5 Best WordPress Themes with Powerful Video Options

Oct 17, 2017

Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can be embedded pretty easily with any CMS and theme, but when it comes to background videos and other advanced techniques WordPress has no peers.

Thanks to dozens of plugins and WordPress themes designed specifically for YouTube bloggers and videographers, embedding videos into your website has never been so intuitive and flexible. And business templates allow companies of any kind to add zest to their marketing campaigns by offering their customers extremely catchy visual content. Who can benefit from them?

  1. Recording studios
  2. Night clubs and radio stations
  3. Mobile app developers
  4. Tech corporations
  5. And even politicians

Today, we are glad to introduce you to five of the most advanced WordPress templates with extended support for video content.

VisuaFX - Film Video Production Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

VisuaFX is a responsive WP template, which includes several types of visual content in its layout. First of all, there is page-wide background footage in the upper part of the homepage. Additionally, it comes with a special video post type, as well as 6 other blog formats to present your posts in the most versatile way.

Video WordPress Themes

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Inigo - Night Club Responsive WP Theme

Inigo is a videotube premium video template for WordPress with a modern design inspired by the atmosphere of nightclubs. In the above-the-fold area of its homepage you will find a dynamic video header that adds motion to the design and attracts the attention of your visitors. This template has virtually unlimited possibilities for displaying media files and is best suited for online radio stations and videoclip galleries.

Video WordPress Themes

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Amazinx - Mobile App Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

Amazinx is a multipurpose WordPress template for presenting mobile apps and other software. It allows the embedding of preexisting videos directly into the background of your website by uploading your own movie file, thus making it more picturesque and memorable. Thanks to the clean layout this template is easy to customize according to your requirements.

Video WordPress Themes

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CamPhone - Smartphone Responsive One Page WP Theme

If you want to build a responsive website to present a top-end gadget, then this video theme for WordPress is just what you need. Beautifully designed using the most cutting-edge web technologies it offers a powerful videoclip gallery, dynamic backgrounds, customizable template options and interactive skill counters.

Video WordPress Themes

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Minister - Political Candidate Responsive WordPress Theme

Minister is a well-thought-out political WP template with a straightforward design and lots of features under the hood. On the homepage, an embedded video block is also located. It can be used to display footage from video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, and such.


Live Demo - View More

Wrapping Up

We hope that you liked the website designs featured in this article. If so, please check out other video-compatible WordPress themes from the TemplateMonster marketplace and create a stunning website that all your competitors will envy.

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