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4 Ideas to Write Killer B2b Emails for Effective Lead Generation

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Did you know that over 82% of B2B companies use emails to communicate with their clients? For entrepreneurs, it means that this is a common practice, therefore, your clients expect that you will send them emails. They don’t hesitate to leave their emails on your website as they know that they will get something precious in return, like useful information, discounts, or some offers. You should never ignore this channel of communication, as it can help you build strong relations with your clients and improve your revenue.

If you consider starting an email marketing campaign, don’t be too foolish about relying on your knowledge only, especially if you have never sent emails to your clients. Modern email marketing has too many secrets and trends, and if you don’t know them, it may play a bad trick on you.

Determining target audience and understanding their needs

So, what should you start? Well, with your clients, of course! They will be the ones who open your emails, read them, click on the buttons, and make purchases after all. If you are writing emails just for yourself or to show your boss that you don’t ignore this channel of communication, nothing will happen. So, let’s reveal the main secret – why you should know your audience.

Who will receive your emails? The CEO of the company, the PR manager, or personal assistant? Or maybe you are planning to write directly to the sales department? If you have a clear answer to this question, our congratulations! You know your target audience, indeed. However, if you are not sure who should get your message, moreover, if you are even not sure what companies should get an email from you, you are in a big trouble.

Your audience will be the determining factor of your email campaign. If you send a letter to ‘someone’, the chances that this someone will read your message are almost zero. The headline, the content, and even images that you insert in your letter should be directed to the receiver. They should never feel that they got this letter randomly. They need to feel that this letter was created just for them.

Statista says that personalized emails have 18.8% open rate while non-personalized have only 13.1%. What does this tell you? First of all, that you should never start your letter with ‘Dear someone’. Get to know your recipient, and even if you can’t get to know their name, at least get to know the department where this person is working.

Can’t find this information? Well, just make sure that your audience is interested in the information that you send. GetWorm does that perfectly! They send email notifications based on the subscriber’s interests. And this approach really works:

Get Worm


Learn to write effective headlines

Do you remember how you tried to choose the most effective topic for your essay in high school? You knew that only in this way you can attract the attention of the lecturer and show that your writing distinguishes from all other papers. If you know how to choose the best definition essay topics, creating a headline won’t be a problem for you.

However, let’s be honest. Almost none of us could make up a topic that attracted the attention of thousands. Even if you have ordered your paper from an essay writing service, you could never expect that the topic will be attractive enough for everyone. But in email marketing, you need to know how to write killer headlines. Remember that your clients receive dozens or even hundreds of messages per day, and your main goal is to stand out among all others.

Different companies use different approaches to writing headlines for their messages. Some of them prefer to use the same templates, others feature their offers, while there are also those who try to create new headline every single time. Just compare these headlines, and you’ll notice the difference:

Template for headlines:

Template for headlines

Offers and promos:

Offers and promos

New headline each time:

New headline each time

Note! Do not write too long headlines. In 2016, 27% of users used mobile devices to open an email. The number of characters in headlines here is limited to 50.

Short and sweet texts

The statistics say that more than half of emails are opened on mobile devices. As you probably know, the behavior of internet users is different on desktops and mobiles. For example, they will probably read a long email on the laptop, but they will definitely quit it on the mobile. Therefore, it will be always better to create short, but informative emails, where your readers will find answers to all their questions.

What to do to shorten up the text?

First of all, make sure that you do not try to covey several ideas in one message. Here, the golden rule of marketing works: one idea per one message. For instance, you want to tell about new features of your product, and additionally, notify about the changes in payment, but to give some discount for loyal clients. It will be better to separate this letter into at least two emails. The first one with the information about the product, and the second one with prices.

Also, it will be nice to present some information in images. Just like here:

shorten up the text


Add calls-to-action

You definitely expect some actions from your readers. Perhaps, you want them to click the link to check your current offers or to go to the main page of your site. Or maybe, you have decided that you don’t want to tell all information about your current offer in the email and want to make your readers go to the corresponding page of your website. Well, if you know what actions should happen after the user reads your email, you should add calls-to-action to your texts.

In fact, there are two basic ways to add them to your email. The first one is to include them in the text and add links to them. Just like ‘Read information about this thing here’ with linked ‘read information’ or ‘here’. But there is another way that we consider to be more effective, and this is adding call-to-action buttons.

The matter is that a button does not look like text, so a person pays more attention to it. Moreover, most users don’t read the articles but just skim them. They will definitely pay more attention to colored buttons than to plain text, even if they don’t read the content.

Additionally, you may try a couple of experiments with the colors of buttons and the texts written on it.


Maybe a green button would work better?

Email marketing can be a little complicated, but if you know some secret strategies and tips, it will always bring you the desired results. Have you already tried some of them? Share your experience in the comments! We would like to know how it worked for your email campaign and what you would choose if you had a chance to start all over again!

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