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9 Best Eco Nature WordPress Themes for the Greenest Website Possible

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Are you looking for green nature WordPress themes? Is your project related to solving global problems or solving similar problems but on a smaller, but equally important, scale? Are you going to make the outdoors better - the lawns greener, the trees taller (or at least present in Nature) or are you going to advise people how to grow small plants in pots? Or, maybe, you are launching a website which teaches children about how to protect Mother Nature? And, most importantly, what size budget do you have for the website project? It is often that nature-related projects don’t have a big budget at their disposal which poses for the project creator a question like “How do I get a proper website without hiring a programmer?” Fortunately, nowadays, it is possible for you to create it all by yourself. You just purchase a template and customize it the way you want.

How should you choose a CMS? There are many guides on that. Most times, the essence of those guides is this: “If you need a website for blogging and you are new to the Web, choose WordPress”. Statistics support WordPress as well, and this is because the majority of blogging websites are built on it.

So, if you end up choosing the easiest and the handiest among all CMS, “old but gold” WordPress, you may check out a list of recently released WordPress nature themes.

Environmentally friendly, visually appealing, customer-attractive… here are 9 green WordPress themes which can become a great starting point for a successful project. Ready to check them out? Let’s go!

1. NavyBlue

Navy Blue

Demo | More Info

A navy blue calming color combination of this eco nature WordPress theme creates the impression of a deep design which one immediately associates with water. If you have some services to offer, you may enjoy this design which enables you to put the content in blocks. The hover effects in them will attract the attention of the customer to the links which invite people to click on them.

2. Exterior Design


Demo | More Info

Looking for an eco responsive environment WordPress theme that would be a magnet for garden lovers? Check out this one. Your visitors will lose track of time, wandering among the images that you use to present your business. Using the best photos possible will make your website exceptionally appealing, holding the visitors interest for longer and turning them into your customers. Magic? No. Just great web design.

3. Jonah


Demo | More Info

Why not use a saturated dark color combination? That was probably the thought of the designer of this nature WordPress theme. So here you are, having at your disposal a really chic design which looks as green and juicy as new Spring grass.

4. GreenField


Demo | More Info

Speaking of correlation between colors and emotions-based conversions, this bright green color in a WordPress green theme lifts the spirits better than anything else. View the demo and see the gliding and deepening effect of the Parallax scrolling, the modern look of the flat design and the widgets that symbolically represent the essence of the category.

5. EmPower


Demo | More Info

You may be searching for a solar energy eco WordPress theme in an effort  to make the world greener. This template has all the features required to convince  website visitors that solar energy is a great option, and, moreover, your business is the best source for getting solar energy information. Almost unnoticeable hover effects make you slowly move the cursor, reading every section name. Don’t forget to emphasize the economic benefit a client would get using solar batteries - the visual chart and the bottom can do this for you.

6. Eco Life


Demo | More Info

Can you say that your project is about contributing to eco life? Check out this template and don’t forget to payattention to the design of the widgets. It is small details like these that often enable websites to improve conversions.

7. LawnMo


Demo | More Info

Your visitors may find you online through recommendations of their friends, from your business card or on social media. No matter what the source, they need to see a well-structured, intuitively understandable and visually appealing website. Could this WordPress nature theme
fit that description for you? Definitely, if you are looking for current web design trends applied to design, logical layouts and an overall impression of a trustworthy website.

8. SafeScrap


Demo | More Info

One of the latest WordPress templates released on TemplateMonster is a green WordPress theme for a recycling services project. It’s a great corporate theme which can serve your business well in acquiring more exposure. Incorporate the portraits and testimonials of your clients, use the small and clean social media buttons to attract attention to your social media channels, point out on the Google map exactly where your business is located. All these small details matter; they all drive clicks and conversions.

9. LawnCare


Demo | More Info

One of the of the best ways to be noticed by potential customers is for your business to be accessible to them on the Web, thus garnering a bigger audience. Creating a website is a wise move in every respect, especially if you have a lawn care business. As your website needs to be as green and neat as a newly-cut lawn, you may consider using this responsive WordPress eco theme.

Become inspired by designs which are green, eco-friendly and perfect for your nature related project. Make sure that any template you choose includes all the necessary features that your audience needs - something green, something that expresses trustworthiness (linked social media channels, testimonials section, portfolio of the work done etc.) If you offer some green service, use powerful imagery and if you are going to offer a product, describe it in the most attractive way for your customer.  Green WordPress themes are a quick solution for your website, low-budget and efficient at the same time. By the way, all template owners are provided with 24/7 support and updates.

Regardless of the type of project you are planning to create, WordPress templates are there to help you. Customizing them is quick and easy, all of them are responsive and look perfect on any screen size, and the design is modern and inviting, subtly encouraging the customers to learn the details of your project. Are you still wondering which template design you might use? You may be inspired by a section “Agriculture” or “Animals and Pets” templates on the main TemplateMonster website.

What eco project are you creating or which project do you think you would enjoy creating? Please answer in the comment section.


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