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20 Reliable WordPress Hosting Companies for Full Trust

WordPress Hosting Companies
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Choosing the best WP hosting providers is critical for any web resource, from a small blog to a large business. Get it wrong and your site will lose Google pagerank. To avoid this happening, we are offering today, for your consideration, a list of 20 reliable WordPress hosting companies that have proven to meet current users’ requirements.

The web offers a lot of options from which to choose. If you are a newbie in this field, it’s easy to get lost in their rich variety of choices. To facilitate your decision-making, let’s first find out what type of WP host might be the best for your project.

Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Managed

Once you decide to sign-up for WordPress hosting, one of the first things you’ll be asked about is whether you’d prefer shared, VPS, dedicated or managed hosting. What do all these terms mean? Which one can meet your requirements?

A couple of years ago the choice was not as broad. The web offered only two hosts – shared and managed. The pricing policy of each of them was clear and simple as well. Those companies that preferred shared hosting had to pay a mere $5-$15 per month. In case one needed more storage and richer functionality, then managed hosts, starting with pricing from $500 a month, were at their disposal. If you search the web, you will notice that today online companies can choose from 4 host types, depending on their budget and needs. Below we will review each of them, in order to make it easier for you to select the appropriate one.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared is the cheapest type of web hosting available. This is the preferred option for beginners. Blogs, small businesses, online portfolios or individual freelancers who want to sell their talent online can safely opt for shared WP hosting. As the name implies, on a “shared” web host you’ll be sharing resources of the server with other customers using the same server. Memory, space, computational powers, etc. are limited. You own only a relatively small part of the resources of the web server, sharing space and other options with other customers like yourself. So, when your site grows with time you will need to upgrade to a web host that provides broader opportunities.


SiteGround is one of the most popular shared WP hosts that provide a number of opportunities for those who are starting only with WordPress and want to grow their online business to reach new heights. Offering a number of speed and security solutions for making your website grow better and faster, these guys provide one of the best 24/7 support systems in the industry. 1-click WP installation, free domain name for life with your account, free theme and free installation from their support team – this is only a brief overview of bonuses that SiteGround offers.



Web Hosting Hub is easy enough to be used by beginners, and offers plenty of solutions for growing your online business. Starting from only $3.99/mo, their shared web hosting plans offer 1-click installs, a free custom domain for your new project or a free domain transfer for an already existing site, 310+ free apps for multiple purposes and all experience levels. Whether you need a web host for a personal blog, online portfolio or an eCommerce project, Web Hosting Hub features almost everything that you need for your site.



DotEasy offers both shared and VPS web hosting. What we’d like to focus your attention on in this blog post is their shared web hosting that even beginner web developers can afford. Starting from $2.95/mo, you will get plenty of opportunities for starting or transferring your website. At you can choose from thee hosting plans. Based on the type of project you run, you can opt for Basic, Unlimited or Unlimited SSD 100 plan. The latter would be of great use to WordPress eCommerce sites that want to boost their online performance.



Are you running a WP, Drupal, Joomla, Magento or OpenCart based website? Are you looking for the best web host for business or just for fun? EvoHosting has the right solution to meet the needs of each and every project. Here you can choose from 4 hosting plans overall. The pricing starts from £3.99 a month. For that cost you will get UK based hosting, continuous data protection, 24/7/365 tech support, the industry’s leading control panel dubbed cPanel, 300+ free scripts, 1-click installation, and more.



Founded back in 2003, Eleven2 is a web hosting provider that has the resources to satisfy everyone. Keeping abreast of the times, they offer only up-to-date, fresh technology that will help your web resource meet the latest web standards. Eleven2 is the place to go for those web developers looking for a reliable global web hosting. They have servers spanning multiple locations (from LA to Singapore), with many new locations to be coming in the future. Together with 24/7 tech support, that has become obligatory for web hosting companies, Eleven2 offers free transfer, multiple backup servers, 300+ Wp/AbanteCart/PrestaShop/Drupal/Joomla/Magento/phpBB scripts and apps, cPanel, WHM, 60 day money back guarantee, and other smart add-ons, depending on the plan you choose.



