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5 Medical Websites Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

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Imagine, you're looking at the freshly washed car. It shines in the sunlight and looks gorgeous, so you get in for an awesome ride. Aaand, it didn’t start. You try on and on, but it is obviously broken. What do you do then? Go to the car repair, of course, and the serviceman says you had to come much earlier because the motor is completely off. What am I about to say?

Your medical website could have the same problems. It looks good and you consider it will help your private clinic to become more profitable, but there are some “illness symptoms” that leave it no chance to be loved by visitors. So, let me list the 5 most common design mistakes that you should pay attention to either if you are creating your medical website just now or built it earlier and now find out something is wrong with it.

medical website

1. Random stock photos

On photos of low-quality models look so unnatural, that it is better not to have any photos at all than to put an obvious failure to the page. The best option is to hire a good photographer and ask him to make some shots at your clinic. It will look sincerer if you show your clients the true face of your medical center. If there's a reason why you can’t take photos of your employees – you need to choose the stock photos really carefully. A bad image, especially if you put it to the top of a homepage slider, could completely ruin the first potential client’s impression. For example, on this photo, the nurse looks like she has no idea what a weird thing lies in her hand and the patient is like: “Do I really have to hold my hand like that miss?

medical website

2. No clearly visible call to action

It could sound funny, but clients do as much as you ask them to. If there’s no big and bright button at the top of the homepage with “Submit” or “Make an Appointment” text – the user won’t go searching for it through the website. The call to action, contact form and clinic contacts must be located in the place where a user will have no chance missing it. Your medical website visitor has to have an opportunity to become a client the next second this desire appears. In fact, helping the user to contact you is the main mission of the website, so make sure it's fulfilled.

medical website

3. Inconvenient navigation

When creating your medical website there’s always a temptation to show visitor all available options on the main menu. If you do so – the menu instead of helping to navigate through website messes everything up. The users become tires of seeking for something very fast – and go away. You have to think carefully what to place to the menu. Walk a mile or two in your client’s shoes – what will he need primarily, what he is interested the most in? The user won’t notice a really convenient navigation (that’s unfair, I know), but he will definitely notice if it makes him meet some issues. Take a look at the website homepage. Would you be able to find anything there? Sure you do, but how much it will take?

inconvenient navigation

4. Unfitting color scheme

When people search for a medical website they expect to see a medical-related picture. No matter how much you like orange & pink color scheme – it's not really appropriate for a clinic website. All variations of green, blue or violet in combination with white – this if what users want to see on the medical website. So, if you want that site to be useful – don’t implement experiments with bright colors there.

Unfitting colour scheme

5. No responsiveness

Almost any person that could be interested in a clinic website has a smartphone now. People surf the internet while going from home to work or vice versa and that is the time they can find your medical website. It's crucial that the design looks great on the screen of every size, so you have to make it responsive. Mobile phone users are a big part of your audience, so you can’t afford to ignore them.

no responsiveness

How to avoid them?


The best way to create both good looking and useful medical website is to use a ready-made template. BeClinic, multipurpose medical WordPress theme, was created with all the trends and rules in mind. You won’t have to think about all those mistakes if you use it because it is designed without them. Stock photos that are used for the demo are picked with great care, there are no ridiculous poses and strange facial expressions. By the way, all the pictures that you can see in the demo are included into the template package and are free to use wherever you want.


The theme has a few different skins that you can use for different types of medical websites, including dentist page, cosmetology portal, and kids’ clinic. Every one of them has a clear call to action, placed at the top slider, so no client would be able to miss it. The navigation is also very well-thought-out – pre-designed categories has a great drop-down mega menu that allows you to place all the options you want without messing the homepage up.

beclinic skins

All types of color schemes are calm and don’t shock the viewer with unnatural variations. It's just what a potential client expects to see. The template design is completely responsive and will remain an eye candy on any type of screen – PC’s monitor, tablet or smartphone screen. And besides all that it is also Elementor page builder compatible, which means you can customize it in real time and see the changes just as you do them.


Wrapping up

Your medical website design is very important to create a good first impression, but don’t forget about the other parts of it. You need a laconic, understandable copyright and social media buttons, have a high download speed and a regular content update. However, I believe you will be able to create a magnificent website that will attract clients and make your private clinic flourish.

I hope these tips were useful and helped you to improve the traffic to your medical website. If you have some questions or suggestions – you are welcome in the comment section below. I will be very pleased to hearing from you and getting some feedback.

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  1. Great tips, Elizabeth! I like the one about stock photos. Most of the time, they don’t represent the atmosphere of the business. That’s why I ask for personal photographs first. It makes a difference!

    1. Personalized photos are always better – and help visitors to see how the things look like at your side. I’m glad the tips were useful!

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