learn a lot, even if you experienced web designer.


Corporate Responsive Joomla Template

Super quality Corporate Responsive Joomla Template can help you build your website and can be used for any business, finance or corporate resources. Clean layouts are perfect for highlighting your professional image. Sample content, Back To Top Button, Dropdown Menu and other powerful features will help you structure your content and create a user-friendly interface.

Vojtěch J.

Realy good template

+ Nice animation
+ Easily editable
+ Kompeltní documents
+ Well usable Google Map
+ Number of settings
+ Works perfectly on mobile or tablet
+ Well done gallery of photos and videos from the article. It is not necessary to install a different gallery for basic sites


Interior Joomla Template

Splendid Interior Responsive Joomla Template is great for any interior, furniture or architecture website. The layout is good for focusing on your products. Clearly organized content, back-to-top buttons ensure the most convenient and user-friendly navigation providing a great user experience. The setting of a website is easy enough to do it yourself.

Rio M.

Quick response and multi-function of a template.

I'm not an expert on Joomla, but by the great of function in the template, I can build an amazing site close to the expert ones. At the beginning I just plan to build simple company profiles, yet after I explore the template I found much more I can do on my site, I can build forum, online shop etc for a price below USD 100 (template). In the end, I want to say I am a satisfied customer. Thanks also for kind and well troubleshooting chat.


Brewery Responsive Joomla Template

Brewery Joomla Template has a sophisticated dark background that will give the intensity to your product images. Though it can be easily replaced by the pattern which is more suitable for you with the useful color switcher. Sets of pages, helpful documentation, and UI elements will help you easily add any type of content like the pricing table, progress bars, counters etc. This template is also featured in the review of 15+ Best Joomla templates. Go ahead and check it out!

Timothy K.

Good looking template and not hard to modify. The support service is excellent and fast.


Educational Joomla Template

Joomla Educational Template is advised for any type of educational business online resources. Bright fonts and light background are quite the thing to highlight your content, Drop-down menu is a perfect solution to navigate quickly through your content. Sample content and powerful admin panel will help you set and organize your website with ease.

Pedro M.

Very good looking with minor quirks.
Some of the animations are janky and twitchy but with a little of ol' CSS magic you can minimize it.


Dating Agency Joomla Theme

Stylish Dating Agency Responsive Joomla Theme is just a perfect match for dating agencies or family society websites. Full-screen images will create a cheerful atmosphere while browsing your website, dragging more clients to it. Social media integration will help to share your resource, the advanced commenting system helps to be in contact with your clients.

Remco N.

Nice template and great support!
Template ticks all the boxes and the support was great!


Hosting Joomla Template

Eye-catching Hosting Joomla Responsive Template is great for hosting, software and Internet-oriented websites. Clean layout and organized sections are a perfect solution for your corporate look, helping to drag the attention to your content. Sliders, module layouts help to browse your content easily, providing the best user experience.

Rita M.

Not the first one!
This is not my first TM template! I was really pleased regarding the support I received in the past …. for this reason I am glad to give a 5 Stars! Thank you!


Business Joomla Theme

Communications Service is a top-notch Joomla template that will fit a business website perfectly well. It has a lightweight geometric design that adds professionalism the overall look of the template. There's also a large hero area and catchy banners on the homepage. It's possible to present the staff, tell more about your products and services, share the latest news and events.

Martin S.

Joomla Template.
These templates from templatemonster are perfects.


Car Repair Joomla Template

Car repair is a bright Joomla template for your car service company. It's geared for attracting the attention of your target audience. Four large banners are meant to provide the information about the services and products you offer. Use the animated gallery to place the pictures of your facility. Clients' testimonials section is there for creating the positive image of your company. And - there's a Google Map for your customers' convenience. This gorgeous item is also present in the batch of 15 Premium Templates for Joomla.

Glenn A.

Ideal solution for a complex site!
I got this template from a Registered Training Organisation client who needs to update from his old Joomla 1.5. He does his own updates so this template makes that much easier for him. I'm in the process of customizing the site and adding various access rights for his staff and when finished it will be simpler yet far more functional than the past effort.

Of course, a BIG plus is that the template is responsive - something his old site lacked so now he has caught up with the rest of the world!


Responsive Joomla Template

If you're looking for a professional web theme for your cafe or restaurant, here's the item for you. This Joomla restaurant template has clean design and an array of useful functions. The visually appealing Parallax effect will help you better present the top dishes. Also, feel free to include the menu on the homepage. Share the menu updates, use the masonry gallery for posting more images of dishes you serve. Bet, this Joomla web template will leave no one indifferent. Just hit the 'live demo' button and try it yourself!

Johnny Z.

Superb Templates and Superb support, instant and free. Template worth every penny. Well documented, great design. The sections are easy to customize.


