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How to Utilize the Sales Funnel When Building Your Site?

Your target audience should dictate the content and design of your site, influencing everything from the functionality you provide to the way you phrase your calls-to-action (CTAs). Unfortunately, too many novice webmasters end up thinking of their target audience as one, lumped group, rather than treating them as discrete segments based on interest level and proximity to purchase.

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Happy Weekend Sale! Ask Our Chatbot Jet to Share a Promocode with You
No ratings yet. Good news everyone! This weekend (03/31 - 04/01) our chatbot Jet is going to have a small party, or promotion, or whatever you call it. To join the party you need to visit our inventory of website templates this weekend, there you will find instructions on how to get your discount code from Jet. That's pretty easy as you can see. Once again, the promo takes place on TemplateMonster.com on March 31 - April…