Most Common Bloopers in Affiliate Marketing

Jul 29, 2019
  1. Types of Affiliate programs
    1. Pay per click
    2. Pay for impressions
    3. Percentage of sales
  2. Forgetting to provide regular and high-quality content
    1. Characteristics of high-quality content
  3. Forgetting to notify customers about discounts
  4. Not adding affiliate tracking parameters
  6. NEVER Store eggs in one basket

Most common bloopers in affiliate marketing

Owners of the most advanced online stores won’t accept lying to their customers, one of the ways to expand market share and increase sales is affiliate program. It is estimated that the daily turnover in the field of online sales is $1,000,000 and there more and more professional webmasters every day. The main advantage of this method is that you pay for the result you need.

Affiliate program it’s a universal method to generate more leads. You can do it by using your own website as an advertising platform, by selling your web space to advertisers. The second way is that you can rent a banner space on other websites and place your ads there, or even in the signatures on the forums.

Affiliate programs may be single-level when you earn money from every lead who followed your link.

Or it can be multi-level.

For example, you can earn money not only from selling goods or services, but also receive a percentage from sales of those people who became partners under your affiliate link and sell the same product by their connections.

What are the most usual types of affiliate programs for online stores?

Types of Affiliate Programs

Pay per click

There is an affiliate code on the site under the advertising form, which, pours money right into your pocket every time people click it. These include teaser and context ads, Sliders banners, Pop-ups, Click under and push-notifications.

Pay for impressions

The principle is similar to the previous one, but in this case, each time the ad unit is displayed, you gain a certain amount of money to your affiliate account. This type includes Iframe affiliate programs, programs that work with the Rich-media format and banners.

Percentage of sales

Such affiliate programs are more suitable for information products. In this case, you get a unique link which you can spread by whatever means. Each sale brings income to the product owner and therefore your personal margin (or percent depending on affiliate program).

When you’re working in an affiliate program, you often face obstacles and difficulties. That is why it can be problematic to solve situations when you do not earn the prospected amount of money.

So read this “5 common mistakes every affiliate makes” carefully and CUT YOUR LOSSES.

The following discussion thus turns to most common affiliate marketing mistakes:

Forgetting to provide regular and high-quality content

high quality content

Networks regularly demand fresh, unspoiled & relevant information. The most efficient and result-bringing way to promote an online business is to create a blog or another area where you can publish high-prime content. It is a long-term strategy: it doesn’t pay off overnight. But every entrepreneur should appreciate the power of this method in online marketing.

Creating a proper information blog or website, posting relevant materials in diverse niches will help to enhance customer awareness and increase the number of leads, which can be afterward converted to real customers.

Characteristics of high-quality content:

  • Designate a clear goal in your content. Bring the meta tags, title, and structure of the text to a single whole. The material that tells first about the fish, and then sharply goes for the tomatoes will not be in demand and cannot be defined as high-quality content. The disclosure of one subject throughout the site is considered to be the production of exclusive content.
  • The user should get benefit from the material presented in a blog, a group in social networks or a personal page. No matter, which motivation means you will choose - discount, money motivation or greater awareness of the product itself. 
  • The content must be credible. Trust - the first reason that encourages people to read, follow links, test and buy your product, etc. It is quite simple to make your content trustworthy. To achieve such an effect, you should not just rewrite someone else's material, but you better reinforce knowledge from different sources, for example, experiments and statistics. It is called a professional approach and inspires confidence. The more trust you have, the more chances they get back to you.
  • Use the catchy headline to increase reader interest. The bottom line is that each of your materials should evoke emotion - rhetorical question, call to action and so on.
  • Write a cool lead (introductory paragraph), which wakens customer interest and willing to read the topic from the very beginning to the end.
  • Avoid too long and complicated texts. Better add to such fragments some thematic photos, videos, and GIFs. This will give users a visual discharge that allows them to expand their knowledge of the content and product itself.

At least 2 high-quality articles should appear on the blog each week. Our TemplateMonster team is ready to provide you with the timeliness and content.

2. Forgetting to notify customers about discounts

notify customers about discounts

For current buyers, the social network is no longer a simple way to communicate. Besides, people consider such platforms as one of the best tools for exploring new goods and services for all occasions, buy and use them. Users and prospect clients constantly subscribe to those groups or accounts, which provide the most relevant, helpful, entertaining and moving content.

Everyone loves and enjoys discounts, contests, promotions. So, share this information with all your readers and get high-level feedback.

All the detailed information about promotions can always be found on our blog and social networks.

You can build a dialogue with your subscribers and vendors, in order to draw attention to existing products. Tell about new products. Start discussion where a desire to win will increase activity and attendance of the subscribers as a consequence leading to better indexation and more shows of your page or blog.

3. Not adding affiliate tracking parameters

Affiliate parameter must be added to all links, in order to understand your customers and understand the productivity of your post and ads.


never lie to your reader or subscriber

If you struggle to create long-term relations you should never lie to your reader or subscriber, you always have to be honest and tell all the info as it is. You must describe all the information and parameters that the client may need to know, otherwise you can lose trust with the customer and get a bad reputation. And finally, a customer may leave and never come back. 86 % of buyers will pay more for better customer experience. Namely, this small remark can save you from negative consequences and unnecessary questions from angry vendors.

5. NEVER Store all eggs in one basket (NEVER Use only one affiliate tool)

Last but not least, the TemplateMonster affiliate program offers many partner tools (articles, videos, banners, widgets, RMS, promotional news and much more) and individual support to each affiliate. Each tool has a different degree of influence on sales and customer interest.

Therefore, it is impossible to stand still; you should always continue to learn, experiment and open new horizons.

When online trading appeared, it became clear to the owners that even without looking at the very low overhead costs for the sale of goods, in order to get real profit, you need to reach a certain level of sales. Even though the reach of the online store’s audience can be very large (any user of the network can become a buyer), competition still remains high. Therefore, there is a task to attract customers to your store

We have tried to solve and prevent the most common mistakes, and if you have questions or suggestions, you can always contact your manager of the TemplateMonster partner program.

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