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Best Code Editors For Developers 2018

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As a modern-day web developer, you may take many things for granted. For example, now you can open any application on your computer (be it Linux, Mac, or Windows) and you can write code with ease, aided by diverse plugins and extensions.

It hasn't always been this way.

A seasoned programmer will remember how it felt to work in vi, ed, and Notepad-like applications. Not so comfortable, heh? In this post, we are going to explore what you need to know about the latest and best code editors for web developers.

code editor

IDE is a term referring to Integrated Development Environment. IDE allows to write your code and debug it with a compiler or linter in the same program.

With IDEs, you can also use automatization tools, multiple programming languages, and out-of-the-box functionality.  You will need an IDE for doing big projects on different platforms. In other cases, an editor with enough functions will do.

Front-end developers need the features and tools that are seldom used by back-end developers or administrators. That’s why there are “programming text editors” and code editors.”

code editor


In this article, we'll consider seven IDEs you can use for editing and debugging code. 

If we have missed something, please let us know in the comments!


Atom is an open-source UI and UX coding software. You will appreciate the free access and tools that it offers.

best code editor

You can work in one of the panes or in several at once.

best code editor

Written in Node.js and developed by GitHub, this is a community-built application. You can download free extensions and personalize it.

online code editor

Atom is web-based and its API is open to integrations. It is available for all major platforms, completely portable, lightweight, and has a great developer community. You can use custom snippets for repeated tasks. Atom is a comfortable environment for small English only projects.


Brackets created by Adobe is plain and simple, open source, and cross-platform. You can even create your own add-ons, share them with a community, enjoy the built-in preview, and modify the config file.

online code editor
Enjoy the Quick Edit feature...
html code editor
and add to it ‘Find and replace’ functionality.
code editor windows
All the features are awesome: Autoprefixer, validation, Git integration, auto-complete / Emmet, Bootstrap, snippets, etc.
code editor mac
Written in Javascript, Brackets is rather slow and memory-consuming.

Visual Studio Code

This code editor was developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux by Microsoft.

Easy-to-use interface, snippets, debugging, code auto-completion, multiple replace functions, interactive search, syntax highlighting, and embedded Git control are but some of the benefits you can get from it.

web code editor
It really resembles a full-fledged IDE. The startup time can be really long but the VS Code is definitely worth playing with.

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is based on the Scintilla editor component. It’s written in C++ to increase performance and reduce program size.

text editor for programming
According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015, it is most popular among data scientists and students.

With this lightweight program, you get macros recording and a huge list of plugins for automated tasks.

Notepad ++ is  highly customizable and has a code highlighting feature when editing C++ / PHP / CSS / HTML / Powershell / SQL / XML and, etc.


UltraEdit is not free, and you can install it for about $100. In the package, there are many tools for programmers, including configurable syntax highlighting, macros, code folding, regular expressions for search-and-replace, remote editing via FTP, and more. Totally worth the money.

open source code editor
It’s highly customizable, agile, handles large files easily and includes unlimited support. This program has many advantages over even the best IDEs.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3 is very rich in functions. The program is not free, you can download it for $70. You get to test it for without charge for an unlimited period if you’re ok with the alerts reminding you to buy a license.

Sublime Text is incredibly fast, lightweight, stable, completely customizable, cross-platform, and intuitive.

code text editor

You get a huge library of community plugins.

best code editor

Users appreciate the syntax highlighting, auto-complete, auto-save, multiple selections, easy navigation with tab view and folder structure, a built-in command line, and more.

JetBrains WebStorm

JetBrains IDE provides excellent user experience, but you'll have to pay $129 for the first year after the 30-day trial period is over.

When developing JS based applications, you find all the functionality you need already built in.

best code editor
Git support is great, and you can revert to previous commits, see the history tree within the same app.

Autocomplete, syntax errors auto detection, refactoring tools, and many other features make Javascript development much more smooth.

An extensive plugin library will help to extend the functionality or customize the interface.

best code editor
JetBrains offers an incredible student program - one year of free usage.

If you want to see the code of any template, just choose the right program! The following table might help you:

AtomBracketsVisual Studio CodeNotepad ++UltraEditSublimeWebStorm
LanguageHTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++JavaScript, C#, C++, JSON, HTML, PHP, Python, Markdown, TypeScript, and CSSC++C++C++, Objective-C++ (macOS version), PythonJavaScript, CSS & HTML
Approx. drive space~150 MB~180 MB~200 MB~7 MB~85 MB~28 MB~600 MB
Live previewextensionextensionextension-built-inextensionbuilt-in
RTL / Bidi---+--+
Of course, the main reason for using a code editor is creating and customizing websites and applications. Browse thousands of premium templates at TemplateMonster Marketplace. WebStorm and Sublime editors are the most popular among our developers. I personally prefer Sublime for its reliability, lightness and customizable syntax highlighting.

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