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4 Ways to Grow Your Email List

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Growing an email list is one of the most important things you should do in your business. This is one of the true assets that you really own. Your search traffic you might lose because of a slight change in Google’s algorithm. Social media channels might disappear. We all know what happened to MySpace.

Email is also one of the best converting channels – it has higher open rates and click-through rates than social media. So it’s clear you should be growing your email list. But how do you it?

Create and give away valuable lead magnets:

Creating and offering valuable lead magnets is one of the best way to grow your email list.
But what type of lead magnet works best? The following 4 examples seem to work really well:

Guide – the most common things you can give away is a free ebook, a how-to guide that teach-es your audience how to solve a specific problem or reach a specific outcome.
The more specific your guides are, the better.

For example:

“How to make money online” is not very specific guide. There are many unanswered things like: how much money, how do you make these money, etc. On the other hand, “How to make $10K/month by blogging” is very specific guide that would be relevant to much more people.

Content Upgrade/Cheat Sheetthe content upgrade is a very simple and effective way to grow your email list. It is easier and faster to create and most often – much more effective. Simply, because you’re offering something that’s much more relevant to your user to what he’s already reading. Imagine that people are reading a blog post on your own website. They really like that content and they’d implement all the things that you thought them to do. However, in order to do that they need to bookmark your page and come back to your site and read it again. It will be much easier and helpful for them if they have a checklist with all the important steps that they need to take in order to accomplish their goal.

You can offer this checklist inside your blog post like this:

WebinarsKISSmetrics has reported a 10% conversion rate for their web-sites. Which makes webinars one of the best ways to grow your email list fast.

They also tend to attract people who have a stronger intent into solving a particular problem. If you’re willing to spend 1 hour listening on a particular topic you can count that it’s probably really important for you. This means that you will tend to attract not only more but also higher quality leads from your webinar efforts as well. The good thing about webinars is that you can also invite guest speakers to run them so you don’t need to create the content of the webinar yourself.

Video training– the video format is one of the best ways to fully engage your audience. The problem is that if it’s too long people might not spend the time to watch it. So don’t create a 7-day free courses or something like that. Focus on something that is easily consumable and your audience can watch and implement right away. So focus on creating videos that are no more than 1h long. Preferably no more than 30 minutes.

Place your opt-in forms/offers at the right place:

In order to convert as many visitors as you can from your blog, you’d need to place your opt-in forms or offers at the right place. These are the places where we and other marketers have identified as the best for that:

Top bar – the top bar stays on top of the page even when your visitors scroll down the page.

The good thing about it is that it sticks on one place and it is always visible by your visitors. This is where you can present your most desired offer and try to convert as many people as you can into your email list. Be sure to use advanced targeting and display different top bars depending on which blog post people are currently viewing. This will make your top bars much more relevant and will sky rocket your conversion rates.

Sidebar – the sidebar is one of the 7 highest converting places forSocial Triggers.

This is where expect to see an opt-in form and will look for your most expected offer. To make your sidebar stand out use contrasting colors. This will naturally drive the eyes of your visitors to look at it.

Inside blog post – as an addition to the yellow box we already described you can also use an embedded form. You can put them anywhere on your page – before, after or in between your blog content. Once again, use contrasting colors to make them stand out visually from the rest of the content.

Slide box– the slide box politely appears in the bottom right cornerwhen the user scrolls down the page. When the visitor closes it down, a cookie is set so it doesn’t show up again for a certain amount of time (that’s set up by the owner of the site – it could be anything from 1 day to 30 days). Buffer states that their slide box is one of their best converting opt-in forms – it accounts for 36.7% of their sign–ups.

Pop-upexit intent popup is one of the best ways to convert your visitors just before they leave your site. This smart technology tracks the mouse cursor so it knows when someone is about to close the tab within the browser or click the back button. In that moment the exit intent is shown presenting an attractive opt-in offer. Converse Scientist report that 10 to 15% of lost visitors can be saved with exit intent popup forms. To maximize your conversions be sure to use advanced targeting and present offers that are relevant to content your visitor is viewing. Presenting the same offer to everybody will bring you lower conversion rates.