Agriculture Joomla Template

This Agricultural Sector Joomla template will be a great fit for farmers or agricultural companies. It has a bright harvest related design. The prominent product banners, the catchy Parallax sections, the Megamenu. All the elements of this template combine beauty and convenience. The image slider in the header area will let you showcase the best deals. Feel free to include the customers' testimonials to create the positive company image.

Spyros Romanos

Perfect I made BINGO for real.

I recently bought this template 54724, I bought it for a client (he is a farmer) and has a culture of fresh fruit and vegetables. I have a lot of factors when I choose a template the first thing I look is for the template to be clean and simple. It’s very important for the persons that visit the website and have a clean image so they can stay more and the website and at the end get in contact and buy items from the company.
The second reason I choose this template is the way that the main page is presented. I want to call it one-page site, all the information with one look. When you press a button at the menu the site scrolls down, its brilliant and my client loved it with one look. All the things you want to see on one page. He didn’t ask for more but I am going to tell you one more reason.
The third and important reason I choose the template is the reaction that I got from my client. We were looking for templates in template monster of course as I do with all my clients. When we arrived and looked at this template he remained speechless, I looked in his eyes and he told me BINGO. [...] The important reason that I choose this and not only this all the templates I get. Template monster create it … You should get it.
Thanks a lot from Greece, keep on the good work!
Spyros Romanos


Transax Joomla Template

Transax is a high-quality transportation company Joomla template. It has a catchy animated design based on Bootstrap framework. You'll notice the unconventional placement of the main menu under the header.Also, round banners draw the attention to the services and pricing offered by your company. Thanks to the Google Map featured in the bottom,your clients will be able to find you fast and easy.

Łukasz S.

Great logistic templates!

I'm so happy about this style. Very good templates ! all of functions works great ! a loot of space for text and the sizes of background images is wonderfull. i need more templates like this - then my company will be grow up. my Client are very happy because of this. For the end i want to please about still providing this kinds of templates because this is the best way to change our www for professional sites.


Business Solutions Joomla Theme

Looking for an attractive Joomla business template? Here's the one and only Forward Joomla template at your service. Based on Bootstrap, it has all the website sections to make your clients pay the attention. Flat icons look stylish and emphasize the information about the services and products. Feel free to update your clients about the latest news and events at your company. Include the customers' testimonials to create the favorable image. As you can see, this template has everything to make your business successful!

Onur K.

Great Template.

This is a great template. All modules works very well. Well design. Modern look. Took just 5 minutes to install on my Vesta Contorl Panel server.


Hosting Responsive Joomla Template

Hostax is a neat Joomla template for a hosting company. It has the top menu spiced up with smaller DropDown menus for the clients' convenience. There's also a large hero area with an image slider. You can incorporate the pricing for your products and services on the homepage. Besides, this template has a number of additional Joomla modules and web forms. Also, this item has Blog, Forum, Gallery, and Portfolio functionality. So, it's possible to include all types of multimedia content.

Jana B.

I bought this template and changed the design for a non-profit organization that's committed to helping women & children that are abused or in human trafficking. There were one or two layout problems but with the great help of Template Monster's customer service, I was able to fix it quickly with no problems.

I must say, I don't buy templates from any other company just because of their great customer service!


Cars Joomla Responsive Template

This Cars Joomla template will be a great fit for the car shop or showroom. A huge hero area with an animated image slider and a masonry gallery make this template visually appealing. Feel free to post the latest news from the automobile world, include the test-drive reviews and so on. Like other Joomla templates in the review, this one has an interactive live demo. So, click the button to check it out! This exciting Joomla theme is also mentioned on the list of the 10 Best Joomla Gallery Templates, so don't miss out on it!

Felipe M.

Easy to use.
We are happy whit the template that we paid to our new company web page, probably if we can, we are going to buy any other template.


Ski Hotel Joomla Template

The Ski Hotel Joomla template is the best option to promote your skiing or lodging facitily. White color and high-quality images dominate in this design. Thanks to the Parallax scrolling effect this Joomla template gives a three-dimensional feel. Also, it has great structure and handy navigation. The Stick-to-top DropDown menu allows surfing the site fast and easy. Feel free to include the customers' testimonials, show the hotel rooms, tell the latest news to your target audience!


Review about template #54837

We were looking for HTML/CSS responsive version for this template, but only Joomla template was able. Would be great always to have the possibility of buying a template without CMS included.


Corporate Joomla Template

Emplox Joomla template is the ultimate item for a job portal or staffing agency website. It has a 'Hot Offers of the Week' section to hightlight the best vacancies. To highlight the hottest offers, there's an image slider in the header section. There is a Stick-to-Top menu with drop downs to facilitate the navigation on the website. Also, you can include the lists, articles and contact forms for informational purposes.

Simon K.

It just works.


Irene Fatyanova
v Complain

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