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Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Promising Beta

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Two years ago Adobe introduced Photoshop CS5 to the online world as the latest version of the best graphic editor of all times. Since then Adobe engineers have been working every single day to bring us Adobe Photoshop CS6 at last. So, now we're glad to inform you that Photoshop CS6 Beta is here and you can download it for absolutely free.

Considering huge positive feedback from different experts, web designers and trustworthy online observers, we can state the fact that Photoshop CS6 has much more interesting new and improved features than its predecessor had.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe developers made a huge surprise by implementing 65 new features to the Photoshop CS6. And what is really great about these new features is that almost all of them were created considering users' feedback, which makes them really efficient. Without a doubt this is one of the most successful updates during the whole time of the Photoshop existence, and so you should certainly have it on your computers. Further you'll find the most interesting and important enhancements in the Photoshop CS6 beta.

New UI Features


Photoshop CS6 is delivered with four various variants of brightness for user interface. As you may have guessed from the screenshot above, you can choose between dark, dark grey, light grey and usual grey color of the interface. Apart from smooth design solutions, you can also enjoy small but important functions. Now you can remove the app bar and reduce the drag/app bar over 30%. Also Windows users can use new/open document to context click on a document tab (this small feature was on Mac for a long time).

New Crop


New graphic engine of the Photoshop CS6 called Mercury makes cropping function much better. Now while you want to apply crop to the image it rotates, zooms, and scales in real time. Crop is non destructive anymore which means that you can always get back and change it the way you want. Also we should mark out perspective cropping. This feature allows turning an image that is in a slight perspective into a straight-on frontal position.

Brushes tool

The brush size has been increased to 5000 px. Now brush cursor reflects brush dynamics for round and captured tips. Also you can change color dynamics to per stroke instead of per tip. Users can adjust brightness and contrast while painting a texture simply by moving a slider.


RAW import

Raw image file can be easily imported to Photoshop CS6 with the help of the new RAW 7 plug-in system. This system has new tone-mapping algorithm. Besides that, you can adjust different RAW parameters to only painted parts of the image.


New system of layers grouping allows you to group them by vector and type layers. Also you can lock multiple layers, change blend modes, color labels for multiple layers at once. Now you can enjoy the correct opacity for hidden layers. User can add dither options to Layer Styles section for Gradient Overlay and Gradient Stroke. Plus you can now search layers by type, name, color, effect (style), or other attributes.

Background Auto-saving

This is very important feature which is painfully familiar almost for all Photoshop users. Photoshop CS6 has new auto-saving option that saves all your current work in the background while you are working. It speeds your work, prevents possible losses in case of system malfunction, crashing and other bad situations. You can choose the time step for auto-saving for every 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

File Formats

Adobe Photoshop CS6 can read common stereo image pair formats (JPS, PNS), supports BIGTIFF format. Also it allows for more bit depths in TIFF files. And you can as well adjust transparency level in OpenEXR open file.

Improved Highlights and Shadows

New graphic engine makes images look almost flawless even if you want to adjust a crazy level of highlighting. It is not a secret that highlights and shadows are really popular options often used by users. Now you can play with these tools without a fear of getting awful halos on your image as it was before.

* * *

These are only few important new and improved features that we wanted to show you. In case you want to have a better experience with Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta, we suggest that you download it and get the feel for the thing. Hopefully, this short review will awake the interest towards the latest graphic 'miracle' from Adobe.

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  1. When will the full CS6 Creative Suite be released?

    1.  Well, according to the latest news from Adobe it is expected to be released in early May 2012.

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