Below blog post CTA– this is HubSpot’s best strategy for converting their blog visitors into email subscribers. Just below the blog post they place a call-to-action banner presenting an attractive offer to the visitor.

Create highly convertible landing page

Usually you will put your lead magnets on a specially designed landing pages. In order to generate as many email subscribers as you can you will need to optimize them for higher conversions. Here’s how to do that:

Focus on the value proposition– the most important aspect of your landing page is the value proposition. What do you offer to your visitors so they will want to give you their email address in ex-change? You need this explain this in a way so that’s clear to them. In order for the value proposition to be effective it must fit the needs of your visitors. It must point that will help them accomplish their most desired goal or solve their biggest problem.

Have 1 clear call-to-action– your most desired action is to capture the email addresses of as many visitors as you can. So keep it that way. Avoid trying to offer sell them something or to promote another lead magnet on the same page. Your clear call-to-action should be get your lead magnet and that’s it.

Remove all distractions– additionally,to maximize conversionson your land-ing pageyou should remove all distracting links and buttons that can loosen the focus. Prefera-bly, remove your main and footer menus and all other navigation.

The focus of your user should be 100% on what you’re offering him in exchange for this email. So he should have only 2 options – opt-in and get the free lead magnet or leave.
Make it relevant to your visitor– your visitor should feel like your landing pages has been created especially for him. A simple way to do that is to add as many specificity as you can.

Who is this page for?

If you state “How to generate real estate leads from social media” this will be really relevant for real estate agents looking for expand on this channel. What will be the end result? “How to make $2,000/month as a copywriter” is a very specific outcome that beginner copywri-ters would be interested to learn. To make your landing page even more relevant to your visitors you should consider adding be-havior targeting based on their interests and the current content people are viewing on your website.

Use urgency– the rule of urgency states thatif something is available only for a limited amount of time, people will be more likely to take action and get it. That’s why it’s a smart move to offer your lead magnets for a limited time only. That way the user will know that he needs to act now. This works incredibly well with webinars and free video trainings.

Drive traffic to your landing page

We have already mentioned how to use your website and blog to grow your email list by plac-ing your opt-in forms at the right places. Additionally, you can use the following ways to drive traffic to your landing pages:

Facebook ads– Facebook provides you with a great way to target your au-dience and generate leads in a cost-effective way.

Target your ads based on:

  • Lookalike audience (insert your list of previous customers into Power editor and let Fa-cebook find similar audience to them)
  • Interests (segment users based on their interests, likes and changes on their timeline or profile)
  • Here are the following best practices to increase your CTRs from Facebook ads:
    Use a person, a baby or an animal on the photo
  • Use the word “Free” and your logo to get the attention of more people
  • Use contrasting colors to the Facebook branding – orange, green and red. Avoid white and blue
  • Using borders and shadows

AdWords– you can use Adwords to easily generate targeted traffic to your landing page. That way you can also test and identify the best performing keywords for which to further optimize your site. It’s important to optimize your quality score because this allows you to decrease your CPC. That way in the long term with the same amount of budget you will be able to get more clicks and higher position in search (more clicks = more email subscribers) To increase your quality score:

  • Stop targeting junk keywords
  • Increase your bid

Use tools like SpyFu to dig deeper into the AdWords strategy of your competitors and steal their most profitable keywords.

YouTube– to generate leads from YouTube be sure to use clickable annota-tions within your videos pointing to your landing page.

Check out what Project Life Mastery are doing:

Before being able to link to your website from YouTube you need to do the following:

  • Verify your YouTube account
  • Have an account in good status
  • Add your site to Search Console

Then to add the annotation go to Video manager -> Creator Studio > Video Manager and select your video. Click the down arrow next to edit button and then annotations. Additionally, you can put a link to your landing page in the video description as well.


Growing an email list is a tough job and it requires a lot of dedication. You will need to get to know your audience better, test different lead magnets, opt-in forms, ways to drive traffic to your landing page, etc. A lot of the strategies that will try will fail, some will work well and you will need to put some work to improve performance. Remember to always be testing new ideas and concepts. That’s the path to success!

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