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20+ Best Free Christmas Fonts for a Stunning Holiday Design 2019

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With the approaching Christmas holiday season, there comes a time for new solutions and new fonts. Web designers try to recreate the holiday spirit in their graphical works, and that’s why there comes a great demand in properly selected and thematically correct Xmas fonts.

Xmas fonts are necessary when:

  • Creating Website Digital Designs
    Creating Christmas themed banners, icons, and other website elements is a usual practice for every commercial site, whether it’s an online shop or a personal blog. Typography plays a huge role in the marketing strategy of every project.
  • Creating Xmas Postcards
    What could be nicer than getting a handmade postcard? People ready to spend their precious time making a self-made postcard, deserve special respect. They have two options to go for: either using graphic design software and printing one afterward on thick cardboard or making the postcard using craft materials. In both cases, using a set of premade fonts will help your postcard look stylish and neat. Also, it will help you complete the task much faster.
  • Creating Custom Clothes/Dishes With a Printed Message
    Another creative way of saying thank you or congratulations is printing a Xmas-related phrase or message on a T-shirt or mug. All you need is to purchase a plain T-shirt/mug of any color, prepare a layout with the appropriate design and font, and give it to custom printing services. To me, it’s a wonderful idea for a personalized Christmas gift.

I guess you guys are already excited about the upcoming holidays and maybe your working potential has dropped down to a minimal point. Who can actually withstand thoughts about cozy holiday evenings eating home baked gingerbread cookies and watching “Home Alone”? I also know my Xmas fonts collection can save you time and energy that one might spend on their search. Finally, you wouldn’t need to create a themed font manually, which takes even more time and efforts.

All the following fonts are free and not meant for commercial use. They work with any graphic editors. Just download the font by following the link included below the image, unzip the downloaded files, and copy them to the “Fonts” folder located on the “C” drive of your PC.
Based on current web design trends, I selected these 20 best free Christmas fonts:


1. Kingthing's Christmas

Christmas fonts


Kingthing's Christmas is a beautiful Christmas font reflecting the holiday spirit in the best possible way. Just look at these elegant “frosty” letters surrounded by pretty snowflakes. By downloading this font, you’ll get a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters.

2. One Starry Night

Christmas fonts


For lovers of loops and swirls, here is an incredibly stylish and eye-catching One Starry Night font. Although the font is quite elaborated in its design, one is completely readable. Works perfectly for short titles and available in uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a few symbols.

3. Christmas Tree

Christmas fonts


In the Christmas Tree font, each of the letters is placed inside a tiny evergreen tree. This font can be used not only for winter holidays but also for any kind of websites or topics that have to do with trees and nature.

4. Candy Cane

Candy Cane


Candy Cane is indeed a true Christmas treat. No wonder, after looking at this font with black and white stripes (like those in a candy cane), it automatically reminds us of this well-known sweet with the minty taste. Candy Cane font includes uppercase, lowercase, and a few symbols.

5. Christmas Card

Christmas Card


I am a fan of old vintage Christmas cards, so I was very happy to find a font that was used in postcards decades ago. Just look at it and you’ll see how tough it would be to recreate the font manually. With the premade one, you can create any text in such an old-fashioned style in a matter of a few clicks.

6. Bodie MF Holly

Bodie MF Holly


This is a free Christmas font featuring holly leaves and little shining stars on each letter. You can download this free Christmas font for Windows or Mac.

7. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights


In the Christmas Lights font, each letter of the text is put inside a Christmas light bulb hanging from a cord. One features 2 options: outdoor and indoor. Comes with a full set of uppercase/lowercase letters, a few symbols, and special characters.

8. Frosty



Remember the “Frosty the Snowman” animated cartoon? The title of the cartoon was written in a special font and now you can download and use it at no cost. Frosty features a fun text surrounded with beautiful small snowflakes.

9. Santa's Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh


Santa's Sleigh is another free Christmas font with a vintage vibe. By downloading it, you receive three different font versions - regular, bold, and deluxe.

10. Dear Santa

Dear Santa


Dear Santa is one of the most popular font styles among all Christmas fonts that you will see almost everywhere during this season. It looks like the handwritten text of a child who wrote a Christmas letter to Santa. The association with childish handwriting can be used for some kind of marketing strategy to increase sales of such products as children toys, clothes, entertainment, etc.

11. KG A Little Swag

KG A Little Swag


12. Happy New One

Happy New One


13. Monbijoux



14. Dickensian Christmas

Dickensian Christmas


15. Christmas Go Font

Christmas Go Font


16. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


17. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


18. Sunny Merry Christmas

Sunny Merry Christmas


19. Christmas on Crack

Christmas on Crack


20. Grinched



10 Examples of Fonts from Template Monster

Template Monster also offers users plenty of alternative typography styles allowing you to create not only beautiful but also unique inscriptions. Although they were not specifically created for a Christmas design, most of them are universal and more than suitable for holiday style designs.

21. Two Heraldic Font

Two Heraldic Font


22. Bakersville Font

Bakersville - Font


23. Falchion Edge Font

Falchion Edge Font


24. Sansterdam Inline & Outline Fonts Pack

Sansterdam Inline & Outline Font


25. Magic Garden Font & Graphics Font

Magic Garden Font & Graphics Font


26. Dark Bundle: 7 Bestseller Fonts Font

Dark Bundle: 7 Bestseller Fonts Font


27. Belfast - A Dry Brush Script Font

Belfast - A Dry Brush Script Font


28. North Port | All Caps Brush Font

North Port | All Caps Brush Font


29. Yorkshire - Brush Script Font

Yorkshire - Brush Script Font


30. New York Font

New York font


TOP 10 Fonts

Template NameTheme ProviderTemplate CategoryPrice
Two heraldic FontGleb GuralnykGraphics$17
Bakersville - FontTypeFaithFontsGraphics$17
Falchion Edge FontGleb GuralnykGraphics$17
Sansterdam Inline & Outline FontNREYGraphics$18
Magic Garden Font & Graphics FontGleb GuralnykGraphics$17
Dark Bundle: 7 Bestseller Fonts FontGleb GuralnykGraphics$23
Belfast - A Dry Brush Script FontHustle Supply Co.Graphics$17
North Port | All Caps Brush FontHustle Supply Co.Graphics$17
Yorkshire - Brush Script FontHustle Supply Co.Graphics$18
New York font! FontAndrea DeGraphic$50

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