7 Social Media Tips to Save You Hours of Work

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Imagine having a fast and efficient way of simplifying your social media marketing tasks and getting your work done in less time. Marketing doesn’t have to be a stressful job. Whether you run one or multiple social media profiles, it is possible to make the strategy easier, increase productivity, and save hours of work every week. Here are effective social media tips and techniques that you can utilize to save time without losing your followers or slacking up on your marketing role.

Consider Brand Partnerships

Gaining exposure, visibility, and increasing awareness on social media is no easy task unless you have a popular brand. It is possible to spend countless hours creating content and running campaigns that don’t generate any positive results. However, you can achieve this by partnering with companies and social media influencers. Partnerships create a lot of buzz with consumers and the curiosity can draw more potential customers through your doors.

Come up with a strategy to identify and approach some of the companies within your industry and the influencers who are popular among your target demographic. Make use of a business letter template to ease the reaching out strategy and communicate your intentions. When approaching other companies, outline how the partnership would be useful in increasing visibility and exposure of their brand.

Focus on Viable Platforms

Today, there are tens of social media platforms that businesses can leverage to gain exposure and acquire new customers. However, not all are suitable for your enterprise. It is possible to spend time and resources on social networks that generate little or no returns. Avoid this by using the following effective social media tips to analyze various platforms before starting your marketing campaigns. You may need to utilize your analytics tools for efficiency.

  • Assess the different social networks to determine where your target demographic is. By doing this, you will avoid targeting your strategy on the wrong audience.
  • Examine the conversion rates across the various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The networks with highest conversions are your viable choices.
  • Compare the costs across the platforms to find out how much each conversion is costing you.

After undertaking this analysis, focus your marketing resources and time on one or two networks that have the highest conversion rates.

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Invest in Scheduling Tools

Are you still manually carrying out most of your social media tasks? If so, you should invest in social media scheduling tools to make work easier. These tools are available in both free and paid versions, and they allow you to plan and schedule the release of your content. You can create bulk content or projects and use the software to determine when it should be posted to your followers. You also get to choose which channels you want to promote the content.

With social media scheduling tools, you can automate more than half of your social media updates and focus on other areas of advertising. However, it is paramount to spend some time interacting with your followers, respond to their queries, and build close relationships with them.

Make Use of Templates

Social media templates save valuable time and effort by simplifying your online activities. Various ones are available which help you achieve different things on your marketing plan. They allow you to clarify your business’ social media goals and create or improve your profiles. You can develop your content strategy, assess your current social media use, and determine whether your techniques are working. Some templates also allow you to keep track of your metrics by generating analytics reports.

When choosing the best business template, whether premium or free, ensure that it has a variety of features that will be useful in marketing automation. These include a content calendar, editorial calendar, audit tools, and bulk upload features.

Choose a Simple Task for Your Down

It is vital for businesses and marketers to engage their customers on social media. That does not mean scheduling posts; rather, it means interacting with your followers. You can do this through various ways such as:

  • Liking and commenting on people’s updates
  • Retweeting followers’ posts
  • Sending ‘thank you’ messages
  • Answering questions about the product and business

These tasks are essential, but they can be time-consuming if you don’t have a set time for them. It is a good idea to select one or two social media tasks that you can do during your free time. You can decide only to like updates on one week, and comment on posts in the next one. However, note that negative reviews and complaints about your product should be addressed promptly to avoid bad press which can ruin the brand’s reputation.

Do Similar Tasks at the Same Time Always

One of the reasons why social media is time-consuming is the constant switching from one task to another on various channels and pages. Using different mobile apps or software for these tasks further complicates the matter. You can save time by organizing similar tasks and doing them at the same time always. These could be creating content for various platforms, curating and scheduling posts, checking analytics reports, or even following people on the different networks

For instance, if you have three hours every week for content development, you can further divide it into the various channels. Set aside one hour for Facebook, one for Twitter, and another for LinkedIn. This will save you from wasting the three hours on one platform and creating more time for the rest of your channels.

Build a Content Vault

Most marketers often find that their content, such as text, images, videos, direct mail campaigns, and presentation decks are scattered all over the place in various computers, devices, or servers. A lot of time spent sifting through multiple files looking for content or regenerating it if it’s nowhere to be found. You can save hours of work by creating a simple content vault with all your social media content for easy access. This way, you don’t have to go on a quest every time you need a photo or video for use on your social channels.

A lot of the time wasted on social media can be used to come up with new marketing strategies, generating more content, and developing your product for better reception. Utilize these effective social media tips to save valuable time and effort. Also, you will realize increased ROI and gain more exposure for your brand.

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