With over 12 years on the market, Arvixe has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted web hosting providers, offering reliability, quality and affordable services. Shared, VPS or Dedicated, Linux or Windows hosting – here you are free to select any option that suits your requirements. Hosting plans priced as low as $4/mo offer you an array of options for the professional hosting of your WP, Joomla, Drupal or Magento site. This includes a free domain, unlimited disk space/data transfer/email accounts, 24/7 free US based phone support, easy control panel, free site builder, free online store. All plans are provided with a 60 day money back guarantee, and are Windows, Mac and Linux friendly.



WordPress web hosting from Site5 is available starting from $4.95/mo. This is the preferred host of thousands of blogs and small businesses worldwide. The features that the Site5 shared web host includes are a simple control panel, PHP, MySQL support, Ruby, Python, 24/7 tech support (email + chat), 45 day money back guarantee, and more.


VPS WordPress Hosting

Once you understand that you need more power than what shared hosting can offer, it’s high time to upgrade to a more advanced web host, with broader capabilities. The next logical step, in such a case, would be VPS. This is a Virtual Private Server that guarantees allotment of system resources and protected memory. You’ll have full access to administration tools and configuration options. What’s more, you can apply all necessary changes to any performance-related aspect, without any hidden fees. Unlike shared web hosting, VPS guarantees that you won’t be affected by any unexpected demands from other users. What makes it somewhat similar to the shared web host is that you will need to share the server with other people, but with full control of the server processing power. This is a great option for small and medium size businesses that are growing at a fast speed.


Pagely is the world’s first fully managed WordPress hosting provided by Amazon Web Services. If you are a VPS or Enterprise WP customer, you can enjoy pro global hosting by requesting to place your server in any of Amazon’s data centers. It’s clear that along with a scalable hosting platform that offers a number of developer-friendly tools you will also get expert 24/7 tech support. To accelerate your WP site, Pagely offers latest-gen technologies, including PHP-FPM 5.6.x and HHVM.  You may be sure that not a single line of code will be lost thanks to daily automatic back-ups. All information will be stored on Amazon S3 and you can access it and download any time you wish.



Shared, Dedicated and VPS web hosting – InMotion Hosting can handle it all. Affordable, flexible and with abundant space, VPS hosting from InMotion Hosting gives customers scalable and reliable options with plenty of RAM, storage and bandwidth for growing a dynamic business. With plans starting from $14.99/mo you will get unlimited domains/websites, free full cPanel license, 4GB+ of available RAM, free SSD, monthly premium transfers, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited mail accounts, and more.



A2 hosting covers all four types of high speed WP web hosting, providing up to 20x faster page loads, blazing fast Turbo Servers, no-click WordPress setup, auto protection from potential vulnerabilities, exclusive WP hosting features (A2 Optimized Enhanced Security, Free Integrated Manage WP account, Optional WP-CLI, 6x Faster Page Loads with A2 Optimized), etc. The number of extra options that you may get relies heavily on the plan you choose. Pricing starts from $3.93/mo for a Lite version and may increase up to $9.31/mo for Turbo.



HostGator was founded back in 2002. Providing several Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting plans, they claim to be one of the most affordable web hosting providers on the web. Hosting thousands of WP-based blogs, business and eCommerce websites, HostGator provides 1-click WordPress installation, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 expert tech support, 45 days money back guarantee, quick transfers, flexible software options, unlimited domains, cutting edge hardware, and much more.



GreenGeeks provide not only Shared, VPS and Dedicated web hosting, but also a security first - WordPress hosting with automatic updates, account isolation, real-time vulnerability scanning and blocking, and DDoS protection. Paying just $3.96 per month you will get free 1-click WP install, free tech support, unlimited web space & data transfer, WordPress optimized servers, and loads of other bonuses. All data from your website will be stored on off-site back-up servers thanks to the daily automatic backups.


Dedicated WordPress Hosting

If your website or blog is a success and the amount of RAM, bandwidth and additional options provided by Shared or VPS hosts isn’t enough for you, then you may opt for Dedicated hosting. This is a web server that is dedicated solely to your website. No one else is sharing it with you. All of the storage space, bandwidth and processing power are under your control. Choose this host and you’ll get your own physical server hosted in the provider’s location.


