Have a Spooky Halloween Night! Top Dreadful Horror Movies... Be Careful!

Oct 31, 2014

Any plans for Halloween night? Are you superstitious enough and prefer staying at home with all exits and entrances locked in order not to risk your immortal soul? Do you believe in all this stuff with evil forces outrage?

If everything written above is not about you, if you take Halloween with all its witchy attributes more like a joke or one more chance to party and believe that devils from hell should try very hard to scare you to death, we’ve got a nice surprise for you.

No, no, we are not going to cry: “B-o-o” right into your ear or ask for treat instead of trick. Let’s leave this delight to kids. We won’t tell you Halloween tales and swear that they are not fake either. This time we decided to use the tested method – horror movies. But not the ones that can’t frighten even a child. This time we chose best Halloween horror movies, these are only movie trailers, so you can watch them to decide which of these movies fits the best your Halloween mood. Every movie from this list will make your blood freeze and your hair stand on end…

Still don’t believe that it is possible? It’s useless to argue, just browse the palylist of best horror movies trailers, view the ones that will stir your interest today and maybe tomorrow you won’t be so skeptical as to the dark forces. We guess the surroundings at your house are already suitable for the purpose with all those grinning pumpkins, bats, spiders, blood splashes, black cats and whatnot. How do we know that? You are an artist, so this passion for decoration and visual effects is in your nature. Are we right?

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Here you find more info.

Now, you should make only one thing: wait until dark and choose the movie from the list presented below. We hope this evening will be really spooky.

Happy Halloween and don’t forget to write us how you managed to survive it!

Helga Moreno
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