30 Video Tutorials for AfterEffects

May 19, 2010

If you ever struggled with AfterEffects and need to brush up your skills, than here is the list of highly effective video tutorials to get started with.

These tutorials will guide you through advanced and challenging aspects of massively popular AfterEffects multimedia application. Plus you’ll be able to master this software to create compelling effects and deliver unmatched creative power for film and broadcast, video productions or animated web graphics.

Get into the multimedia field with truly professional standards. To begin getting the very most out of powerful AfterEffects please review the sections below to view helpful video tutorials. With thorough understanding they provide, you will be able to easily solve some of the trickier design aspects. Feel free to experiment and enjoy the new AfterEffects masterpieces.

Glass Orbs

aftereffects tutorial – Glass Orbs

* * *

Fire Flower

tutorial aftereffects – Fire Flower

* * *

3D Ball Dispersion

aftereffects video tutorial – 3D Ball Dispersion

* * *

Running Man

video aftereffects tutorial – Running Man

* * *

Car Wheel Rotation Expression

video based tutorial aftereffects – Car Wheel Rotation Expression

* * *


aftereffects video tutorial – Shatterize

* * *

Spirograph Style Animation

video based tutorial aftereffects – Spirograph Style Animation

* * *

3D Paper Crumple with Freeform AE

aftereffects video based tutorial – 3D Paper Crumple with Freeform AE

* * *

Speed Particles

aftereffects tutorial – Speed Particles

* * *

Particle Explosion

aftereffects video tutorial – Particle Explosion

* * *

Sound Reacting 3D Waveform Animation

aftereffects tutorial video – Sound Reacting 3D Waveform Animation

* * *

3D Light Casting

video aftereffects tutorial – 3D Light Casting

* * *

FlysEye Tutorial for After Effects

video based tutorial aftereffects – FlysEye Tutorial for After Effects

* * *

Line Expression like the Inside of CPU

aftereffects tutorial video – Line Expression like the Inside of CPU

* * *

Spin Orbs

aftereffects tutorial – Spin Orbs

* * *

RackDefocus Tutorial for After Effects

aftereffects video tutorial – RackDefocus Tutorial for After Effects

* * *

Basic 3D Sphere

aftereffects video tutorial – Basic 3D Sphere

* * *

The Ring

video based tutorial aftereffects – The Ring

* * *

The Best Sound You’ll Ever See

video based tutorial aftereffects – Best Sound

* * *

Cleft 3D Logo with Cool Shatter Effects

aftereffects tutorial – Cleft

* * *

Form a Unique Transition

video based tutorial aftereffects – Form a Unique Transition

* * *

DropShadow Tutorial for After Effects

aftereffects tutorial – DropShadow Tutorial for After Effects

* * *

Stroke Line & Logo

aftereffects video tutorial – Stroke Line & Logo

* * *

3D City

aftereffects tutorial – 3D City

* * *

Flare and Light Streak Text Reveal

video aftereffects tutorial – Flare and Light Streak Text Reveal

* * *

The Petal from Sky

aftereffects tutorial – The Petal from Sky

* * *

3D Stroke Effect

video based tutorial aftereffects – 3D Stroke Effect

* * *

Aurora Water Surface

aftereffects tutorial video – Aurora Water Surface

* * *

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2010-11-13 13:41:00

Lilian, congratulations for a mind boggling website. I am a doctor and am looking for a simple answer and way to do a video. I have made a video of an operation for education but want to play another video in the same video (sharing 50-50 of the screen) ie. video in video during some parts of the main video to show close up video clips. Is it possible to do this with this software and how?

2010-06-14 10:55:06

Haha I am actually the only reply to your incredible writing!

2010-05-24 10:12:01

you rocks... very nice tutorials

2010-05-23 22:48:29

.... a very awesome collection of video tutorials for AfterEffects !! :)

2010-05-21 21:13:54

unfortunately the links pointing to http://maxafter.com won't be able to see the tutorials, their website has been down for a while, I really wante to see what they did with card dance http://maxafter.com/carddance.htm

2010-05-20 14:31:39

thank you for sharing this information. it is reall appreciated

2010-05-20 14:31:02

thanks for sahring

2010-05-20 03:14:31

very good

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