Pressable is a dedicated WordPress hosting company that provides a full package of options that you will need for boosting your blog or site. The number of sites that you can host on one server varies from 1 to 20. Based on this knowledge, they offer you the choice of three plans with pricing starting from $25/mo. With each plan you’ll get dedicated WP support, managed upgrades, daily backups, optional SSL support, server side optimization and malware scanning and removal, etc. In case none of the offered plans offers the desired options, you may try their VIP plan or buy Dedicated Cloud space.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed web hosting is a relatively new concept in the field. The primary purpose of such hosts is relieving you of the necessity of managing tech details of WP installation and providing pro server configurations. When choosing managed hosting you will pay not only for the server but also for its support team.


Launched back in 2012, Flywheel managed web hosting made lives of thousands of WordPress customers much easier, and web development became hassle free. Specializing in WordPress only, their dedicated team of expert tech support includes web designers and developers who know how to help you fix the issues that you are facing.  You can pay for each site, choose a bulk plan or order a custom plan developed specifically for you. Pricing starts from $15/mo. Hacker-free security, nightly backups, fast speeds, and simple collaboration are among the services they provide.



WPEngine are experts in managed WP web hosting. If you were looking for a company that would provide you with high-quality and hassle-free WP hosting, then this could be the right option for you. Excellent support, years of experience, a stellar reputation and WordPress expert staff will help you handle any technical issues that you might have. Whether you are running a personal blog, small business or a huge eCommerce project, WPEngine will help you manage it all. Based on your requirements, you can choose from a personal, professional or business plan with prices starting from $29 per month.



WiredTree provide total management onsite. A team of expert tech specialists will help you build and manage your server yourself or on your behalf. Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Hybrid Servers and Managed Dedicated Server plans starting from $49 per month are at your disposal. The services that these guys offer will be perfect for small blogs and personal projects, corporate sites and big online stores. Skilled tech specialists will assist you with any questions, whether you are using WP, Drupal, Joomla or an eCommerce shopping cart solution.



Kinsta is a powerful managed web host that focuses on WordPress. With 7 data centers placed on 4 continents, these guys are proud to have expert tech staff who are ready to provide high-quality hosting and WordPress support 24/7. Free migration, higher page loading speeds, free CDN, SSl+SPDY support, a high level of security, auto updates and backups, and a number of cool features for developers are included in their plans. Pricing starts from $287 monthly and increases depending on the plan you choose.



Bluehost is a managed WordPress hosting recommended by Providing 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee, this web hosting provider features an array of possibilities to help you start building and maintaining your website immediately. In case you need to migrate to VPS or dedicated web host, Bluehost provides powerful options to make the process hassle-free. 1-click WordPress installation and updates, enhanced cPanel and affordable price are among many other advantages of this web host. Otherwise, wouldn’t have called them one of the “Best and Brightest” WP hosts on the web.



WebHostFaceis quite young and extremely ambitious company. They provide high quality quick technical help to their customers, andhave become the best in terms of personal attention. To accelerate their clients` websites up to 100% they useSolid-State Drives (SSD) - a new technology for high-speed servers. The company has multiple locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, so that you have the option to choose a data center closer to your visitors. If you use their services, you can be sure that your data will be secure due to Private SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate that is a must if you store valuable information such as payment details, username and passwords or sensitive company data. Anyone can choose affordable and reliable hosting plan starting from $3.45/mo.



Managed WordPress hosting by DreamHost will impress you with its high speed. Thanks to implementation of SSDs, PHP 5.5 with OPcache and optional HHVM you may forget about slow page loading speeds and any accidental errors. Paying as low s $19.95/mo you will get 30GB of SSD Storage, unlimited email addresses, automatic WP installation, control panel management, auto-scaling RAM, isolated MySQL database servers, and more.



Media Temple managed WordPress hosting services are based on a blazing-fast WP hosting platform that is fast, reliable and easy to manage. The host is suitable for both personal projects and large enterprises. Based on the business you are running, you can choose from Personal, Studio, Agency or Enterprise plan. Pricing starts from $20/mo. No matter what plan you opt for, expect it to include a set of standard features (quick site migration, 24/7 support, quick setup wizard and WP education), managed services (auto backup and WP updates, DDoS & intrusion protection, and malicious plugin removal), and a set of developer tools. The amount of storage, sites, monthly visitors and Google apps varies depending on a plan.


We have put our preferences on this list. All of these reliable WordPress hosting companies offer 1-click WP installs, expert support and a wide range services from which to choose. Check out their plans to choose the one that will suit your project perfectly. Are there any other WP hosts that should have been mentioned on this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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