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The Best 5 Methods to Resurrect Your Dead WordPress Posts

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What happens when you have good material in old posts but none reads them anymore? Does that mean that all the effort and time you invested on them are wasted? Well, not at all. You can relax because there are ways of resurrecting those forgotten posts and bring more traffic and new readers to your website. This situation in which you may have an excellent content in your first posts that are now just occupying space on your site is completely normal and it happens because of some reasons that are not so rare.

It is possible that during your first incursions in the world of internet, you didn’t have the same grade of knowledge that you have today, and you didn’t take the full benefit of all the perks that this word has to offer. Another possibility is that your current readers are only aware of your new blog posts and haven’t noticed all the good information you have in the first ones. In both cases the main reason is the same, your visitors don’t know about all the excellent content you offered through your website on your first days, so the solution is very simple, you must make them know about it and invite them to read it.

The following tips will help you to give a new life to those inactive blog posts that none is reading:

  • Use your social networks. Nowadays, the power of the social networks is unquestionable. They can spread information so fast and effectively, that in a matter of minutes, thousands of people get to know a certain information. It is because of this capacity, that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among the best tools for announcing something. In the case of reviving old posts, the social networks are perfect, because, through them, you can invite your readers to take a look at your first posts by offering them a sneak peak of the information on your posts. However, remember that the good use of these mechanisms is essential, you must target the right audience, those who are interesting in the kind of content you treat. You also need to take into consideration the hours in which the social networks experiment their highest traffic to do the post at that time. Finally, the most important aspect, be creative on what you write, if it is not attractive, if it doesn’t invite the people to read the blog post, all the work will be completely wasted, and also each social network has its own kind of language, so use the specific message in each one of them.
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  • Don’t waste the space slots of your website. In every digital site, there is so much space that can be used to promote something. This space exists in almost every template out there, the empty space on the sides and bottom of the page that can be used to show anything you want, in this case, your old posts. This will allow knowing to your visitors what other information you offer in your digital site, however just like with the social networks, you must do this in the right way. First, the blog posts that you are putting in those empty slots, must be related to the one that the visitors are already reading, that way you will be offering related blog posts that complement the information. This will provide a wider and complete idea about the matter in question.
  • Intra-link building. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool that every website must count on nowadays. In order for a website to attract new readers and visitors, this must have an SEO content that will boost its position on the organic search lists offered by search engines like Google. Part of this process is doing a proper link building that will take the readers from a different digital site to yours with just clicking on a keyword. This procedure can be done internally on your website as well, that way you will reinforce the SEO of your site, while at the same time you can take your readers to an old post that is related to the one they are reading. It has a similar goal that the tip mentioned before, offering your visitors a deeper information about the matter treated in those posts. To do this right, you must insert the link in one of the mentions of the keywords, preferably in the first one.
  • Forums and comments. The comment section that there is at the bottom of every blog posts is for that every visitor that reads the post, leaves his or her opinion about it, or to add a new information that he or she wants to offer, however, it can be for something more. You can use it to post the link to an older post that is related to the current one, as a way of making know your readers that you have more information about it and it is available for them. You can do this also in the forums of your website if you have them. This will not only invite your readers to a previews post but also will incentive the interaction with your public.
  • Newsletter. Email marketing is a tool that you must never waste, you can use it to offer a warm welcome to your new audience and tell them the best aspects of your website, all you have to offer and the benefits of visiting your digital page. In that same email, you can also send them the links or invite them to read your most outstanding first posts, so they have the possibility of reading all that great content.

Reviving old posts is an excellent way to show your audience that you have always a great content to offer, and of increasing the number of visitors and potential clients, if you have a commercial site, which will always bring many benefits to you. After all, the goal behind every website on the internet is to be seen for the biggest number of people and bringing new readers every day. These are only 5 ways of doing it, but there are a lot of more, in order to be competitive in the current digital world, you must keep yourself aware and updated about every new method that can boost the popularity of your website, and always with the best content, so don’t waste all of those old posts, they still have so much to offer.


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