Halloween Mood: Suggested Playlists + Movies [Beware Not to Shit Your Pants]

Do you have any plans for Halloween night? What about having a spooky party? Which costume are you going to wear? We are sure it will be something really frightening.

But you need to create the appropriate atmosphere to scare your guests witless.

What about cobwebs, spiders, bats, blood splashes, assorted witch cutouts and pumpkins with malicious grins? Have you prepared any of these? Great! So, now it’s time to choose the music & movies.

Music & videos are so important for any event, but on this occasion, they will be used to create a sinister atmosphere.

Have no time to search for the scary tracks & videos that are best suited to celebrate the Halloween?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend long hours surfing the Internet as we have taken it upon ourselves to prepare your Halloween playlist, best Halloween party songs + most spine-tingling horror movies, to be more accurate.

Below you will find 30 albums with different tracks + 15 hair-raising horror movies that perfectly match the night when evil spirits are more powerful than ever. They are watching their prey, so take all precautions.

They say that demons are afraid of the noise. Switch the music from free Halloween music playlist on, dance through the night and nothing bad will happen to you and your guests (except the morning calf ache, which will soon pass).

Would you like to know more about the albums we’ve embedded for you here? Some of them were created specifically for Halloween, some of them include tracks from various horror movies. By the way, some horror movies include really awesome soundtracks, and you will be able to confirm our opinion for yourself.

Sorry, we will interrupt this introduction for an instant.

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So, where did we land? Oh, yes, your party! Well, what else has left to do?

Decorate your house, put on your costume and play the music loudly, watch the creepiest horror movies that won’t let you fall asleep for several nights after. We want you to have an unforgettable experience this year with best Halloween party songs and horror movies.

Nightmarish horror movies list (watch at least one of them on Halloween night)

The list was made up according to the recommendations of BuzzFeed Community members. They suggested the following movies as genuinely scary. Brief comments on the plots and trailers are included.

It Follows

Here a teenage girl picks up a curse that’s passed on through sex. The only way to get rid of the curse is to have sex with somebody else. Never heard of that kind of curse? Watch the movie.

The Witch

The events take place in 1630. A family is exiled to a new home next to a forest. Witchy things start to happen very soon, leading to paranoia and the family turning on one another.

The Orphanage

A woman buys the old orphanage she was raised in and converts it into a home for sick children. When her adopted son goes missing, she starts to hear voices of the spirits that are still there. Brr…

The Strangers

A couple is staying in a house in the middle of nowhere. They’re not waiting for guests, which is why it’s a shock when there’s a knock at the door.

High Tension

Alex takes her friend out into the French countryside to visit her parents. A real horror begins when her parents are killed by a psychotic truck driver.

Trick ‘r Treat

There are certain rules you should never break at Halloween: wear a costume, hand out treats, never blow out a jack o’lantern, and always check your candy. A small town is about to find out what happens when these rules are broken.

The Smiling Man

A little girl is home alone and soon comes face to face with evil. This YouTube short horror film is scary as hell and it can keep the attention of anyone who can’t sit through a full-length movie. The Smiling Man will haunt you every time you think about it. It’s incredibly unsettling and just fucking creepy.


A story is based on actual events. A couple that lives in the middle of the woods is terrorized after receiving repeated phone calls.

Dead Silence

When his wife dies, a man returns to their hometown determined to find answers. While searching, he uncovers the legend of Mary Shaw. This horror movie will truly make you jump. It’s a doll movie, but its legend is one you’ve never heard of before. ‘Beware the stare of Mary Shaw; she had no children, only dolls. And if you see her in your dreams, be sure you never, ever scream.


A deaf writer, living alone in the middle of the woods, finds herself the victim of a masked man who’s determined to find his way in. This is not as much a horror movie as it is a nerve-wracking thriller. It puts a spin on the classic slasher that will leave you locking your doors and windows after.

Darkness Falls

Matilda Dixon was killed by the residents of Darkness Falls when they suspected her of murdering children in the 1800s. Now the current residents are left wondering if Matilda is really gone when a little boy starts having recurring dreams about her. Watch this movie and notice yourself trying to stay in the light of the street lights all the way after.

The Descent

A group of friends goes on an underground expedition to explore caves, but soon realizes they are not alone.

As Above, So Below

An archaeologist is obsessed with finding the philosopher’s stone, and so gathers a team to help her find it underneath Paris. However, the group is unaware that they’ve just entered their personal hell. A super scary movie as everybody has terrifying things in our past (our personal hell).

Lake Mungo

A host of strange occurrences starts happening to a family after their youngest daughter accidentally drowns while swimming in a lake. You will have trouble getting to sleep the night you’ll watch the movie. If you like horror movies that tell truly disturbing tales, then definitely check out Lake Mungo.

The Silence of the Lambs

Clarice is a student training at an FBI academy. When she is asked to interview an imprisoned psychopathic therapist to try and solve a current murder case, she meets Hannibal Lecter. It will take you some time to visit your therapist because of the fact Hannibal Lecter was technically a therapist too.

We’ve got only one small request before you start to party. Please tell us how you spent your Halloween and whether you liked the music and movies we’ve collected for you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends; they also deserve a thrilling experience. Your likes are really appreciated as well; we hope you never forget about this!

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