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WordPress Themes According To Our Customers’ Choice in 2017 

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What is this all about?

Premium WordPress themes our clients liked the most in 2017

What else do we offer for our users?

I know exactly what it’s like to feel lost in a store seeing a big selection of products. It seems to be a similar problem for some of our clients to choose a perfect template for their website when confronted with the huge number of the best premium WordPress templates we offer (yeah, there are more than 26,000 units available now).

What is this all about?

We would like to help you out, so we have decided to become your guide for a few minutes and guide you through our bestsellers and explain why they rock.

While working on this article, I looked through our data and selected five templates that each became one of the most favorite ones among our clients in 2017. Let’s go!

Premium WordPress themes our clients liked the most in 2017



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Monstroid2 is a product of which we are really proud. We created a great multipurpose WordPress theme that’s visually diverse and appealing. Due to the fact that it offers you more than 10 skins, it may work for many different businesses, startups or even personal portfolios. You no longer need a separate photographer portfolio WordPress theme for your website and then have to pay more money in order to get a template for your business. It’s all in this one package!

These skins fit any screen and include more than 18 plugins making this one a highly customizable WordPress product.

Are you building an eCommerce store? Not a problem at all. Monstroid2 will power up your shop and become a great workhorse for you and an amazing tool for your online business. This theme comes with a tasty price and lots of premium features like new skins and updates.

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Marshal - Product for  Business Analysis and Market Research Agency


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With this template, we brought to you our page builder that proves that building your own website with WP gets easier and easier year after year. You have a lot of theme options, multiple layouts from which to choose and a live customizer to give your website a shiny look.

Nowadays we cannot imagine a website without a responsive design. Being fully responsive and clean, it was created with care for you and your business. Try it out and make sure you extract the best from this baby along with our 24/7 Live Customer Service.

KingNews for Magazine News Portal & Blogs


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This one is an absolute star. It’s our kingsize WordPress theme for your magazine that is functional, beautiful and simply stunning.

KingNews will give you all the tools you require to create a lightning fast, informative and good looking website for your magazine or newspaper. And guess what! It can also be used as a blogging WordPress theme, it’s multifunctionality is obvious. Take this template and create a new WashingtonPost or New Yorker. Anything is possible!

Ascendio for Corporate & Business topics


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A corporate and business WordPress theme should be clean and efficient, but who told you it shouldn’t be customizable and easy to edit?

With that being said, we included the Elementor Builder with our latest top-notch corporate template called Ascendio, so you now have more functionality than the regular standard customizer gives you.

Drag-n-drop developer and all the needed plugins are included so don’t waste your time on some free WordPress theme of a low quality -  get serious!

By the way, make sure you check out my Elementor Builder review and see how easy it is to customize a website with it (spoiler: it’s much better than a basic WordPress customizer).

Maxwell for Oil & Gas Companies


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We also offer tons of niche templates. For example, this good WordPress theme for the Oil & Gas Industry Company. How cool is this one? The full-screen background picture is jaw-dropping.

It’s going to work really well for those who are the industry leaders and want to have an eye-catching design and also for those who aim to be those leaders in the future. A businesslike template is always a cornerstone in this niche.

Custom widgets, self-developed premium WordPress plugins, and SEO-friendliness will give you all the tools you need to build a good website just for yourself or for your business.

What else do we offer for our users?

What is your favorite WP template? Make sure to give us your feedback in the comments section below!

In the meantime, if you did not find these templates good enough for your business, take a look at our wide range of premium templates. Everyone will find a cool WordPress Premium Template in our selection of business premium WordPress themes.

Do you build your websites on WP? We have started a contest among the WP developers to see who can do it better, so check out the prizes and think about it, maybe it’s worth trying. Your website will be checked out and tested by our experts and you’ll become a participant in this contest.

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