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Advanced SEO in 10 Short Videos [Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings speaking]

advanced SEO tips in short video
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After we finished editing the webinar with Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings, we knew it was a pot of gold right away.

Quite a mad lemming — image source.

In 60 minutes, Ashley managed to reveal tons of valuable information on SEO and how you can use it to make your site work for your business. He spoke on everything from keyword research, to ranking high in a competitive niche, to the most useful SEO tools.

So, we’ve decided to divide our “Advanced SEO in 60 Minutes with Mad Lemmings” webinar into 10 short and useful clips. Each of them is under 3 minutes long, so you can concentrate on the questions you’re interested in.

Now: watch the clips and I'm out to change the attributes in the images in my articles (yeah, I also learned about that from Ashley).

What are the key factors that influence search engine rankings in 2016?

In this clip, Ashley tells how to stay relevant in 2016.

Google algorithms change faster than high fashion trends. What has been working just yesterday can become totally useless today. But don’t believe those “SEO is dead” headlines, as search engine optimization has never been as alive as it is today. Keep abreast of the latest SEO news and achieve great results:

What are the ways to rank high even if you work in a competitive niche (like web design or marketing)?

You can be the most talented webmaster out there, but SEO is cruel. Seems like all good keywords are already occupied, and the first ten positions of the Google’s SERP belong to the biggest business sharks?

Here's what I've got to tell you: if Ashley knows anything, it's how to carve yourself a niche inside of a niche and occupy it successfully. He shares this wisdom with us in the following video:

How do I choose good topics to write about and good keywords for those topics?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The topic or the keyword? In this video, Ashley talks about his writing workflow.

If you’re not sure whether you should start with keyword research or start with looking for an interesting topic, whether you should write about what you like or concentrate on your long-tails, you’re in the right place. Watch the video and all shall be revealed:

How do I build up my website’s domain and page authority?

In case you don’t know what domain authority is, Ashley explains everything in the video below. For those already familiar with the term, Ashley details on the ways of raising your domain authority from a zero-point.

Don’t forget that domain authority is among the most important things if you want to rank high. Pay attention to this one and use these useful tips:

What is the SEO checklist to go through before publishing a blog post?

Your article is ready. It sparkles with nice metaphors and natural keywords. But pressing the “publish” button is like skydiving: you need to double-check every single detail before jumping out of the plane.

For this purpose, Ashley shares his personal SEO checklist. Go through all of these steps to make sure your text is optimized properly.

What are the tools to use for SEO?

There are so many tools for search engine optimization out there — plugins, apps, websites and so much more. One can simply get lost. But what if we ask an SEO guru about the very specific tools that he personally uses?

That’s exactly what we did, and Ashley happily shares his own findings with us. Some of them are known, while others can surprise you. Watch the video and use them right away.

What do I need to know about optimizing images in terms of SEO?

Here's what's cool about Ashley: he can easily tell useful tactics from the redundant stuff. In this clip, he explains the most important steps of image SEO. As I’ve already mentioned, the attributes are my personal favorite.

In this video, you will also discover everything about proper image names, sizes and a lot more. I must say: it’s not rocket science, so why not take care of this aspect of your website?

Does social media marketing help SEO and how?

“The official take on that from all the SEO gurus (like the folks from Moz) is that social media does not directly help your search engine rankings. However…” Intrigued? Me too. So, how exactly do social media influence your search engine rankings (and do they at all)?

In this webinar extract, Ashley explains how to use social media marketing to reap all the benefits. It’s not that often that you can hear an SEO guru talking about the importance of Facebook and Pinterest, so listen carefully as it will be quite interesting.

Does my website’s design matter if I create great content?

We all know how pleasing a well-designed website can be. But have you actually thought how it can influence your search engine rankings?

Here’s Ashley’s stance on what a good web design has to look like and why it matters. Very short and to the point.

How do I convert my visitors from search into customers?

Conversions! We all dream about them days and nights. Conversions went down, conversions climbed up. A small business owner needs to have loyal customers because that’s what their business is built for.

Ashley explains some hacks and proven ways to attract your visitors’ attention and make them come back again. After all, he is also a business owner who knows all the burning points of the process.

What is the difference between SEO for product pages vs. SEO for content pages?

If you sell stuff right from your website, you know how challenging a product description can be. Without further ado, Ashley explains one genuine way to make your product pages rank well. Watch the video and get yourself going right away.


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